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So I’ve been planning on getting back into gaming content for forever but due to the ancient laptop I can barely do anything and stretched 480p gameplay on its own is just shitty so I opted to keep the gameplay itself 4:3 so I had space for a sidebar containing Title, Video Type, Description, Current (Donation) Goal and Top 5 Patrons. I believe this will be able to be used on all my content in the future, with a nicer looking sidebar of course.

Also I now have an PS3 Eye (basically an Eyetoy) that I got very recently for 45p which doubles as a webcam and microphone, there is a chance that despite it being 640×480 the laptop is still too shitty to use it but hopefully thats not the case if I were to use it by itself (for manga reviews).

As for my 11-12 year old laptop it has a 1280×800 screen, 128mb gpu, 2gb ram, 140gb hard drive running Windows 10 32bit (Windows 10 runs on anything tbh). I want to one day own a PC that can play stuff like Fortnite and Rocket League with friends (not specifically those games, I just know most of them own it).

Thats why I have decided to push Patreon a little more, the other ways to donate you can find in the link at the top of the page are still valid but no one ever uses them. Anyway you’ll see this at the bottom of posts from now on:

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Sakura no Himegoto (Manga) Review

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Sakura no Himegoto is a one-shot shoujo manga by Hagio Akira where Narinomiya Aoi, the daughter of a distinguished family, has ended up becoming the ‘pet’ of Katsuragi Kei, a rebellious new student at their academy, thanks to her grandfathers debts. “How will she escape the burden of said debts and what is Kei after?” is what it asks. I will admit that I am not really a fan of one shots. It is part of MangaRock’s “Poor Girl In a Prestigious Academy” daily collection.
As I expected a one shot to feel like it almost seems like an introduction to a bigger story but also something I wouldn’t be bothered to read. It was just weird most of the time making comparisons between Kei and Aoi with Aoi and her dog Sakura. Essentially she wasn’t just being treated as a pet by name but was oddly pampered too like getting her hair done by him for example. You can’t help but wonder if its an accidental example of stockholm syndrome too with how weird it is. They even try to have a little comedy near the end with a reveal about the grandfather but honestly it fell flat before the story just stopped. And thats why I’ll probably never recommend One Shots, you can barely even remember them.
P.s. I’m not trying to be super inactive but family reasons and generally being poor is both stressful and distracting.
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Crusaders Quest EU Servers Suspended | Lazy or Oblivious?

If you’ve ever followed this blog you know I sometimes write some rather random stuff but probably not as random as this. Someone mentioned the mobile rpg known as Crusaders Quest made by a Korean developer known as Han Game on a discord server I talk on and what had happened to it and after a tiny bit of research I was bored enough to do a video for it. And then because I did a video I decided to write this post too.

Essentially the game is indefinitely suspending its EU servers because of Data and Privacy changes in the EU that will come into effect starting May 25th. However what made me curious about it was the timing. While Han Game is obviously outside the EU and could of been oblivious to the the news of the changes back in 2016 the game is also popular enough that you wonder if its laziness.

Either way the player from Discord asked the developers and good for those in the EU the suspension is not planned to be forever, after all who would willingly cut off a huge amount of paying customers. For those that are desperate to play it though I’ve seen that apparently VPN’s work well although I do not know of any good ones on the Google Play store (and I don’t own an iphone). And thats about it for a pointless post, I wanted to review a disney film but my ethernet on this laptop likes to cutout and stop downloading -_-

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Ratman (Manga) Review

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Ratman is a 2007 Action Comedy manga by Sekihiko Inui that follows Shuuto Katsuragi, a boy that wants to emulate his favorite super hero ShiningMan yet is teased for his height and can’t win fights, and how eventually his dream come true when his classmate Mirea Mizushima tricks him into participating in her sisters experiments. It is worth noting that this is not in any of the MangaRock collections I’ve written down as is just something nice to read (considering the nature of the collection I am on at the time of writing this).
You can almost immediately tell that there was comedy elements in there, a first chapter example would be how the mooks of one of the characters were incredibly stupid. There were also some purposely strange character designs too (like Gengo Mizushima). Not that I’d call it the type of comedy that’d make you roll on the floor laughing, more that it doesn’t take itself that seriously. The biggest surprise though comes when Shuuto gets the powers, instead of simply becoming a superhero with powers based on rats like the name might have made you think he instead gains a villainous looking form via a watch and ended up being part of the (obviously not actually) evil group Jackall. In fact the ‘Rat’ in his name comes from how he was apparently the first test subject of said watch-like thing. This means for part of the manga he is mistaken for a villain but as you can guess he makes friends throughout the story.
The cast had some decent characters with interesting personalities and designs, I would of been ok with learning a bit more about a few of them but you get enough (Jackall’s lackeys literally called ‘Jackeys’ never get a face reveal for example). I found the idea of commercial heroes interesting, basically most heroes were the face of a company. Fights are also decent enough to pull you in but it is kinda obvious that fights themselves are not the main focus of the manga and the very final battle honestly felt rushed, perhaps because it doesn’t feel like loads happened even though there is 60 chapters with a decent amount of pages each. However even with the slightly rushed feeling the ending itself was quite nice.
Overall I can say its something that I could tell you to maybe binge read if you’re bored. As I mentioned earlier the 60 chapters it has go by quite fast.
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Kozure Ookami/Ookami no Ketsuzoku (Manga) Reviews

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This is a Yaoi manga, I don’t like reading them but as I am doing the self challenge of slowly reading through the MangaRock daily collections this sort of collection was bound to turn up.
Awkward thing though is Kozure Ookami is not actually a part of one of the collections but a prequel to Ookami no Ketsuzoku, part of MangaRock’s Papa and his Boyfriend collection but since they are really short I assumed that a sequel would skip out on details and read both (and thus increased my suffering). I had obviously never read one of these and wasn’t expecting what I saw.
Getting into the actual info Kozure Ookami is a 2009 Yaoi manga by Inoue Satou where 2 divorced fathers each with a child move into the top/bottom of an apartment, becoming friends quickly due to their similar circumstances but ending up in a ‘perilous’ situation blamed on alcohol.
Being a 6 chapter series they obviously became friends almost immediately, an odd choice was that the children they were with looked like they belonged to the opposite parent and it was brought up in the story as well that the children obviously got confused by it. I guess the main thing is that the characters were also confused… sexually that is. And I suppose I wasn’t that ready for the sort of things I’d see saying that I’d read everything since they have sex surprisingly often in the span of its 6 chapters and i can be quite graphic. Just like another manga I reviewed it was honestly a case of a story being used as an excuse to show something that the author wanted to draw. Even the children don’t seem that important after a while which makes the premise of its sequel, apparently focusing more on said children kinda weird.
Ookami no Ketsuzoku was honestly weirder from the start, I should’ve known that a boys love author wasn’t going to stick to writing a story about the children when they were young and in the span of a chapter they were adults and one of them married (to a woman). If I remember correctly Non (the long black haired guy) was the one that was adopted into the family so its not as creepy as it could’ve been. And by creepy I mean them pretty much doing very sexual things immediately in the 2nd chapter and onwards. Although the weirdest thing is how the manga’s are technically collections of chapter stories as while Kozure Ookami stuck to one story Ookami no Ketsuzoku switches to a story about a man who stumbles upon another man who was dressed up as a girl when he was a child. I don’t need to say what happens to the two of them.
Overall this is exactly what you’d expect from Yaoi, male on male sex scenes coated with weird stories which were either odd or felt like excuses. Even if the sex scenes weren’t there (making the manga at around half as long) the stories would seem a little odd. Especially the last one. I dread the fact that this in only the 2nd one in the collection I’m reviewing.
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Pinocchio 3000 (Movie) Review

Pinocchio 3000 is a 2004 cgi science fantasy by CinéGroupe, Filmax and Anima Kids and distributed by Christal Films. Its based on the original Pinocchio but with some major changes, mainly being that Pinocchio is a robot and the existence of Scamboli, a mayor of the technological city Scamboville that hates children and nature that eventually makes a kid-only ‘theme park’ called Scamboland. Note that it was surprisingly hard to find in english online since said english version was only released in Canada (where the movie was produced) while there are pretty of foreign dubs. It got 4/10 on IMDB.
It was immediately mentionable that the art style looked really bad and while its a little dumb to watch movies that I think I won’t like out of boredom that’s one of the things that made me curious about it, I was actually looking up Pinocchio for something and thought it was dumb by its name alone (3000 being the generic addition of futuristic movies). It also seemed to be very obvious about a message having 2 characters save a flower from being crushed by one of the worker robot things near the beginning (just after we see Pinocchio being built). In fact the designs were extremely weird, Gepetto even has a robotic penguin assistant for some odd reason and Scamboli’s taller skinner robot lackey is probably one of the strangest if not for Pinocchio himself. And holy crap everything robotic was super shiny lol. Did I mention Whoopi Goldberg is in this movie and she plays a creepy looking magic floating robotic half person-thing called Cyberina thats meant to be a fairy somehow.
Odd characters aside it seemed to be quite focused on comedy (with some stuff about friendship I suppose) but a lot of the humor seemed rather flat or at least didn’t work for me like the Penguins mixed up quotes and how the things Scamboli’s henchmen did felt quite forced at times. At least the stuff about plants didn’t feel super forced like it could have been. I definitely didn’t hate it like I honestly expected to but it definitely left me unsatisfied and some bits feel a bit rushed too when you look back at it.
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Adults Problems (Manga) Review

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Adult’s Problems (or  Otona No Mondai) is a Josei/Shounen Ai manga by Ima Ichiko which follows Naoto, a stressed out college student, dealing with the divorce of his parents and his own romance as his gay father decides to propose to his new male lover. This is part of MangaRocks’s “Papa and his Boyfriend” collection and luckily (since I’d never read these by choice) they are all very short, this one being only 5 chapters.
However even I didn’t expect to be put off by its first chapter, it seemed confusing where they were trying to go with it and just as you’d expect from a short story you didn’t care about the characters especially since the main character seemed kinda idiotic and the would-be husband of his gay father seemed quite annoying at first. Maybe all Josei is this confusing and annoying, I’m pretty sure there were timeskips between the chapters too or at least I couldn’t tell at all. Like it felt like characters were introduced and thrown away so fast it was difficult to hold onto the info. Basically his dad had remarried, his mum was planning on remarrying at some point and the main character Naoto has a girlfriend (among all the other characters). There was even something that happened that made you dislike 2 of the characters even more.
Overall I can easily say its not worth reading, I assume the other stories in the collection will also be bad.

Rokudou no Onna-tachi (Manga) Impressions

Manga/Manhwa ( You are Here: Home>Book Reviews>Manga/Manhwa>Rokudou no Onna-tachi (Manga) Impressions
Rokudou no Onna-tachi is a comedy/harem by Nakamura Yuji where the titular Rokudou, desperate to turn his life around and stop being a loser, uses an ancient scroll that was meant to subdue all demons but instead causes bad girls to fall in love with him. Its the last manga in the MangaRock apps Delinquent Girls Magnet collection.
Very first look at the artwork on the very first page wasn’t a good one, the eyes didn’t seem to fit that well (or look plain stupid sometimes) and there was a lot of cases where the hair should’ve been in front of them. Other than that it was alright, Rokudou seemed weird but I could he was made to stand out on purpose since he’s pretty much a huge wimp in a school filled with delinquents.
It was refreshing that while it definitely counted as a harem it didn’t have all the generic stuff a lot of other harems had. Instead while characters definitely fell in love with him he used it more to solve problems and genuinely cared for the people that ultimately were being brainwashed by magic. On top of that he was the type of character that only started as a wimp but changes as the story progresses.
Other characters were interesting, it was the type of story where a lot of people got backstories and had problems that would eventually get fixed although I imagine some people might be a little bothered by the brainwashing but as I already mentioned it Rokudou isn’t doing anything bad with it. In fact I couldn’t help but feel a hint of old shounen manga.
Either way I actually quite enjoyed what was there and will probably carry on reading it at some point after a few more chapters are released.
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Troll Face Quest (Android) Series Review

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Troll Face Quest is a series of point and click puzzle games by Spil Games where you attempt to ‘troll’ various characters, usually parodies of various different popular things like memes or tv shows. I don’t usually review a series at once but there honestly wasn’t that much of a difference between them (or at least nothing that’d need more than a paragraph). They are apparently ports of games that you can play on the PC (flash games perhaps) but I never heard of them until I saw them on the store.
Another reason I felt like reviewing the whole series at once is that it was the type that has no distinct order and loved to advertise itself with the 2 ‘Video Game’ ones being the newest and classic being a ‘best of’ remix of some of the older games. Most of the games also included a bonus level that could only be unlocked by having a specific other game in the series downloaded. As for differences while older games only had 1 unlockable level (via finding things) the newer ones had 3 (2 for finding things and 1 for score), one of the newer ones also had some small minigames. Other than that menu was self explanatory.
One of many levels.
As for gameplay it was exactly how you’d expect a point and click based on trolling to be although I admit it was also a rather interesting premise since the answers weren’t always obvious although it did bug me when you’d click somewhere and it’d activate something else or the occasional time where you failed because you tapped and actually need to drag or use 2 fingers to do a zoom in motion. The above example from ‘Classic’ is one of the easier ones where you are in a tank going over a bridge and about halfway through it explodes, the answer being to simply tap on the person and leave the tank but honestly you wouldn’t guess that until you’ve lost once although the fact it sometimes feels necessary to use the hints (outside of closing the app and looking for a walkthrough) there are a few problems and they all stem from it being free to play with ads.
On top of frequent (thankfully short) ads which happened a lot if you had to retry often later games tried all sorts of ways to make you watch them, firstly starting off with a ‘theater’ where you’d watch ads in exchange for a hint and later locking sections in the level select behind an ad-wall (nowhere near as bad as a paywall but it adds up). While I can’t deny that the price to remove ads might me slightly ok for a game with around 30 levels (that honestly might not last very long) the developer awkwardly added unlimited hints as a separate micro-transaction so even if you get rid of the ones thrown in your face you are still expected to possibly watch a few.
Overall the game seems to have an interesting premise but its free to play nature and love of ads is a bit of a downgrade. Honestly if I knew how to develop a game I’d restrict the amount of ads per level to lower players frustration or something so retrying doesn’t burn them out so fast.
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One Piece Theory: Are Energy Steroids Failed Sulong Pills?

I was scrolling through discord as usual and I noticed someone say something that seemed dumb but sparked an idea in my head. Essentially now that we have a good idea of what Sulong’s are and their appearance there is someone oddly suspicious about the nature of the energy steroids that used to be in the tamatebako (beads box). Its even easier to think of considering the fishman arc ties into the current Whole Cake Island arc even having the box being an important plot point (since it had explosives in and CP-0 were after the energy steroids).
I’ll start by quickly going over what the sulong form is. You could think of it similar to a werewolf transformation where they need to look at a full moon except hair/fur turns white and without training the user goes insane. Crazed sulong form minks are said to fight without thinking until they die of exhaustion. While we haven’t seen this in action from a mink its quite easy to imagine it’d be similar to what is happening to Big Mom at the moment, literally getting skinnier and skinnier.
And thats where I believe it ties back to Fishman Island and the Energy Steroids, I may have forgotten but I don’t remember there being any info on who made them and there wasn’t really any solid info on what they do outside of rumors. It was assumed that they merely something to give you a power boost. However not only did Hody eventually transform and oddly enough get white hair but the side effect seemed to be intense aging. However now that we’ve seen most of the whole cake island arc it doesn’t seem that way.
What if they weren’t old but merely used up almost all of their energy? Would they have lost even if Luffy and the crew didn’t defeat them. Essentially what I am speculating (as the title of the video states) is that they could actually be a failed attempt to replicate sulong or at least the benefits. Why a failure? Because sulong form could be controlled by covering their eyes back up so it had a fail safe option and could be turned off, if you were to induce it without the need for the moon though would there really be a way to stop it and prevent death other than being knocked unconscious or something. In other words the risks far outweigh the rewards (unless you were planning on sacrificing yourself I suppose).
One last thing before I finish. If the creator of the pills is unknown it gives the small chance for a better ‘complete’ version of the pill to turn up later on or, like some people want, for Chopper to create some sort of rumble ball for Carrot that allows her to safely go into the form temporarily. I am really curious of what Luffy would look like if he ate a whole load of energy steroids to be honest, how much stronger would he become and how long until inevitable death? Throw me a comment with your ideas of that and the rest of the theory down below.
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[P.s. the carrot art in my thumbnail I threw together was done by bryanfavr, his arts ok is mostly recoloring panels with some weird stuff like badly done monet with her breasts out.]