Star Wars (NES) Retro Review

Star Wars is a 1991 action game for the NES developed by Beam Software and published by either Victor Interactive (JP), JVC (NA) or Lucasfilm Games (EU). Its based on the 1977 film of the same name.

Like the movie you are met with a scrolling text and a remix (?) of the Star Wars theme tune. Strangely though this is basically the title screen as pressing start takes you straight to the game without any menu’s.

Getting into the game i found the graphics lookied pretty decent and the music seemed alright. The controls were easy to work out and so was the menu which happened to have a useful completion percentage at the bottom of the screen. I assumed Shields was he space next to the pistol would be for a lightsaber (since he hasn’t got it yet). The game immediately introduced death floor and obstacles like dripping acid although it didn’t bother me, in fact i’d say it would only annoy newer gamers. Some of the enemies can be a bit annoying as like with alot of older games theres alot of knockback when you’re hit, in fact falling down a floor damages you which got on my nerves and coupled with the fact you have to start each level again when you die and the huge amount of repeating things you have to do ii couldn’t help but start hating the game.

The game uses an interesting sort of level hub where you drive around in the car thing (speeder? I can’t remember because i’m tired) dodging enemies on the way to another level, it seems like you could choose anything but because of obvious difficulty spikes its not recommended. This did make it seem a little pointless although i prefer hub worlds over shitty level select lists any day. You can alos play as Han solo although it almost felt pointless as well considering it didn’t really make any difference whatsoever.

After resorting to Game Genie codes (again) and still being screwed over alot before i finally managed to get to a space level and i immediately regretted all the effort it took to get there. You didn’t seem to have any weapons and it suddenly dawned on me that the shields you collect were basically the health of the ship. All you could do was dodge which i was absolutely shit at to the point that i just gave up.

Overall this game looks ok from the outside but when you play it yourself you end up being annoyed to death. I definitely cannot recommend this to anyone.


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