Donkey Kong 3 (NES) Retro Review

Donkey Kong 3 is a 1986 shooter game developed and published by Nintendo. Despite being a sequel the gameplay is totally different from the other 3 games in the series (including Jr Math). The goal of this game is to make Donkey Kong leave by continuously spraying him with bug spray whilst also defending yourself and the flowers against insects.


The main menu was just like other old games and other than the slightly animated Donkey Kong it was actually very boring, the small tune wasn’t that good either. On top of that it also has Nintendo’s habit of having Game A and Game B when B is almost always just a harder version of A.

This level is both the 1st and 3rd round...

Getting into the game i found the graphics passable and the controls ok but the gameplay felt incredibly repetitive. All i really did was spam the same button to use bug spray whilst dodging every now and then. In fact i managed to beat the first 3 levels (which I’m sure is all of the levels in A) in a crazy amount of time mainly because of the super spray but also because ignoring the flowers was actually better than trying to defend them. On top of that Round 1 and 3 are almost exactly the same except for harder enemies which caused it to get boring even faster. When i fist loaded the game i thought i might enjoy it and i might of done… for about a minute. It had potential but what we got was not worth playing. And then there’s the obvious point of people being disappointed they didn’t get a proper Donkey Kong sequel.

Overall its not a terrible game but the fact the fun disappears in less than a minute proves its definitely not a good one. Maybe if it had more variety I’d like it more but i don’t see this getting that sort of remake.


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