Assassins Creed 2 Tips and Tricks

I’ve been replaying Assassins Creed 2 so much for the past week (mostly because i wasn’t motivated enough to write anything) so i thought I’d try making a tips and tricks guide. The first version is destined to look like a mess.

Surviving High Falls
While i could just say aim for the hay so you do a “Leap of Faith” there are a few times when you can’t be bothered and want to climb back down or you accidentally jump off the wrong part of the building (pigeons show leap of faith points). What i found out is no matter how far you fall as long as you  grab something (B for Xbox, O for Playstation) you’ll take absolutely no damage. It won’t help you much and its not worth trying on purpose but its saved me a few times from falls that would otherwise insta-kill me.

Assassinating Targets
These sorts of missions are much easier than you’d think, even the ones you have to be undetected. As long as the target is unaware of your presence it doesn’t usually matter if every other enemy is fighting you or something (although there are a few exceptions). In fact you can just ignore everyone else in most cases as well, after all its not like you get anything for going on a killing spree.

Killing Enemies
First things first, most enemies can be assassinated when they first notice you so you can avoid a long battle (unless you are skilled at counter killing) especially once you have Double Blades. Get the timing right and you can assassinate all 4 enemies guarding a codex page/ treasure chest without a fight, although if you accidentally kill 3 the 4th may run away.

The trick to killing enemies is grabbing and it doesn’t matter where you are. If you are by water throwing them in it will kill them as you are the only human without instant drowning abilities. If you are high up you can simply throw them off the building, this is very useful for getting rid of archers you couldn’t assassinate. If you aren’t near water or high up merely throwing them and assassinating them while they’re on the floor works too. In fact its possible to throw them down wells if you have good  aim.

Enemies that block your grab may seem difficult but its actually not the case. When you try to grab them they’ll go back a bit so if you keep grabbing them you can slowly push them off a building or into the water (although i recommend killing the enemies you can grab first). As for when you’re  nowhere near a high place or water you can knock them down by shoving them, this lets you attack them although for some reason the game doesn’t let you immediately assassinate these ones.

Smoke bombs are also deadly as well, while they seem to be for escaping you can actually instantly assassinate anyone that’s coughing. I guess that’s why the devs decided to only let you have 3 of them at a time.

Another method of killing when you have money is to poison everyone. You can’t swap to poison while aiming at someone so make you’re not fighting before you change weapons (enemies can still be trying to attack you). For some reason most enemies can be insta-killled with poison while they’re fighting you as long as you’re willing to spend some money every fight (you’re rich by end game anyway) so its an amusing way to shorten fights.

Killing Non-Enemies (and getting away with it)
Anyone that has played the assassins creed franchise knows you can’t kill many civilians without desynchronizing (surprisingly useful way to restart missions e.g. anything timed). Using weapons or throwing them into water, a breakable object or from high up obviously counts as killing them (although breakable object kills only count for the person you threw, meaning you can kill over 3 people using this). The truth is there is a huge oversight that allows you to kill as many people as you want without any repercussions.

The first and harder method would be to simply not attack them at all. By bumping into them in High Profile mode around 2 times quickly they’ll start backing up from you, you can use this to drive them near water or the edge of a roof building before running into them again causing them to fall off. My personal favorite thing  to do with this is pushing whole groups of thieves to their death since you can’t kill them in any other way.

The easiest way though is to beat them up and knock them out although i highly suggest getting the metal cestus (glove) first or it’ll take forever. Once you have it knocking someone out only takes about 4 punches or you throw them and kick them (‘punch’ while they’re on the floor) which is an instant knock out of civilians. After they’re knocked out the game will not give you any penalties for throwing them from a high place or even in the water when its obvious that they die. I used this to completely ruin the carnival by murdering almost all the entertainers and guests.

Using the constant grab method that can kill some enemies you can actually kill Leonardo at the start of one of the sequences. Its very difficult though as you’ll automatically grab anyone near him instead so you need him on his own. Then you just keep grabbing until he falls in the water and the game tells you that you can’t kill civilians.

Oddly enough while you obviously can’t kill a ‘Beat Up’ target there is absolutely nothing stopping you from grabbing them and throwing them to their death afterwards. Knocking them out isn’t good as they’re immune to being picked up and assassinated.

Thats it for now
Thanks for reading, i’m sure i’ll add more later as i think of stuff. Feedback would be useful, especially if there’s anything you think i missed.


One thought on “Assassins Creed 2 Tips and Tricks

  1. I’m currently playing ACII as well! Haha. These are some useful tips. I must add the Walk-Assassinate method that I usually do when I raid treasures and codex areas. Basically you just have to walk then you can easily kill 2 guards in one go. They’re not as responsive as the guards at AC I. You can walk-assassinate all of the guards if you’re fast enough.

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