I’m not as bad as I thought | Golden Axe (Genesis) Part 3

I was actually expecting to have to cheat for infinite continues already but I didn’t and while I’m still not very good perhaps saying I’m terrible is a bit of an overstatement afterall.

As always here’s the video on Vid.me too here.

Most noticeable thing when I rewatched this video (to check if it recorded right of course) is that this video is when I go from being a complete noob to actually learning a few tricks that could possibly make everything not as difficult. One of them is even reversing a disadvantage which is pretty neat.

Essentially the mounts (which are apparently called Bizarians) are not that useful as you usually get hit off them especially since mounting them is slow but they can actually be exploited. The trick is the enemies will try to get on to mounts no matter what and since they have the same problems as you its easy to just keep hitting them off until they die.

The other trick has to do with bigger enemies, not only are they just as weak to the charge attack as anyone else but you can even charge them again just before they’ve fully got up meaning its entirely possible to beat them without getting hurt (although I’m not good enough for that).

In fact as you see in the video I make the boss look like nothing by not only taking out the 2 normal enemies immediately with magic but also baiting him to the sides to get 3 hits in without giving them a chance to attack back.

Hope you enjoyed this part and look forward to the next bit 😀


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