Assassins Creed Identity (Android) Review

Assasins Creed Identity is a third person action game for Android created by Ubisoft Blue Byte which unlike the other mobile Assassins Creed title, Assassins Creed Pirates, uses gameplay similar to what is seen in the main games (but with touch controls of course). The game takes place during the Italian Renaissance and got some DLC May 201 6 which introduced a new area.

If you’re a bit dumb and don’t check the size you may get a surprise when the game immediately starts to download 1.2GB of data or what is essentially the actual game. A bit disappointing that they only give you pictures to look at while waiting with some music but a lot of games are like that so I just went off and came back when it was done.

A very odd thing about the game is it had its own graphics calibration so you couldn’t change it but it did seem to work, also you could mute the sound/music if you wanted to. It also apparently has controller support but sadly the only working dual analog controller I own is a wireless Xbox controller without the battery case and even then I’d need the wireless dongle for it.

Its also worth noting that the game uses leveling up and items like and rpg and missions/contracts which place you in areas unlike the mostly open world the console games had. You actually had to do some missions before unlocking everything like the forge and despite the game costing £4 it felt that perhaps things that cost coins would soon get annoying (it was a free to play game at one point).

Getting into the game the graphics seemed alright for an Android game considering my tablets relatively low 1GB ram and the sound obviously played fine (especially since my Tablet has Dolby Atmos which is great especially with earphones/headphones). As for controls they were a bit awkward, since you obviously couldn’t have as much buttons as a controller you also have less choice and the parkour is controlled automatically while you merely move, rotate camera and perform actions (attack, give letter etc). There were many times where it looked like I could do something but the game didn’t want to and jumping from building to building seemed impossible.

That didn’t make the game harder though, in fact the game seemed much easier than the console games. Because you had stats you were super overpowered early on and the enemies range of vision was not as far as you’d think it would be. Although oddly enough the way the missions and challenges (in said missions) were done there was almost no reason to go on a killing spree of whatever enemies you can find (other than to get an achievement).

Once the single player missions are done (save for the £1.50 small dlc) from then on you merely complete contracts and slowly go up levels and buy titles for higher levels. You can also buy different contract types from within the shop so it doesn’t get boring although you wouldn’t want to play that long despite how stupid the daily goals seem to be. I obviously like Assasination and Kill contracts although the Escort contracts also let you go on a murdering spree. My least liked contracts were Courier and the one where you follow them (forgot the name) though at least I could complete the former. Also in the missions where you need to loot the correct boxes merely use eagle vision and the right one glows goldish.

At some point I realised coins weren’t as annoying as first impressions would give, boosts seem impossible to buy but combining equipment costs not much at all if you fill up all the slots and blueprints take up a slot too. The way it worked was for each rarity you had to fill up 1 more slot so to create a Perfect weapon you needed all 6 slots. Missing out a slot would throw a stupid cost like 60,000+ at you while filling it up would offer you under 5,000 which while still a bit slow to get via missions is relatively easy at first when you factor in achievements which reward you when you get them.

As an extra, I noticed that the game was actually quite glitchy and could be broken so I thought I’d explain 2 glitches I experienced so you can try to recreate them. First one is simple as I was locked onto an enemy on the other side of a wall and tried to use a special and because the game probably thought I was stuck I did an insanely awesome kill where I warped through the wall at high speeds to kill them (Location was Coliseum). 2nd glitch was causing an enemy to die standing, first time was a fluke with a Marksman as seen in the screenshot where I think I killed him while changing to his sword while it also happened to a brute from what I believe was killing him using a well timed combination of a hireling (basically a one time per level attack) and a special ability.

Overall there is no way that the game would live up to the console counterparts but if you just want to go around small levels doing missions a few times then its alright although its 1.3gb size makes it highly impractical as a time waster (unless you have plenty of storage space).


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