I say some random stuff | Golden Axe Genesis Part 4

Unlike most LetPlays parts there wasn’t really any topic at all since I was admittedly just trying to get the part done and not seem lazy. Although I do say random stuff normally either way.

Here is the Vidme version here.

I do briefly mention at the beginning though that I’m not a fan of doing practice runs or trying over and over again since that gives people a false idea of my skill although I have proven a few times I’m not as bad as I thought.

I also mention a comment I got that told me to check out Golden Axe Adventure and Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder but as well as wrongly calling RoDA the 2nd game (there’s another genesis game before it in terms of release) I also go on about if the MAME emulator I could record in 480p (although I believe it should be quite easy to do 640p).

At least I kinda get back on track near the end of the video mentioning the pain of using your magic too early and getting beaten up as well as mentioning (possibly again) about how its surprisingly easier to have enemies directly either side of you as you can quickly switch between them.

P.S. I know these posts are a bit late, I’ve been trying to streamline content creation and get more interaction.


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