Pokemon Fusion: Squirtle + Bellsprout aka Belltle

Belltle Pokemon Fusion 22 02 2018 by SamuelEarl666

As said on the deviantart page (found by clicking the picture): “It was meant to be a quick doodle of Squirtle with a Bellsprout head and I still ended up disappointed. Used bad paper for drawing, wrong colors (see the shading) and there was a lot of smudging too. At least its recognisable I suppose.” It was drawn 22nd February 2018.

I also like making up dex entries as if I were a rocket scientist doing genetic experiments. For a pokemon like this I’d focus on the original squirtles ability to squirt hi speed foam and Bellsprouts highly corrosive liquid as combined you could say it now has a powerful corrosive spit and would give a reason why the experiment was tried.

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Mission! School (Manga) Review

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Mission School is the 2nd manga in MangaRocks “Delinquent Girl Magnet” collection that I am reviewing. The plot follows Ishikawa Takuya, a normal high school student like most ecchi protagonists who is told he needs to take care of 30 transfer students from a boarding school that burnt down. The gimmick in this manga being that they all carry weapons for some reasons and are not normal people.

It was hard to take the first two pages as seriously as the author may of wanted you too because the 2nd page had a huge upskirt shot of one of the characters as they delivered their quote. It also breaks the 4th wall with the main characters introduction though so I assume its not meant to be taken seriously at all. Things like the Principal (Hiroshi Kuriyama) being a weird pervert and the females previous school being Saint Arsenal Academy of all things.

However the things it planned on showing like the references and the odd stuff about S&M were doubled down on throughout the story so while I wouldn’t call it great it was at least worth noting. It was also pretty decent at slowly introducing new characters and there was plenty of things I found amusing. Especially noticing the references that weren’t specifically pointed out by the manga author or translator.

The awkward thing though was the 4th volume which broke the 4th wall in an over the top way, essentially it was about the manga being cancelled and since it was in fact the last volume you had to wonder if it was a joke or legitimately true making it one of the weirdest things I’ve read. At least it got to a point where it didn’t seem like half the plot was missing before it ended.

However overall it makes it harder to recommend than it already was, I mean it does get a few things right but the fact it was almost pointlessly made an ecchi and then was ended after an odd 4th wall breaking volume seemed to downgrade it to ‘meh’. Nothing stopping you reading it if you are bored though.

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Raid on Coasts (Steam) Review

As someone with a tiny youtube/blog and a laptop that can’t record anything you can imagine my surprise when I actually receive a key from the site KeyMailer out of nowhere and its actually something that might run on the laptop. However sadly even with its low minimum specs I could not record a video.

The game is a currently Early Access real time strategy on steam developed and published by Outlaw Wars, early enough that there is only a single map and 2 teams which is still enough to review its current gameplay. Do note it usually costs £4, is on offer at the moment for £0.80 (until around 6pm 19th February uk time) and I got it free via KeyMailer.

Loading up the game the state of the menus was incredibly offputting with the only graphics being an awkward looking logo sitting on a black background with some menu buttons underneath. It does have options like details and shadows as well as if you want it windowed or not but the fact the only thing in controls were the basic directions (up, down, left, right) really bothered me. There was also an fps counter too which makes sense for early access but I turned it off.

It gets even more awkward when starting a new raid as you are met with a screen with Russia and USA. From first glance it looks like you are forced to play as russia but it turns out that to switch teams you have to pick the ‘switch position’ option in the cpu options (it also has easy, medium, hard and impossible). For the sake of simplicity I kept it on medium which it defaults at.

Note the screenshot is a little downgraded. Just a little.

While it didn’t take me long to realise it was right click to move the troops my first game went terribly, I basically moved the boats that were there to the beach to try and get on (and get a base) but instead got shot dead by the people already there. I ended up being defeated without really doing anything because the USA starts with a base already and therefore has a huge advantage. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t work out how to make them leave their boats, not that it mattered though since I somehow got a victory after a while of crashing into the coast with the boats.

Playing as the USA was far easier as you actually start with some people on land right next to one of the villages, oddly enough Russia seems fine with capturing a village too rather easily. However it is awkward how easy it is to get the villages being able to capture a chunk of the map simply by moving the 1 group you start with from village to village and therefore getting a much higher budget than the opponent. However since budget was done per minute it felt horribly slow. It also took some getting used to your army spawning from the side of the map and not the base itself although in all fairness it did make sense.

Very slowly upgrading the base and taking over villages I eventually take control of their base and win the game although it felt as though the ai didn’t try sometimes like how there was a fuel thing practically next to their base they never took back. At least it eventually seemed playable but its definitely not recommendable even if you factor in the next update (repairing vehicles, better performance and some damage changes).

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Hotline Miami (Game) Review

Hotline Miami is a top down indie action game developed by Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital. It is set in an alternate 1989 where you play as a mysterious anti-hero (only known as ‘Jacket’) who goes on murderous rampages on behalf of voices on the characters answering machine.

First things first the game is probably not the sort of thing to give to kids, while it is pixelised there are some rather gory kills despite the limitations. For those old enough to play it though the artstyle is rather enjoyable and the oldschool electronic soundtrack is equally amazing.

As for gameplay its easily what you’d call a hardcore challenge if you go in unprepared, the idea is to pretty much clear levels area by area with either melee weapons or using guns both of which you can also throw. No matter what you use (not including fists) most enemies die in a single hit but so does the player and as you’d expect using guns alerts nearby enemies so you have to be careful. However since the game scores you at the end of every level it does actually encourage different playstyles.

The dogs are evil by the way.

On top of that at the start of each mission/level you are given a chance to choose the mask ‘Jacket’ wears each with its own ability to help you out. This could be something simple like starting with a weapon, useful like going faster or surviving a bullet to crazy awesome ones that make things more lethal and one mask that makes all bullets silent (well worth replaying levels using). There’s even 2 hard to unlock masks that purposely make it harder to play for the masochists.

As you can guess I really enjoyed it. It might come off as quite short if you don’t care about getting decent grades or playstyles and there are parts that are incredibly frustrating but that makes each win all the sweeter, especially if you challenged yourself.

In fact I’ll even give you a tip, if you catch an enemies attention (quickly approaching and dipping or just firing a gun) good chance they’ll go to your location which can be used to your advantage if you hide by a doorway and kill them as they exit the room which even works for gun wielding enemies as long as you dip out fast enough not to get shot.

The game is currently £7 on Steam (ost also £7) and an insanely cheap $2.49 at the moment on GOG (note neither of these are affiliate links). Amazon UK has some rather weird stuff if you search up hotline miami, mainly companies trying to feed off the hype.

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D.I.C.E (Korean Webcomic) Impressions

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Yeah I noticed it says review on the thumbnail… oops.

D.I.C.E (full title D.I.C.E: The Cube That Changes Everything) is a korean webcomic based around dice where even reincarnation is based on the dice you roll. Dongtae, the main character, basically has a pretty terrible life and is in love with a fellow classmate known as Eunju but doesn’t approach (usual mc stuff). However when he meets Taebin and eventually becomes a dicer, essentially being able to complete quests irl for the chance to get dice that can be used to increase your skills.

As you can guess I found the premise incredibly interesting, I’ve always been a fan of weak to strong stories so it pulled me in from the start and you always had to wonder just where it would end up. It was easy to imagine it would actually go downhill with the nature of the quests and the mysterious identity of the game master that gave them but there was a surprising amount of depth to it.

However as of writing this I have read around 65 chapters and despite how interesting it is I feel that there isn’t much at stake or consequences to actions even though there obviously is. Although its worth noticing it started getting more serious just before I left off so perhaps we’ll see some high stakes action.

Other than that the visuals are nice, I especially like how the dice look and how most characters seem unique from one another. I do look foward to read more of it and I do believe its worth checking out if you read these sorts of things. Even for webcomics (which go slower than manga) I do have to wonder how it goes on for almost 140 more chapters and apparently still ongoing so I hope it doesn’t drag.

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Changing How I Treat My Blog?

This post wasn’t really needed to be honest but I thought I’d give a heads up that this is the last post that will be auto-tweeted if I do actually go along with an idea I have. You see while doing stuff on this blog completely free is completely fine and all but as someone that can’t get a job (don’t ask) its obvious I need to get some pennies somehow. I’m not asking you guys for money and I’m not going to ruin the blog with horrible ads either so I’ll explain.

Essentially what I want to do is disregard the post list entirely and focus on my page system to make it more like a site before increasing the amounts of posts that tie in with each other to increase the chance of them being found via a search engine. For example if I review a manga I could do a post on fanart or if I did a post about a videogame I could make a post about the music in it. Not for everything of course and I might just never get around to doing it but you might have just realised why I’d turn off the auto tweeting now.

Not only would multiple posts related to a main post but not important burn out people super fast but there are chances I’ll be bored enough to do posts that would only be interesting to me like looking up merchandise related to a series or something. That and the fact posts like that aren’t the kind that can be completed.

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Yankano (Manga) Review

Yankano is the first manga that is part of a MangaRock collection (“Delinquent Girl Magnet”) I’ll be reviewing but its also a very awkward one. Despite the manga being featured sometimes it was something dropped and not truly completed and therefore only having 5 chapters essentially being an introduction to characters you’ll never see more of.

What the plot is a guy called Masato Takasake transfers to a school of delinquents which is (read: should of) undergoing a battle between various student activities committees. As you’d expect Masato bumps into the so called queen of the school known as Onizuka but sadly while the description mentions them being unlikely partners that never happens (really awkward the more you think about it).

Not to hate on it but character wise what you get of Masato makes him seem like the kind of person that would help people but is actually pretty stupid and weak while Onizuka Saki seems to be overly powerful for comedic purposes. The usual accidental perverted first impressions happen as usual to one of the female characters which just seemed a little stupid in this case (not that I read ecchi much). It even gives away how Saki is outside of school in the very first chapter (once again making it awkward that the series was dropped so early).

In fact what I would call the introduction (and only) arc focuses on a rather weird stuffed toy with a little bit of fighting (which was ok) and weird things (there’s 2 events which occur concerning some panties…) so at least it tried to be varied before ending what could only be seen as a teaser. At least we got to see the Masato not be uselessly weak I suppose.

Thats about it really, I can’t tell people to read it because it never got anywhere but if you are curious then why not I suppose. Not going to lose much time with a mere 5 chapters though.

Manga Reviews Update: MangaRock Collections

Instead of posting an actual manga review today I felt it was far more important to give a heads up of something that I have planned. Otherwise you may get the wrong idea if I post a review to a particular type of series.

Essentially I read a lot of manga on my phone using an app called MangaRock which comes with various collections like daily (which I have listed from the 9th) as well as collections of these collections (so the daily collections don’t vanish forever it seems). I want to go through these and do a bunch of impressions and stuff (since most are ongoing) of entire collections at a time.

Why could this be a problem? Because the collections cover every possible thing like Harems, Shounen/Shoujo Ai with even some Yaoi/Yuri stuff. Its obvious that most of them are going to get unfairly biased reviews but I bet most of the stuff doesn’t get reviewed often lol. Although I’m already the sort of person that enjoys things more than others so. Its also worth noting that since I’m using a manga reading site I may say that a manga is ongoing when it is actually ended (but perhaps not fully translated to english).

The only problem is the more varied my reviews get the more I need to sort out the pages of this blog to look more like a site. I don’t think there’ll ever be a point where I can convert it into an actual site due to how much money is needed but hopefully it’ll be less of a mess. That’s nothing to do with the reviews themselves though, thanks for reading watching if you did and remember you can support this blogs via one of the many ways listed here.

Tried (And Failed) To Draw Seriously: Robin Reading.

Click the picture to go to its deviantart page.

When you look at that you might honestly think that it didn’t take long at all and that it was rather lazy and while I did majorly lose motivation halfway through I did at least make sure it looked finished to an extent (note no shading and missing details).

I actually started by grabbing a random picture of a woman reading a book from google and a reference of robin and doing a very bad sketch over the top of the original photo to basically turn them into Robin before I sketched on to paper. First version was a little bad but I was kindly helped with the body shape by Sage of JoyBoy Theories discord server (she drew a female figure over my original version in red so I knew where to make edits). However once I got the basic version done my motivation plummeted since I had always been too paranoid to draw on anything but tiny bits of paper.

This was despite the fact that I told myself I’d put the result in a picture frame I own no matter how it turned out (which I did btw but there was no way to hang it on the wall -_-) so if I did do a terrible job I’d have a permanent reminder. You could consider it both positive and negative reinforcement now that I think about it. Don’t need this post to be too long though, hope the picture was ok.

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Luffy and Chopper’s Awakenings?! Here’s my theories.

Just a heads up I made this video partially out of boredom so I put almost no effort into the thumbnail and you all know I can’t do any video editing with my ancient laptop.

If you aren’t watching the honestly terrible video version and are just reading it note there are 2 theories making 2 halves. First being Choppers since it was actually an idea about Luffy’s awakening that inspired me to immediately record a video.

Starting with chopper, all we know about Zoan awakenings so far is that they seem to make you bigger and stronger but there’s not much more info other than that (also why people believe Kaido is so big). There is a believable theory out there that the rumble balls he uses were causing him to get close to awakening territory but there was something I felt was off. Why would the awakening of the human zoan look incredibly inhuman. Of course there could always be more than 1 awakening.

I believe it would be interesting if his awakening gave him an almost completely human form. I talked about it with some people and it seems to mostly get hated for being supposedly useless but I don’t see it that way. Being a doctor would be easier with human hands and it isn’t like he’d suddenly lose the ability to fight, I mention in the video it’d be interesting if he had long hair that he could control (including the length) like Kumadori of CP 9 in order to shield himself and fight using kung fu or something (forgot to mention in the video).

Although I never originally looked at the idea as something that would need to be useful to him. While he’s happy with himself now he’s with the strawhats when he was first introduced it was mentioned that he never felt that he fit into either so if he was given the chance to be fully human you have to wonder if he’d take it. That or he ends up looking like a mink and hooks up with that other mink on Zou lol.

Secondly is Luffy who is a paramecia and so far paramecia awakenings have been similar. The 2 definitely awakened (not merely theorised to be like Crocodile, Enel or even Brulee) are Doflamingo and Katakuri both able to turn their surrounding area into their material. Katakuri also being able to create huge arms that follow the movement of his real ones. However I don’t think Luffy’s would be this.

I’m not saying rubber world would be impossible where he bounces off his surroundings like Bellamy and using it to his advantage but it seems too simplistic in all honesty and therefore a bit boring too. That’s when I suddenly had a better idea, what if he focused his awakening inwards.

In other words instead of filling himself up with air what if he could fill the space with more rubber, this probably wouldn’t let him get any bigger but it could potentially help in a big way if you look at Gear 4th as an example. Gear 4th was only possible because of haki because its mostly used to keep the air in so if Luffy wasn’t using air then he probably wouldn’t have this problem at all greatly extending the time he could stay in it. Then there’s the crazy realization that no matter how powerful Luffy’s attacks look like his body is pretty much hollow when he is stuffed with air, if it were something solid like more rubber then wouldn’t his attacks also have more power to them. In other words such a simple idea if possible would be an insane powerup.

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