Amea (Flash Game) Review

Amea is a 2011 flash metroidvania horror on Kongregate by godlimations about a young girl with no memory awakening in the absence of reality on the path leading to the answers of her past (the description was weird).



The game didn’t actually have a menu screen and simply had the character wake up into a tutorial/opening credits combination. Graphics didn’t look that good and perhaps a little lazy to be honest, music was ok but not amazing as like most of them it looped a lot. Props for the game actually having some voice acting though even if its a little bad (the other flash metroidvania games I’ve played have been very simplistic and/or have no need for it). The game sure went dark fast, sure explains why the girl ‘lost’ her memory immediately.

Controls were easy to set up to a controllre with things like attack and block being interchangeable between A,S and D (kind of like the items that could be equipped in the N64 Legend of Zelda games) but seemed quite hard to use. Running seemed to hard to control, rolling seemed useless and quite a few times I found myself facing the opposite direction to one of the zombie things when trying to block them. There is also a menu with things like a map, inventory and equipment screens as well as a button to show your current objective. Another problem with controls is how difficult pulling off the jumping sword attack where you stab downwards because not only does it need precision but jump and attack is the shortcuts for what seems like some sort of grab attack.



Playing through some of it (I don’t know how long it is) it felt more like an annoying maze than a metroidvania because of the fact you never saw the full screen even in places where it seemed it should of been brighter. In fact it was incredibly disappointing that the fire spell couldn’t be used to negate some of the darkness (being the first one you get), even crazier though is while spells damage you without gloves its super easy to get level ups which lets you upgrade your 2nd (and passive) spell regen to max (Lv 10) letting you spam fireballs without bothering about your health.

I also think there is a glitch with the leveling system where not using skill points makes getting levels (and therefore more skill points) overly easy, I can’t confirm it but I did gain a level every time I beat a certain 3 enemies for around 10 levels and didn’t gain a level after I used the points up. That’s not even mentioning what seems like a big glitch where using the summon spell (which isn’t worth using by the way) in the most evil looking dungeon somehow makes you end up in the big bosses room without needing to be the sub boss to open the door. Also the plot twists are a little dumb.

At the end I defeated the last boss although the fact that it consisted of spamming the Lv 10 Fireball and healing my health once with some the potions I’d never need to use it wasn’t very satisfying. Not really sure I liked the ending either to be honest but I won’t spoil it.

Overall I cannot recommend the game, the graphics aren’t that good and the controls can be finicky. It seems hard because of bad reasons and is actually surprisingly easy and seemingly exploitable. But if you still want to try it


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