Might have an old PC now.

From the few tweets that I posted earlier you may have noticed that I’m not using the half broken windows phone in order to tweet them but a PC. The PC belongs to an aunt and originally run vista but the person forgot the password causing an insane amount of mayhem like not being able to install or uninstall anything including 7zip which it didn’t have so extracting things was difficult too.

After a while I decided to live boot Ubuntu from a USB that I had actually prepared to try and fix the older desktop tower that was sadly unsavable so I was quite surprised when it loaded almost immediately with internet capabilities as well (since AVG had been installed on Vista).

The problem is while I do have it running and will definitely use it while it is here (especially since I personally paid for a replacement charger) I have not yet asked the aunt if I can take it off their hands although I know they don’t really care about it. The idea is since she owes me £20 I plan on ‘buying’ the laptop for £20 (not including the £8 for the charger) effectively wiping that away and helping myself out in the process.

I highly doubt that I can bring my YouTube channel with this thing so don’t expect anything awesome but at least my blog should be back from the dead as soon as I work out what content I can do. Thats about it, perhaps give me an idea of what I should do and also I do wonder is it even possible to be a retrogaming youtuber using Ubuntu or do you 100% need Windows?

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links (Android) Review

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is a 2017 free to play card game for Android created by Konami based on the Manga/Anime Yu-Gi-Oh. On top of what you’d expect it boasts voice acting using the anime cast and 3d animations (unlike the previous Android game Duel Generation aka my 2nd most popular review). Played it asap so I could get the bonus stuff like a special Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon (ends February 28th 2017).

You can probably add me as a friend via my ID

Loading up the game went quite well and was quite nice with information on various duelists while the data inevitably downloads (faster than I expected too). Music was alright and so were the graphics although you’d be disappointed if you think absolutely everything got the 3D treatment, rare cards got little cutscene like things when summoned while the cards actual have 2d floating artwork. Honestly I liked it though, it still looked nice and it saved on data (although I do hear a lot of cards need to be added like legendaries).

Most odd thing about this game is instead of merely being you versus characters qnd other people you are actually given the choice of Yami Yugi or Seto Kaiba at the start where you essentially use their decks but can also level them up and play as other people later (in fact the bonus stuff is stuff revolving around those 2 duelists). I liked how the voice acting works although anyone that didn’t like the anime characters habits of telling the opponents everything they’re doing you might not like it.

Looking through the quite nicely done menu’s the free to play elements were quite obvious like limited amounts of duelisrs appearing, the usual premium currency and microtransactions. However at first glance it also seemed that it could be quite in depth, not only did you simply have duels but there were challenges, a school and character levels to keep things getting boring (said character levels motivating you to try other decks).

Everything was so easy with no real help needed and you can actually swipe through the sections if merely pressing the buttons is boring, after all every one of the 4 areas can have duelists in. Decks were easy to build and having different card backs and mats to choose from was something that is surprisingly rare in a YuGiOh game. Shop was quite easy to use and while I did wonder if I should save them up I spent them on decks. Interestingly its made it a way where there’s a set amount of cards so its entirely possible (if you were rich) to simply keep getting the same card packs until you get what you want.

Getting into actual duals I was impressed with how it looks and the music was great, I had to agree it was well optimized for phones unlike Duel Generation with cards being easy to see and use. I did fnd it a bit odd how the main deck was limited to what I believe was just 30 considering one of the GBA games let you build huge 60 card decks but it’s alright even if it cuts the strategy a tiny bit (although I used a cool trick a few times). However trying to use strategy or not seemed kinda pointless when you won against weaker enemies the second you got your stronger card (e.g. Blue Eyes White Dragon).

When you played against stronger opponents they sometimes absolutely destroy you but it is really satisfactory when you beat them compared to ai players, there was a time where a person lagged out the game and then waited so I’d quit and lose but luckily it only happened once. In fact I enjoyed almost all duels other than some of the near impossible vagabond challenges as I built a nice deck even with the small limit. It seemed it’d be well worth playing this every so often although it felt like there needed quite a few updates for other cards and the ideas of sets in the shop seemed both clever and a bit annoying if you wanted a very specific deck.

Overall its a very enjoyable game and probably the best on Android although I don’t know if it would be the best ever (are there any console versions being made anymore?).
Sadly couldn’t give this game as good as a review as I’d want since my Android Tablet actually stopped working not long before finishing this (over a month ago).so there’s a chance my blog is dead but I am going to try one thing. Hopefully it will work.

Crystal Castles (Atari 2600) Review

​Crystal Castles is a 1983 maze game for the Atari 2600 develope and published by Atari. The player controls Bentley Bear  collecting gems in trimetric ‘castles’ while avoiding the enemies. The game is notable for being one of the first arcade action games with an ending.

Like most super old games there isn’t much to talk about at the title, other than the logo there’s nothing there other than a level select and what was going to be the high score. I have to admit I was quite curious of what an ending to an old game like this would be like and I don’t really care about high scores but there’s no way I’d ever start at a later level.

Perfect score, lol joking it’s only the first level.

Getting into the game it kind of took a second to realise what the gems were meant to be although the bear, seemingly a teddy, was quite easy to control especially since it was just move and jump. However as you might have guessed the gems weren’t so easy to collect without even factoring in the strange enemies. Them being smily faces that can go through walls, tree monsters (whatever they’re called) that chase you, witches that follow a set path and even an enemy that picks up gem themselves. I managed to get quite far and after a while I noticed some odd things.

First of all each gem seemed to be worth more than the last one slowly increasing in value so a stolen one is a huge chip off your potential score. Secondly for some reason you could only move levels through elevator looking things even if you were higher up or it looked jumpable. It didn’t make it that much harder though since you can jump over most of them enemies and the tree things seemed to get temporarily stunned when you do, there was also a wizard hat that gave you very short invincibility although it still got crazily difficult at some point either way. Whether a game like this has an ending or not doesn’t matter when you’re not an expert at it.

Overall if you’re an Atari fan then it may be worth giving it a try but other than that its aged a bit too much, I do have to admit though it would probably make a great minigame in Spyro if they replaced Bentley with Moneybags (and obviously used better graphics).

Silent Bomber (PS1) Review

Silent Bomber is a 1999 top down action game for the PS1 developed by CyberConnect and published by Bandai. Instead of being a shooter like most other top down action games this one has you defeating the opponents using bombs hence the name.

Before you even get to the mention you are shown a strange cutscene with voice acting with gameplay mixed in, it was obvious from the start that the game was originally Japanese that was then dubbed over because some lines seemed very dumb but at least I got an idea what was going on. Options were simple with control mapping and a few audio options but not much worth mentioning.

Also note the VR arena is something you can’t load without already having a save file which is essentially a 2 plauer versus with unlockable stuff (I’ll explain near the end). It always bugs me when something says “Data Load”, so many games say it I’m not even sure its a spelling mistake. Tutorial was great but the ingame cutscenes were kinda awkward as they didn’t carry as much weight as they should of (like what Jutah, the main character, does at the end of the tutorial).

Gameplay was rather easy get used to for a game that doesn’t use analog sticks, reason being you didn’t really need to use lock on if you get close and just drop them and if you manage to get a lock on you can spam the place button to use them all up on one enemy. For some reason I didn’t notice any music but the graphics were definitely noticeable, without the slightly enhanced emulator graphics the characters look like terribly done sprites (since the console still has the resolution of the SNES if I remember correctly). Level layouts were ok and nice looking with plenty of enemies to destroy and what seems like a very arcade feel, not only are you rewarded for killing multiple things at once but you are also ranked at the end based on that alongside time taken and life left.

Each level had its own boss and while it say sound easy when you think it’s about targeting weak points with bombs you can still get annihilated if you’re not careful. I really liked how the weaknesses were notable without the horrible red glowing or weird design choices that some games have but considering lock on will lock to these places for you it wasn’t necessary. Throughout levels you can get E-Chips which are basically upgrades which can do things like bomb amount, lock on range and defense so bosses can definitely get easier if you take your time during the levels.

I actually won this boss battle. In a way infinite mooks means infinite health pickups.

Although there are a few things that make the levels start getting harder and thats the inclusion of powerful melee enemies, not only are these quite difficult to defeat with old PS1 movement screwing up your aim sometimes but it also became more notable just how dangerous your own explosives could be to yourself as well. Something else worth noting that it seemed quite easy to cause lag if you use all of your special liquid bombs in quick succession (and as big as possible), in fact a few cheats to have infinite napalm can actually break the graphics completely although that’s 100% my fault.

Outside of the main game you have the VR arena which is a 2 player versus mode where you get to fight using some unlocked stuff (via “Data Chips”) like Jutah and 2 of the bosses. While it seems like a cool thing when you first see it in truth it’s absolutely terrible. It might be different against another player but the CPU opponent is a master of whatever you pick for them, perhaps even better than whats actually humanly possible too. If you weren’t perfect with attacking and blocking you were dead and after trying a bunch of times I got frustrated and quit.

Overall its a decent game although sadly one that’s showing it’s age,  full 360 movement and some improved graphics would make this a great game but its still recommendable now.

Constantine (Movie) Review

Constantine is a 2005 movie published by Warner Bros Studios based on a certain part on the DC/Vertigo Hellblazer comics. The story follows John Constanine, a suicide survivor and now demon hunter, as he tries to earn goodwill to get into heaven. While helping a police woman Angela Dodson investigate her twins supposed suicide he gete caught in a supernatural plot involving both angels and demons.

It starts off a bit weird immediately telling you what the angels and demons are after almost immediately which seemed a little dumb but then again the example of what it lets you do was ok. It was almost immediately after that where John Constantine was introduced and it seemed to make a huge deal out of the fact he was a chain smoker. He also has some younger guy called Chaz Kramer or something who seemed like they might be an annoying character on first impressions. In fact when Angela Dodson had her own separate introduction you felt that the movie was purposely holding back on a lot of info. What you got was enough to keep watching but not that good. There seemed to be plenty of interaction and you got an idea of the personalities but it’s hard to feel bad for someone that spent their whole life chain smoking.

At least the action was cool and there were some other cool abilities scattered in the movie too although it did bug me a little that practically all the characters other than Angela were people that John just conveniently knows already and there introductions got a bit awkward. Definitely beat the really dumb looking explanations like how he went to hell by putting his feet in a tin filled with water while having a staring contest with a cat.

On top of the side characters getting little to no introduction it feels like they’re literally thrown away too, I won’t say who dies and when but when they do they almost seem immediately forgotten. There just wasn’t that much info other than what was going on at the time. In fact the flashback which actually gave you an idea of what he saw was done in such a way that you almost forget it happened and Angela doesn’t get one since she merely tells John about her past at one point.

The action and effects were nice but it still felt a bit off since there didn’t seem to actually be anyone worth rooting for and some characters literally just appeared (like near the end). In fact the end was a bit weird although I do admit it was interesting even if it didn’t make you care about John at all.

Overall the movie is watchable but I understand why it got relatively low scores, the characters weren’t that likable and a lot of the other stuff like effects and explanations seemed a bit dumb. I can’t recommend it to anyone that hasn’t seen it.

Devil Dice (PS1) Review

Devil Dice is a 1998 puzzle game for the PS1 developed by Shift and published by either Sony Computer Entertainment Interactive or THQ. It is one of only a few games originally built for the Yaroze device that got to become an officially released game. The aim of the game is to control a small devil on a grid full of dice and make them disappear by matching them up.

The odd way the menu’s were layed out was weird with the unfolded cube with the little devil but quite nice although the way the title screen was done suggested there wasn’t much changed or at least the copyright info takes up too much room. As for the menu, it is strange just like the language select but also very easy to navigate with the 4 in a row being the modes and the ones top and bottom being the manual and options respectively.

Options are quite simple if you ignore the fact you need to save manually here and the rankings aren’t that simple. Other than that you can adjust the screen, speed and also the sound which had a music test with said music being ok (although it’s one of many PS1 games that keeps its soundtrack seperate on the disc from the other game files). The manual was super useful basically being a directory of tutorials to watch although being an old game there’s still a lot to read although I found ignoring it is not a good idea at all. Also since there are single player modes and multiplayer modes that is how I’ll split the 2 sections starting with single player.

First mode I played was trials which was essentially trying to get as much as possible as quick as you can although it was far more complicated than I first thought. Running on dice to roll them seemed complex enough but it also needs you to match up the amount shown on the dice. On top of that you need to chain the dice as they descend if you want the big scores which keeps adding on to them. It’s enjoyable once you know what you’re doing but insanely frustrating if you’re an idiot like me and didn’t actually look at the manual first. I also kinda regret choosing endless instead of timed which givesyou 3 minutes since it really did feel endless even though I’m sure I was doing terribly. As for exhibition it’s basically 2 player co op but since it was player only I couldn’t play it.

Puzzle mode was another that looked simple before you actually play it, essentially you’d be given levels and the aim is to clear all the blocks under a certain number of ‘steps’ (the dice moving, not the player). The game was quick to show you that it wouldn’t be easy with level needing you to chain twos by rolling a block on top where another was and others where you have to purposely go on the floor and push the dice instead. On its own that doesn’t sound so bad but it does give an impression on how crazy the later levels could get which is honestly a really good thing since Trial can get tiring and the multiplayer isn’t going to be as fun without other human players. Crazily while the game does tell ypu what combinations to make you can ignore it and get an excellent rating in a few levels by not using all the moves (like level 13 for example). Also by winning sets of ten levels you unlock pictures in the gallery which are actually alternate board designs for Battle mode although nothing special looking.

Said battle mode was a 2 player mode were 2 characters would compete to make 4 of the 6 possible matches however it wasn’t so simple. Not only did making a combination steal it off the opponent but you can also steal by chaining their combinations too, this creates a frantic race to whatever you can get and it’s honestly quite fun although it’d obvously better with 2 humans. You also had a few settings you could change like the type of blocks from normal to ice or stone to make it harder.

The other multiplayer mode known as Wars was insane, if you found trials hard this mode was impossible as it had 4 opponents all trying to make matches too. The idea being when you make a match the calculated amount is taken from other players until only one player is left standing. Once again chaining is super powerful not only letting you essentially do two or more attacks in quick succession but also allowing the opponents to chain off of yours to get a big attack themselves (although you can purposely roll over disappearing dice to stop it). I found myself being essentially murdered against ai but I guess it’d be more enjoyable against people you felt you actually had a chance of beating. You could also have ice or stone dice in this mode too though I wasn’t going to try that.

Overall its a very fun and surprisingly complex puzzle game that well deserved its promotion from Yaroze to oficcial PS1 release, if you haven’t played it I recommend giving it a try (with other people especially).

Why my YouTube channel is pretty much dead.

Due to mysterious circumstances my YouTube channel actually has 109 subscribers so I’m sure at least 1 person wants to know why I almost never upload anything. I could just go along the lines of ‘because I don’t have a PC, give me money’ but I’ve gone way past that and have been trying my hardest to create content solely using the Android Tablet. In fact I even managed to root it recently to make things a little easier.

At first I was merely put off by the many limitations that an Android Tablet had. The most notable to me was that the Emulators didn’t have an inapp cheat search or lua support immediately making the only unique series on my channel pretty much suspended until further notice. Then there was the fact I don’t own a compatible controller so games from PS1 and PSP were impossible from the start while the lack of a micro sd limits what I actually have room to download. 

As for Android apps ads made most of the free games seem far too awkward to record while the few paid games I got thanks to Google Opinion Rewards credit seem to crash the recorder which is probably lack of available ram or something. Also Google Play apparently doesn’t let you use PayPal (aka the rare donations I get) without a card or bank account unless you have £30 at one time which is just awkward (it tried to tell me I couldn’t pay for a free book the other day).

The only other problems were the lack of video quality compared to PC and the fact the sound (including the actual game audio) is captured by the physical speakers and is therefore quite a pain to get working well but still entirely possible and something that I did actually get working at some point. However my motivation pretty much shattered when I found out just how much using a physical keyboard was effecting the retro games. I tried playing Super Mario World and not only was there insane input lag but due to how keyboards are made it was completely impossible for me to do something that needed 3 of the action buttons at the same time (I needed to eat with yoshi while gliding and running which lets you destroy Tubular by the way). Its entirely possible that I could still play NES games or Game Gear but I just don’t feel like I can get my motivation back since I rarely ever get requests.

Thanks for reading, you may notice that my blog has been practically dead for the same reason but since I have put some stuff up I thought it wasn’t really worth mentioning (even though the 2 movie reviews literally have 0 views as of writing this).

Deadpool (Movie) Review

Deadpool is a 2016 action movie from Marvel based on the comic series of the same name. For those like me who don’t read the comics, the movie focuses on a former special forces operative turned mercenary called Wade Wilson who ends up being tortured and disfigured in an experiment by an evil scientist known as Ajax which in turn granted him accelerated healing and a warped sense of humor. As Deadpool he then seeks to get revenge on Ajax with the help of mutant allies Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

This is pretty much the movie logo.

Definitely a strange way to open the movie using fake opening credits insulting literally everyone thats in the movie especially the music they chose because from which seemed to be a theme of its own (whats the weirdest thing that could fit) although it sort of makes sense when you consider what Deadpool himself is supposed to be like. Part of me is unsure if the 4th wall breaking was necessary but considering there’s an older game starring him that also likes to use it. Either way you can’t deny that the action sequence immediately afterwards was really cool (and Deadpool’s totally not serious attitude made it better). You even get a glimpse of the other 2 characters in between said action sequence and even someone that doesn’t read comics can tell Colossus is meant to be the opposite personality to Deadpool pretty much. Its not until after it that you get the flashback and find out his origin so perhaps the sequence was strategically placed.

I say this because it spends some time showing you how Wade was before being turned into Deadpool and it turns out that while he wasn’t crazy he was quite an asshole although he did warn the watchers himself that he’s not a hero so anyone expecting that just shouldn’t watch this at all. In fact they show off his relationship with a woman by showing what seems to be a montage of sex scenes which sort of made you feel less bad for what ended up happening to Wade since you already knew it was going to go bad  but it was interesting to see the reasoning for why there’d actually need to be an experiment in the first place.

Wade, when his life started to go downhill.

What was probably a smart move said origin story was actually cut into pieces cutting back into the action unfolding in the present in order to keep people’s attention spans because in all honesty even I’d be bored to death if they put it all into one section considering the movie is 1 hour 48 minutes long (including credits). Although it really started to get tense once he finally went t the place where the experiments happened, I personally found it interesting how there was multiple other people there as well and what they were doing.

It was also what seemed would be not that long before you see more action as he becomes Deadpool not long after said experiment, it was amusing to see that he didn’t immediately end up with the costume he wears although it was still surprising how he ended up with it. At the hour mark the flashbacks end and the rest of the movie seems to be all action, even though its an origin movie I was still surprised that not much time seemed to have actually passed since he started trying to track down Ajax.

The camera angle makes it look like a selfie.

While there was plenty of action and interesting stuff you kind of did wonder if the 2 side characters would actually do anything, there was a point where Colossus attacked Deadpool once but even if he didn’t you could assume what he could do while Negasonic Teenage Warhead was literally just someone that happened to be there for quite a lot of it even though as you could of guessed her power is quite strong even if a little bit unwieldy.

The final part was really good when the 3 finally start fighting alongside each other (kind of) and even with all the action there was still some comedy injected into it and some surprises too. I didn’t see Ajax dying the way he did although considering that he didn’t really have any strong powers like a lot of villains would have this ended up feeling like a prologue of sorts. I do wonder how Deadpool seems to get away with the large amounts of property damage though.

Overall I quite enjoyed the movie and am totally looking forward to Deadpool 2 which while has a long time before its even going to start being filmed will apparently have more characters and more action too (considering there shouldn’t be any flashback needed).

Hitman Agent 47 (Movie) Review

Hitman Agent 47 is a 2015 Action movie made by 20th Century Fox loosely based on the videogame series. As someone that already knows that this is a letdown to anyone that likes the videogames I did try to distance it a little. However it seemed immediately impossible.

It actually starts off giving a little bit of hope calmly giving some explanation on how the Agents came around and what the bad guys want to do but sadly that was just to get it over with so they could throw you into the action and as soon as that happened it just wasn’t hitman. Not that accurate appearance asside the action in the very part part seemed alright but was ruined by one thing, the fact this was meant to be Hitman.

From a complete outsiders perspective you’d imagine a genetically modified hitman to do loads of crazy stuff and you can in the games but even then thats not the real Hitman when you think about it even though I’ve only played one game. You see the games have a scoring system and killing people or having alarms go off gives you a huge penalty which could very easily go into the negatives so I imagine seeing the supposed Agent 47 doing this almost immediately could cause at least a few fans of the series to immediately stop watching it but as I was reviewing it I was hoping it’d get better.

I love dumb out of context screenshots.

Which sadly it doesn’t as more problems seem to pop up, while the action was on hold for a bit you couldn’t help but feel like some of the angles they shot scenes with were really poorly done and a few things seemed really pointless as if they were trying to be cool or unique and ultimately failing. In fact it seemed even more dumb during the 2nd action sequence where the above screenshot was taken as the constant camera changes made the fast pace almost unbearable when it really didn’t need to be. I may be wrong but wasn’t Agent 47 meant to at least have some personality, a cardboard cutout probably could of done just as good. In fact the small part where you notice he’s switched outfits is made completely underwhelming by the fact he isn’t actually trying at all to be stealthy.

One thing they did surprisingly well was make you question if the Hitman was even the good guy for part of the film, I legitly believed his job was to merely kill the girl so her father would never be found but it turned out more complicated than that although some things did seem a bit too much to believe. I do have to admit when this does happen the action improves as it isn’t merely him going on a simple killing spree but making use of their abilities and surroundings even if its still murdering everyone (which as I mentioned would get you a terrible score). They even have some stealth at some point but its not 47 that does it (although the movie likes to imply he’s much better than people think).

A proper look at both main characters. P.s. Wilhelm scream at 45:25.

Most of the action was enjoyable and there was even a very small car chase although it seemed a bit too conveniently placed. Also the camera angles were still unnecessary and stupid a lot of the time which ruined sequences that had the chance to be amazing. Especially when the other character starts getting serious even if that one bit of stealth mentioned earlier was the only bit in the movie.

By the end of the movie I found myself rather enjoying it, the agent himself didn’t really improve as a character much but the other one was quite alright and you actually did feel bad for what they went through. I quite liked how the main villains defeat seemed like it would be obvious due to the location but actually took me by surprise. However no matter how much I enjoyed this it still didn’t really feel right.

Overall its an ok movie that probably would have done the opposite to what it did if it had kept the plot without the loose connection to Hitman and the badly done camera angles. A bit sad considering the blatant sequel bait for something that will never happen now.

If you want to buy the DVD (and help my blog) its £6 via Amazon UK and $7.50 via Amazon US.

Battlefield 3 Glitches I found

Note that this wasn’t originally written to be published and was actually something on my Google Drive I did when i was really bored but perhaps if it gets some interest and feedback I’ll try finding glitches in other games (but I can’t use proper screenshots sadly).

In the 2nd mission when you meet the guy looking at the map you can throw a grenade and destroy the crate it’s on causing the map (and the cup of tea) to float. You can still climb on as well if you want to pretend you’re on a magic carpet.

In Operation Swordbreaker, get up to the top of the building and kill the sniper as well as protect the men on the ground (otherwise you’ll fail while you’re trying it). Once done climb onto the small square with the 2 satellite dishes near the water tank. From there climb onto the satellite and then onto the building. Nothing special since falling is instant death but you can climb to places you can’t usually get to like a random electrical pylon in the street or the water tank. Although you can also jump to the fence (or climb around) before jumping to the small building instead of walking across the board causing the AI character to get left behind which is slightly amusing (this causes the death floor to stay).

If you use the above glitch to skip the board and then run over it the wrong way it’ll trigger the event removing the death floor so you can get to a few places you couldn’t before although yet again there’s nothing special. Although you can soon get in there and strangely you can find a soldier in the garage. I assume you go here later which you do in (kind of) in the second mission although that person isn’t there and the door to an empty room is closed.

Climbing on the wall by the car park lets you crawl into a window where you’ll end up in an empty room with no way to escape. It’s even got an invisible barrier so you can’t walk around it either. You can also jump over the small wall which leads to a much larger area which you probably shouldn’t be in. I found loads of buses quite close by which seemed a bit weird.

In operation guillotine you can climb up some rocks although it doesn’t get you anywhere useful. You can also sneak around the fence by the apartment building but yet again nothing special other than an empty room with a weird door shaped shadow.

Later when you get to the street with the army vehicles on it you can escape the map. Instead of entering the door go right and climb on top of the van, from here you can get on the fence but don’t fall on to the other side since there’s a 5 second boundary stopping you. Instead walk left towards the door and jump to the other wall, if you get to the end and fall into the wall you’ve successfully gotten out of bounds.

Oddly enough you can find a petrol station that actually explodes yet when you enter the vehicle like you’re meant to you bypass it altogether so it’s sort of cool even if it was probably easy to program.

Later in that mission when the gas truck gets shot by the rpg it’s possible to shoot the person before they shoot but not only are they immortal it even gives you the friendly fire warning despite it obviously being an enemy.

Also in Operation Guillotine, when you exit the house and the tank gets blown up look to the left and you’ll see a wall with a explosive barrel by it. Throw a grenade through the fence to the left corner so the wall to the right doesn’t get destroyed, this should cause the top of the wall in front to break. From here climb where the plants are before carefully climbing onto the wall (merely climbing causes you to fall in and have to reload although thankfully the checkpoint is mere seconds ago). If you get on the wall all you need to do is jump through the gap you created.

A funny thing you can do in Operation Guillotine is if you don’t go up the stairs when the tank explodes and run straight towards the bank (big building) you can get into the tank with the enemy and start killing the (temporarily infinite) enemies as much as you want. The reason for this is because the enemy inside is probably temporarily set as an ally so you don’t kill them before they’re meant to die, this is why you can enter the tank but sadly can’t drive it. I’ve heard the co op missions are different from single player sadly as it’d be great to see what would happen if two people tried to enter.

And thats all I found, if you liked it despite how terrible it looks perhaps share this post so more people see it or maybe even throw me a £1 or something towards a PC so I can get far better screenshots (and get access to the collection of oldish PC games I own).