Drawing Practice 27/11/2017: Jinbei

My second drawing practice, I wanted to do them daily but I take forever and get put off easily so that’ll never happen. There is nothing special about this picture either and its really just a copy of part of some Jinbei art. However this is just practice no matter how much effort it might have taken and hopefully I’ll start getting better (and faster).

Other than just being practice and taking forever the lines weren’t done that well and the shading could’ve been better.  I like how it turned out. Hopefully all the pictures I do from now on are around this level so I don’t accidentally throw them away. If you like this remember to give it a share and help me stay motivated 😀


Drawing Practice 24/11/2017: Yoshi

I’ve realised after a while that I really should keep all my bad pictures after constantly being told to. The idea is having shitty pictures means you have something to compare to later as you (hopefully) get better. So basically  I’ll be trying to draw more often and this is the first post even though most of the bad stuff about it is just stupidity. By the way its actually a drawing of one of the mario themed macdonalds toys from a while back.

Most notable problem is the fact I used a pen to go around the lines and ended up adding lines as well that would look far better not existing. Body parts still out to much and don’t blend even if you were to ignore the black lines which is another problem. The 3rd one is that I actually meant to shade it but completely forgot to seperate it into sections and just drew it in one color anyway.

At least I can recognise whats wrong with it though since it also means I know what I need to work on fixing (or not doing). Hopefully I’ll be able to draw some interesting pictures and these posts don’t bore people to death.

Assassins Creed II – Dead Floating Enemy Glitch

There is currently a competion going on over at Player.me via referring people so in order to try to win myself and replace my old laptop I’d use it as motivation to make more content starting with a redo of an old Assassins Creed II glitch I found, its still done with a phone but its far more watchable than the original was.

Essentially there is a small tower at the top right of Forli close to the water where you want to bring some enemies too. Get them to go onto the small wooden area either by getting them to chase you onto it or making them fall from above (the latter can kill them though). Once they are on run back so the post is in between you and the enemy (or enemies) as the goal is to attempt to have them climb it. If they jump off the result (most of the time) is instant death and the corpse floats in the air.

Its rather simple to explain, essentially there is an area in the water that kills the enemies and as somewhere right by the water it overlaps a little bit with the land. Because the enemy manages to ‘fall’ and possibly just touch this ‘death water’ they immediately die and go into ‘drowning’ pose but because they’re actually still on land and float. Not entirely sure why they seem to slowly spin around though.

Going back to the other thing I mentioned in the video and this post, as of writing this Player.me is doing a giveaway where the person with the most referrals plus 1 randomly chosen can win a laptop (and possibly more). I’m motivated to try this because I honestly need to replace my ancient one asap so if you haven’t joined the site and want to help me out or maybe even enter the giveaway yourself use this link: https://player.me/?invite=samearl13

P.s. The site is kinda a small social media site for gamers and content creators like YouTubers, Twitch streamers etc and honestly quite a nice site. It even launched a stream dashboard with overlays not long ago.

My Blog/Channel Isn’t Dead

So just in case you’ve been wondering I haven’t made any content in quite a while and while its mostly motivation (as usual) there have been some other factors. The microphone I use never records good enough and the ethernet slot on the laptop seems to have died (or the cable but I don’t have a new one yet). That’s not to say I’ve been doing nothing though with me trying various things that could become content now that I own a phone again.

I’ve noted that for some odd reason my blog has been found almost every day lately from at least 1 search and its mostly retrogaming reviews so I plan on at least writing one although I am not sure what content I’d try to make for my channel. Perhaps I’ll just grab something and play it although part of me wants to attempt to learn lua again to make the cheat videos (which I sorta gave up on before).

On top of that I want to get better at drawing so I could possibly use that as content as well and maybe even some DIY art projects if I get bored enough (and have what’s needed already). I still need to learn to write stories too although someone told me it’d be good practice to grab one of the dream diaries I did and basically add more details (names, locations, dialog, better descriptions etc) to it to make it a short story.

That’s about it, if you want to help feel free to give me some retrogames (NES, SNES, GB-GBA, Genesis etc) that I should play or cheat in or maybe something to attempt to draw even though I’m kinda terrible still.

Epic Battle Next Chapter! – Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 157 Impressions

As always read the chapter first to not get spoiled, last chapter was interesting as we actually learn Toga and Twice had already done there little plan and how Team Ryukyu ended there. There was even the crazy thing with Eri having a mutated quirk that can rewind people where she seperated Overhaul and that truth guy like it was nothing. It suggested that Nighteye might live and Lemillion may get his quirk back (in fact Mr Compress may even get his lost arm).

This chapter was far crazier than I had thought though, I had honestly thought that Overhaul was just going to get knocked unconscious by Deku since he had been seperated but the fight was nowhere near over. Not only where there further hints at how powerful Eri’s quirk is with Deku losing control of his kick but being almost immediately healed but it seems that she can’t control it once its activated.

In fact that big dude that Team Ryukyu was fighting wasn’t as temporary as I thought as he became the new sacrifice for Overhaul who has become sort sort of dragonic thing now, not unlike final bosses in videogames. Not that I think he’ll actually be much of a challenge as to stop himself from being destroyed Deku has revealed One For All 100% Full Cowl which is crazy enough that even his hair has changed.

Next chapter is going to be completely insane, most of the challenge might come from Deku having little to no control over using that much power. Either way using 100% when unprepared means his body is probably ripping itself apart and every attack will practically anihilate his bones temporarily. Biggest question I have though is how will they have an awesome fight without making all the future ones look boring.

Overall a nice chapter, can’t really say its amazing when its only a buildup but I want to see the next chapter really badly so its obviously done its job.

Katakuri Will Get Knocked Down! – One Piece Chapter 882 Impressions

With the 882nd chapter of One Piece finally out we finally got to see what would happen to luffy after that forced smile he did in the previous chapter and Katakuri pulling out a spear. There were a lot of different ideas of what might happen including with the rest of the crew escaping big mom so I definitely looked forward to it. Obviously read it first to avoid being 100% spoiled especially this one which is awesome.

It was far more insane than I expected though, not only Katakuri’s spear far bigger than I suspected but the way he used it too me by surprise as well as he used it more like a drill (which fit its name which was Mogura aka Mole) by spinning his own arm so it was definitely obvious that Luffy was likely not going to get stabbed by it or he’d be screwed. Not that it mattered when he also pulls out an awakening and turns the floor into mochi.

However while it may seem like a dire situation still there were a few oddities tied to the Katakuri vs Luffy fight. Not only was there a mention of both of them using a lot of stamina (with Katakuri having weaker stamina being a possibility). In fact Brulee gave a small speech about how Katakuri has never laid down in his entire life which suggests Luffy will at least knock him down once during this battle. Especially since Luffy was just about to use Gear 4th,

While the rest of the crew and Sanji weren’t specifically shown in this chapter a lot of things happened that suggested that the arc is coming to a close with things like Brulee and Perospero now knowing where the strawhats are headed (only to be sidetracked when Big Mom spots Nuts Island). Even the Firetank Pirates and Germa 66 that had vanished for a little while are back in this chapter and on their way after beating some people offscreen. Makes you wonder if Stussy and Big News Morgan will have another appearance within this arc if anything happens.

Overall it was a very good chapter and I am completely looking forward to what happens in the next one, I feel that everyone that had doubted this arc will regret it once they all finally meet up.

Dream Diary: 18th October 2017

While I said I rarely dream I had 2 in a row and this one was insanely long, its also another case of a dream character where you control someone else with their own likes/dislikes. As always feel free to come up with a name if you read it instead of the date (18th October 2017). Why the hell can I write these but still can’t get myself to write stories…


“I also had a dream today but it was rather patchy and had many branching paths, the main part of the plot was that I was an assassin sent by a king to kill the brother of the currently wolfman leader (basically just people with wolf ears and tail) by using my masterful transformation magic to turn into one of them.


However despite literally being one of them (temporarily) I was arrested almost immediately after arriving as they’d already been informed of the assassination attempt and my scent was singled out (kinda sad since it just after buying something from a market stool).


I was seemingly knocked out and dragged into a huge well decorated room possibly in a palace, I awoke to see a beautiful women with snow white hair and an odd pearl white dress who not only was the leader of them but was also referred to as the moon princess a few times and her 2 guards as well as as few around me and one holding me. Despite being sent as an assassin my pain tolerance was apparently low and I soon told them everything after my tail was stepped on by a much bulkier one standing behind me. This obviously angered them on top of the fact I was partially distracted by the moon that you could see through a huge skylight(?) in the middle of the room.


Then began a long sequence of torture either chained up in a small cell or put into an unfair fight in the coliseum. Notable prison stuff was I started with only cuffs but got angry when the jailer came and dropkicked the bars so they chained me up in the air. Surprisingly no talking despite other people likely being there. Also they removed my ears and tail at first but reattached them (somehow) after realizing how sensitive I was there. The first time in the coliseum was me vs the strong one with the beard although instead of fighting me directly he shrugged off my attacks and lead me into a trap where one of those metal teeth things leaped up and grabbed my tail. While I was in obvious pain (even if it was a dream and can’t truly feel it) and panicking plus yelping I believe the man said something along the lines of “Oh, you almost make me feel sorry for you” before I collapsed and woke up in the cell again. Although it was the only time he did it and the other times were usually fights against him without weapons however once I had weakened from starvation I was pitted against animals like boars (but not normal ones) the idea being if I caught one I’d be able to eat it but I was in a hunger fueled frenzy and didn’t really put any thought into it and kept missing (at one point leaping from the side of the coliseum walls in the hopes of catching it by surprise).


Between this there were a lot of times where I’d look at the moon and a few hints that I’d end up being a white wolf like the leader but whenever that happened the dream seemingly reset a small bit as if happy-ish endings weren’t allowed or something (for now).


Oddly I didn’t die of starvation but turned into an actual wolf to conserve energy, this was also when they decided would be a good time for me to die. The idea being that they released me into the hunting grounds giving me the very small chance to hunt something myself before they catch up. However just before I catch a rabbit a spear impaled me entering my lower right and exiting just below my ribs on the left (not sure how I’d know), I carried on running even though my vision was fading and my feet no longer touched the ground only catching a glimpse at my killer before dying (that same one with the beard).


I then awoke (still in wolf form) in a field of flowers, for some reason I couldn’t tell if they were white or colored but they were beautiful. They had a calming scent to them inviting me to rest within them free of all my worries but it was short-lived and I soon awoke back in the forest surrounded by the other wolf people, I (now humanoid again) almost immediately asked “Why?” and looking back its a little creepy how much I wanted to stay dead and how I’d love to see those flowers again.


Well it wasn’t all torture though, once the moon princess aka the leader learnt that I had seen the field of flowers but wasn’t left alone it was judged that nothing else could ever be so cruel (apparently). I was then offered a small home to live in temporarily as they make preparations to allow me to leave.


There was a timeskip (obviously) and the suggestion I had lived there for months oddly enough in the small town area I was originally caught in. I was friends with most of the people and no longer enemies with that bearded one which was nice. There were even hints that the leader had been visiting sometimes to keep an eye on me or something.


Strangely that wasn’t the end yet, to my surprise that stuff about the moon and becoming a white wolf became relevant. It was the night where I was leaving and I was being escorted out of the small kingdom through a forest. It was a full moon and I remember noting that at this point I’d honestly want to stay since the kingdom I was originally in would call me a traitor (plus there were hints I couldn’t become human again and the bearded guy was getting worried that I was getting overly friendly with the leader). While entranced by the full moon I remember I strange feeling as if my whole body was being refreshed, that bearded guy looks at me with surprise and a bit of anger before sighing and carrying on walking (the other ones escorting being completely quiet), my hair had become completely white in an instant and I was possibly a bit taller too. It was obvious that he assumed the transformation was just me messing with the same magic that turned me into one of them in the first place. Although that was proven wrong when I reached the border, as we tried walking out a mysterious force held me back. The bearded guy thought I was playing around and tried grabbing me causing the invisible force field of sorts to throw me back with force. This caused their jaws to drop in sheer surprise before he explains that while the white ones are loved by the moon and blessed with both powerful magic and long lives they were cursed with the inability to leave the kingdom. There was also a hint that it was rare to the point where they’d be paired up with the princess or prince whenever they appeared and the royal family had survived on this for a very long time (oddly I never saw her brother or her parents despite them all being apparently alive and no one was named not even the obvious god they must have). Also the dream ended almost immediately after coming back and surprising everyone especially the leader, from what I can tell it was probably happily ever after from then on.”


Seriously though there wouldn’t need to be that much changes and I could use the above as the base of a short story or something, there is so much to it to the point there were even a few details I remember that I left out because I couldn’t remember the exact time in the dream they happened (for example there was another assassin sent after me who laughed at me while I was in jail but was apparently later found out and swiftly killed when they tried and failed to silence a civilian). Perhaps if I can fix said writing block I’ll give adapting it a try.

Dream Diary: 17th October 2017

Considering that I posted about weird dreams on two different occasions on my blog I decided I’d paste this from my 17th October 2017 diary as 3 whole paragraphs about an odd dream definitely felt like something that would be a waste to keep to myself. I may make a post at a later date about something odd I’ve noticed about some dreams. Feel free to come up with a name for this entry (so its not just the date).


“Last nights dream was quite odd, at first me and some other people I cannot remember were in a building on the top floor. For some reason there was a little korean girl in a wheelchair there. When the building shook the first time we escaped rather easily minus the building falling over while we were still on the stairs of the bottom floor. I don’t know why but there was a scene change to people talking about mentioning it in a movie and accidentally using ‘’celebrate’ which annoyed me enough to splurt out I was one of the survivors (somehow people died). Though I found it boring, the korean girl was temporary and useless so despite not feeling entirely like a lucid dream I reset it to the building. First reset was the building immediately falling over and everyone dying.


The reset that interested me was one where the building started falling but seemingly leant against another building directly next door. The korean girl was japanese and now 14 while there was a boy around that age in the floor below. On the way down I did what I believe is called a fireman’s lift to both people, no complaints or talking so I assumed they had fainted. The part where the building falls completely while we were still on the bottom stairs still happened though.


The weird thing though is how it forked into completely fantasy/scifi with me meeting up with the boy and girl being 10 years older and no longer physically disabled. I mention something caused 10 years to be taken off them but it wasn’t the end of the world as it was really just a few days after the accident (I assume interviews were dealt with) as she seemed insistent she wanted to see family. There was this odd feeling/hints that the japanese girl would eventually be the love interest of the boy or whoever I was in the dream. Weirder still was how I calmly mentioned natural portal (?) magic was relatively rare before we walk over to an odd and very small incomplete set of rails with a tiny cart and a loop of metal over where it seems like some is missing. She then comes over and without surprise puts both hand out towards the ring and suddenly a portal opens (suggesting the mysterious 10 years may of been training or something). As soon as she did that the small cart started moving I looked through the other side of the portal but I swear it was somewhere in space or not on earth, perhaps even another dimension. Sadly though it felt like the dream ended there. There was a bit where I was in some institution filled with magic users where I seemed to not take stuff seriously, my favorite ability being the simply named ‘ghost’ which let me go through walls and stuff. Including a group of people firing at me at one point and a magic user at the other point. I was annoyed though something told me they weren’t enemies and it was something else. Too bad I couldn’t find out though, that’s where I feel the dream ended before I woke up and started writing this.”


Looking back at what I writ I can’t help but find some stuff strange, why could I remember what country the girl was from but nothing else and why was a boy mysteriously added and some things changed (like their age). Also how comes I can write stuff like this in a diary no one reads but still have writing block when it comes to starting a story. Thanks for reading if you did.

Dead Space Dev Now Dead – EA Shut Down Visceral Games!

So it finally happened, EA has murdered yet another studio and this time its Visceral Games. Its not even a surprise since everyone saw it coming, Jim Sterling (video here) even made a video over 2 years ago predicting it and it went just like he predicted. It wasn’t even the badly made Deadspace 3 that killed them off but rather EA’s almost vampire-like tendencies to suck the life out of any studio they buy and promptly leave them to rot when they inevitably don’t make a success for them (making a game they obviously didn’t want to make).

In this case it was Battlefield Hardline a game that got a surprising amount of decent reviews from ‘critics’ but was seemingly found very boring by everyone else or at least its one of the only Battlefield games not mentioned by many people to the point I almost forgot about it. It was destined to turn out that way either way, no matter how good the stuff Visceral Games had made before I can’t imagine having any real motivation if I were told to make something with what I also assume had little room for creativity especially with EA’s well known love of ‘focus testing’ the soul out of everything it makes. This even includes the Star Wars game that they were working on where a story based linear adventure game was apparently not good enough for EA, probably because it would be hard to shove loot boxes and microtransactions in it.

Despite usually hating any kind of horror games Dead Space was one of my favorite series to the point that I have almost all the achievements from the first game minus the incredibly difficult one, the only ones I hadn’t played was the third game that was seemingly hated and the action puzzle game Dead Space Ignition. I may not have been able to get the games until a very long time after they had released but I would’ve totally waited for a Dead Space 4 but sadly that will never happen. I even though Dante’s Inferno was nice as well.

Do you think EA are finished with them though? Of course they aren’t. Forget all those stories of teams having fun together and achieving their dream because when you’re part of EA you’ll just get scattered into other teams or just fired and who knows whats the worst of the two. Either way there is now the hashtag #VisceralJobs on Twitter for those now looking for work and I hope they find something. It’d be nice if they could have the chance to go their own way and make a game free from EA’s strict boundaries (kinda like Hellblade) but then again do they even want to make games anymore. Thanks for reading and hopefully it won’t all be terrible news these days.

A Match Made In Hell? – IGN Now Owns Humble Bundle

I woke up earlier today to news that legitimately surprised me, for whatever reason Humble Bundle had posted that they were now part of “the IGN family”. Its hard not to be paranoid but the post felt suspicious to me like claiming that they chose IGN and that they “can’t think of a better partner”. The claim that they’ll keep their team and everything “with IGN helping further out plans” sounds good on paper but then again pretty sure that sort of thing has been said before. There was even a bit where they mentioned how they started which was possibly ironic considering that people think they are dead.

The reason for this stems mostly from IGN’s reputation which sadly I don’t really know that much about being someone that barely bothers with most sites but there are plenty of rumors of bad reviews scores, paid review scores and being outright sellouts as well as a few things that seemed kinda stupid. However it could honestly get much worse, after all review sites are sometimes seen as nothing without game publishers and with IGN’s reputation is where the real problem lies.

While we can assume the money will still go to charity the main thing to worry about would be the games in the bundles themselves for various reasons. What’s to say they won’t sneakily mess with the store to prioritize things they’ve given good review scores to or something no matter if said score was truly legitimate including the games in bundles. Instead of just being a (mostly) unbiased source it feels too much that publishers may try to corrupt Humble Bundle by using IGN as a conduit of sorts and thats what worries me.

That’s really it at the moment though, hopefully I’m just being worried for no reason and it turns out to be as good as the CEO claims it’ll be. Its really worth speaking your mind out on things before they happen to prevent the worst from becoming true. Thanks for reading or watching.