Black Clover (Anime) Episode 1 Impressions + Manga Comparison

Black Clover is an Autumn 2017 anime by Studio Pierrot based on the original manga by Yuuki Tabata. The plot follows a boy named Asta who, along with his rival Yuno, want to become Wizard King. The only problem is while Yuno is exceptionally gifted Asta couldn’t use magic at all, however he soon gains a rare grimoire of anti-magic aka the black clover. If you haven’t watched or read it go do it now, my posts are 100% spoilerrific.

It certainly started off rather loud with 2 kids (aka Asta and Yuno when they were younger) crying, it seems that unlike most stories where the main character has a rival thats different to them they were trying incredibly hard to cement the fact that they were opposites. Not a bad thing at all just a little strange. Although the setting were practically everyone knows and uses magic like it was nothing is interesting.


I don’t usually mix 2 screenshots into one but it seemed like a good idea (Reminder <- Asta, -> Yuno).


A mere two minutes in and we finally hear Asta’s voice and first impressions is that it is terrible, I guess they made it weird and annoying to fit the character especially considering another character aka Yuno actually calls them loud and obnoxious (he keeps trying to propose to a nun) among other things almost immediately. In fact all the other characters seem to find him annoying too. I guess I should hope its like Naruto where the character matures as the series goes on since I wouldn’t be able to take that for a long time (considering its an ongoing manga with over 100 chapters). At least he was shown to be hard working when it comes to training himself which is always a likeable point in a character.

The main point of this episode and the story as a whole is that both Asta and Yuno are 15 and are eligible to receive a grimoire. The interesting thing about it is from how its described its not something that has spells inside it but merely an amplifier for the magic the user already has. Yuno being a powerful magic user gets a special one only for Asta to, perhaps far too obviously, get a far more special one in the form of the titular black clover. Not immediately though, there’s the makings of a fight of sorts in the episode before that.


Some people say 3D effects, I say its just blurry visuals.


Speaking of that there was a weird 3D effects with the chains the bad guy used which was actually really annoying, I sure hope they don’t overuse it since in my opinion its one of those things thats done in an desperate attempt to make stuff look ‘cooler’ or something. There also wasn’t enough time to see if the story was the type that was fine with throwing characters lives away or something where they get beaten up and still survive.

In fact I was really disappointed how they handled the first episode, while cliffhangers can be good this seemed really awkward. He only just gets the Black Clover at the end of the episode and it give a the “5th leaf holds a demon” thing and then just ends. While it obviously is not a common practice it would’ve made more sense to do a double length episode like Re:Zero did so we could actually have the fight and see what Asta’s grimoire can do since merely not knowing something isn’t enough to keep people invested.

Overall its an ok episode but it could’ve been done better, I am not sure about the voice acting but since it fits the character I’ll ignore that problem for the time being. I will probably read the manga for now. Also the odd lack of any visuals during the credits music bugged me, gives the impression of an low budget despite how popular the manga supposedly is.

P.s. I will also be writing reviews for each chapter but now be making videos alongside them. I will also possibly delete and/or rework them into comparisons once the episodes come out unless the anime proves too annoying (but the story stays ok). Because of this it is likely they will be short-ish with no screenshots.

Manga Comparison

The episode only adapted the first chapter of the manga but while it was almost exactly the same I was shocked that not only did the manga show the power of Asta’s grimoire but he simply picked up the sword and slashed the guy like it was nothing (because it erased the guys magic plus its apparently heavy too) with only Yuno mentioning they compete to see who can become “Wizard King” first. In fact it was so little extra that I have worries that they may decide to stretch it out into an actual fight against the chain guy despite the fact that not that many episodes are going to be made.


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Being a new anime there is obviously no DVD’s though there are plenty of manga volumes for those that read them. Only buy what you are interested in!


Charity Shops And Videogames: Stupidity, Greed, Or Both?

[Feel free to suggest a better title, couldn’t really think of one other than that]

This post was something I had been thinking of doing for a long time, there are 2 charity shops that I used to like and every so often me and nan would go to one and we’d find something we like and buy it. I can’t buy games brand new so other than playing games through emulators (or recently getting Open PS2 Loader working on the PS2 to play backups) this is really the only way especially since like most people I prefer physical copies of games I like. However both shops have gotten absolutely terrible for me, although for professionalism (or whatever it is) I won’t give out the names or locations of the shops themselves.

The closest charity shops is amazing if you like books and movies with cd’s and dvd’s being a crazily cheap 8 for £1 while books are 4 for £1 (odd but still good), there’s sometimes some interesting looking things there too. I enjoyed finding games and got a whole bunch of Xbox games once (and since they were cheap I didn’t care I couldn’t play most of them). Although that was because they had very recently been handed in, this and the fact that it was usually rather empty made me wonder something so one time I went down there I asked if they had gotten any non PC games and I got the worst answer you could possibly get.

They don’t just check Ebay for prices of old games but I was told by one of the staff that this charity shop in particular actually puts the games up for sale there for the absolutely shitty prices you’d expect from people that know nothing about gaming. This had apparently included gamecube games, something that before I modded a Wii console was one of my main priorities (I still haven’t played any of the Metal Gear Solid games). At least their stupidity backfired on them a tiny bit as PC games can be found sometimes (even if they were almost all bad ones), I theorize its because the boxes usually say something like PC DVD and therefore are put with the other DVD’s without realising they aren’t movies. Either way despite being the closest (and one I can actually walk too) neither me or nan goes there much nowadays.

The second charity shop which is a short driveaway is and will always be Nans favorite to donate stuff too but recently its gone from the best of all the ones around here to the least worst. While they do have games they are incredibly strange prices with PC games being £1 each, PS2 games being £2 each and both Xbox and Xbox 360 games being £3 or more (because they can’t tell the difference between Xbox and Xbox One somehow…). I understand that some of the prices may only seem expensive to me and I’d be willing to fork over £5 if a game was good enough but its usually sports games and the other stuff people don’t want to play.

If you didn’t think that was bad though they get even more idiotic when it comes to hardware, on the rare occasion that a controller comes in they’ll very like ask for £4 or more for it no matter the condition either (otherwise I’d have a spare PS2 controller). There are even times when the hardware is extremely niche and you know it’d never get sold but there’s nothing you can do. One of the worst cases of absolute stupidity happened today though (at the time of writing).

I went into the shop with Nan after dropping some clothes off and immediately checked the tiny section (on a very thin shelf) dedicated to games and noticed a lot of games that could of been ok but not worth. One of these games was Eye Toy Play for £2 and while it may be terrible I was having a nostalgia moment and honestly would of loved to get it but I put it down as I lacked the camera. To my surprise though I spotted it on one of the tables and hoped it wouldn’t be expensive (as Nan looks after my money and I’d say the limit would be £5). However it didn’t have the price on it and when I asked the old woman at the counter pointed at the table at the PS2 stating it came with the console (which was £15).

If it was a decent console I still wouldn’t of got it (since I have a PS2 already) but I wouldn’t of been so annoyed by it (although I tried not to show it). The thing was the PS2 in question had absolutely no wires of controllers other than the Eye Toy Play and yet they wanted someone to buy it. They also didn’t understand when I told them that the camera was useless without the game which as you could guess they were trying to sell seperately from the whole lot. I ended up leaving the shop with nothing but anger and disappointment although luckily (in a way) Nan was also highly disappointed and has agreed to try somewhere else next time. CEX is out of the question since many PS2 games from there never worked for Adam but we’ve yet to buy anything from Cash Converters which while it may seem expensive had quite the assortment of games that were well worth the price.

Thanks for reading, I will be recording a vlog of this at some point but probably tomorrow.

Sonic Forces Theory: Is Infinite Tails? + More

I usually make the posts to accompany these videos on the same day but I was busy again. Once again sorry about the audio and the fact its 16 minutes long. Not sure why I apologise about that kind of length when some people expect you to watch entire streams hours long but I am trying to get views I guess.

Despite the thumbnail the above video isn’t just the Tails theory, it’s more of which I will go through here:

  1. What some other people believe(d).
  2. A Breakdown of the lyrics to Infinite’s Theme (talking about his reveal video too).
  3. The main part aka Is Infinite Tails?

When Infinite was first introduced and people had not looked into the trailer fully there was questions into why the 4 villains were on Eggmans (or Infinite’s) side especially characters like Shadow. That is when people started to question if what was said about Classic Sonic coming from another dimension was true or not, the idea being that with the exception of Metal Sonic the other 3 would of stayed under Eggman’s control if Sonic didn’t get in the way.

Also when Sonic Forces main theme with lyrics (posted above) was released aka Fist Bump sung by Douglas Robb from Hoobastank people wondered what it meant when it mentioned “One Last Fistbump” and seemed to think that a character was going to die which while possible with the game trying to be noticeably darker I believe it to be much simpler. The game is said to be the last game chronically (or maybe forever) for modern sonic so it might just be Modern Sonic  in a way saying goodbye to Classic Sonic (which actually annoys me as someone that liked the modern sonic games including ’06 <- Yeah I said it).

Next is the look at the lyrics, luckily since its not a video I can just link to the song in question above so I don’t need to list all the lyrics before talking about them. Starting with the fact the first 4 lines seem to reference the 4 villains: The tallest of mountains being Zavok from Sonic Lost World, The roughest of waves being Chaos from Sonic Adventure 1, The toughest of terrors likely being Metal Sonic and the darkest of days being Shadow (don’t quote me on this though). The fact he mentions that he is the last one standing suggests he is stronger than all 4 although he seemed to prove that in his reveal video where he easily sidesteps sonic and kicks him into a wall.

Not to mention it says “I’ve been up against better, just take a look at my face” although considering his apparent power with the ruby I feel it must of been before he was possessed by it. The fact that there are lines “‘Cause I was born in this pain, only hurts if you let it” cements the idea that he’s gone through a lot of shit if you consider ‘born’ to be when he decided to ditch their old name and refer to themselves as Infinite. In fact quite close to the end of the song there is “I can’t resist, because that’s what it takes to be Infinite” which means it is solely because of the Phantom Ruby that he has the power so its likely his true form will be revealed last minute after it is destroyed.

After that the song mentions “After all this time you’re back for more” which definitely suggests that Sonic knows him, the next line “I won’t stop until they know my name” also does although the fact that in his reveal video he sarcastically calls Sonic a “Little Blue Saviour” (notice the ‘little’) its unknown whether it was aimed at Modern Sonic who he was talking to or Classic Sonic (the latter would make more sense in the theory).

One of the most confusing parts of the song is the fact there is the line “So I’ll take what’s mine and start this war” followed later by the line “When the scars remain from the wars” which grabbed my attention because at first Sonic Forces seemed like the war but this suggests Infinite had already been in wars and perhaps already fought Sonic (or someone else) in different dimensions.

Without writing a bunch the rest it suggests that Sonic is living a lie in some way and also repeats “Its only me and you, who is going to save you now?” which seems a rather odd choice of lyrics suggesting that Infinite wants revenge with someone in particular (most likely Sonic).

You never know what really happened.

The main theory relies on two things, an uncertain outcome in one of the Sonic games and the fact it was referenced in Sonic Mania meaning it could become relevant in Forces. That game in question is Sonic 2 for the game gear, the reference being that Silver Sonic (an important boss in the game) appeared as a regular enemy in one of the boss fights in Mania. However the theory relies on what happens after you defeat him or more specifically defeat him with no emeralds.

Doing this means you don’t go to the final area and are instead treated to credits in which Sonic runs from day to night before looking up to the sky and seeing Tails (aka the above screenshot) with the assumption that he’s died but the truth is no one really knows and Tails has simply been abandoned for Eggman to do whatever he wants. Whether he would of lost an eye and a tail in this fight or if Eggman convinced him that Sonic abandoned him is unknown but it certainly is believable that he might of gotten desperate enough for the Phantom Ruby to react to him. There’s obviously the chance that its someone completely different but thats what I and most people believe (more so after I looked at the lyrics).

On top of that I was never much a fan of modern tails and the fact he was made into one of those magical geniuses that makes stuff out of basically nothing and was confusing for the sake of seeming clever. Making a chaos emerald mech/plane hybrid was crazy enough but at least that wasn’t when he seemed annoying about it. In fact I just think it’d be interesting to see at least a version of tails that was left in a situation where they couldn’t rely on Sonic anymore and felt abandoned enough to turn evil.

Overall I quite like it and despite how bad the video might of seemed I did put a lot of effort into continuously re-recording it so a share would be great. P.s. Some people are also joking that it might be a heavily transformed Big the Cat and honestly that would be so hilariously tragic I wouldn’t mind it to be true.

Made in Abyss Episode 2 Impressions and Manga Comparison

Like always watch or read it first before you read this as you’ll get 100% spoiled, although interestingly the bit in the first chapter where she shows off the relic she owns happens in the 2nd episode so I accidentally spoiled something in the previous impressions anyway. Really not a fan of when things are moved around that much.

Other than that the cuteness that the anime apparently tried to give you in places was thrown straight out the window with the explanation of going down into the abyss. Essentially climbing down into the abyss and even fighting the creatures was rather easy but some sort of curse stops you from climbing back up from the various layers going from mild dizziness all the way to losing your very humanity and death.



That wasn’t even the most surprising information though since immediately afterwards we learn Riko got creepily in depth with her tests which included probing the poor boy and even checking his penis (thank god this isn’t a hentai…). In fact the happy part of him becoming part of the orphanage (and therefore the classes) would’ve been quite happy if the animators didn’t decide to add in that bit where Riko is strung up naked afterall (not in focus thankfully).

In fact the strangest thing was everything that was missing from the first chapter was put into this one, I personally don’t get why they’ve been moving things around since it makes them hard to compare since you’ve already spoiled some of it anyway. It was still interesting either way plus I guess it worked better since one of the people that was mentioned came back so i guess they wanted to make it quicker.

What was weird was there was this whole thing about how cool Riko’s mother Lyza “the annihilator” (or exterminator, more sub problems…) was supposed to be but i was super distracted by the guy talking about it and his very inhumanly long and pointy nose. Also since it explains how white whistles can go as far down as they want you never know if she is dead or still down there somewhere.



There was also plenty of interesting information about Lyza and even Riko, with a surprise reveal that Riko’s glasses aren’t even because of poor eyesight but the curse of the abyss which means she gets headaches if not looking through special glasses because of a raid her mother was forced to go on to get the bell relic that was conveniently mentioned earlier in the episode. It was crazy, they even suggested that different teams fought and killed each other to get it so even the abyss and the creatures aren’t the only bad things climaxing in Lyza giving up on the bell to carry a special (mostly) curseproof relic thing to bring Riko home with the help of a single surviving fellow squad member (her father being dead).

There was also some weird little details I noticed like the fact of the hats some of the kids including Riko wore looked like it had ears and one of the people near the end of the episode hat a hat that looked like it had horns on the top. Probably nothing but considering going deep enough in the abyss can cause loss of humanity I have to wonder if Riko will eventually lose hers and if there are characters on the surface that already have. The main thing was though that Lyza had put together a bunch of information including what looked a lot like a different version of whatever Reg is and a message to beat her at the bottom of the netherworld (and yes, she didn’t call it abyss…).

Overall a great episode, a bit confusing seeing stuff in a different order than the manga with things I thought was missing appearing now but it went together well and I can see why they did it (other than including the strung up naked part, that should of stayed unadapted).

MANGA COMPARISON (Roughly Chapters 4 and 5)

Other than the stuff that I had already talked about in the last impressions post there wasn’t really anything different whatsoever other than the fact that when they look at the catalogue of relics you do get to see some of them and small descriptions of what they do. The character that lets them into the room to read the documents didn’t seem to be in the manga though which I thought was a little odd, a small change but a good idea in my opinion. Overall a good 2 chapters and still a bit better than the anime even though the latter fixes a few little things.


Made in Abyss (Anime) Episode 1 Impressions and Manga Comparison

Made in Abyss is a 2017 dark fantasy anime created by Kinema Citrus based on the original manga by Akahito Tskushi. The story follows Rico, an orphan and “Red Whistle” and Reg, a ‘robot’ boy Rico found, as they decide to travel into the titular Abyss to recover his memories and see the bottom with their own eyes. However they don’t yet know the harsh reality of the Abyss’ true existence. As always this is 100% spoileriffic, watch/read it first.



The artstyle used in the anime was obviously meant to look cute on purpose, however the name and setting had already gave me enough hints before I even noticed the tags a particular site gave it (dark fantasy, tragedy…). The music was quite good as well and fit perfectly into what was happening.

Probably because I knew that the story wasn’t going to be all happy like it claimed to be the first episode seemed like a hint at things to come. On top of having a huge creature just casually appearing one character is visually knocked out with blood and the main character almost had their arm broken on top of only just surviving because ‘Reg’ was there.

Even the part where they sneaked back into the orphanage without the director knowing hinted at dark things, the obvious being that all of their parents are very likely dead in the abyss somewhere and that they’re being trained as kids to go down looking for relics in a place seemingly filled with monsters. In fact the threat of being “Strung up naked” was thrown rather casually by said director which makes me question how if they are good or bad (the design is interesting though, so is the classroom).



In fact they very quickly hinted that ‘Reg’ was more than just a robot like Rico and the kids had thought which gave me a prediction something unfortunate was probably going to happen to him at some point in order to show it although probably not for quite a while they are on the surface (theres an image at the next episode part that suggests it goes down at least 4000 where she was at 600… not sure if metres or not). The look at the whole city (and the explanation with it) was quite nice, I wonder if the narrator will turn out to be a character or not (it sometimes happens).

Overall a very nice episode, definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next although obviously hoping it isn’t the stupid sort of tragedy where people are killed for the sake of doing it.


Interesting there is a chapter that almost entirely doesn’t appear in the first episode which includes things like going on about a relic she has to her friends making up names and uses for it watching bird like things fight in the house of a granny. Wasn’t sure why it was removed although there was one thing I was glad wasn’t adapted, to my surprise not only was the “strung up naked” part not even the punishment (its something worse apparently) but its also shows you a drawing of her strung up naked (with nothing showing thankfully considering she’s a little kid). The explanation of the abyss was in the first chapter too.

Even the second chapter was slightly different as Rico didn’t have a chance to run from the creature before being saved and there was a lot more tidbits of info as well which included revealing that the abyss goes at least 12000 metres with Red whistles only being allowed to go down to 450. Even stranger was the fact chapter 3 immediately starts with Reg’s electrifying wake up call meaning while the episode cut stuff out they still added stuff to it as well. In fact there was so much stuff that wasn’t in the 3rd episode the second you hit the 4th chapter that i feel it may be 2nd episode stuff even if he had not yet been named nor been shown a better look at the city of Oath.

Overall the manga does seem like it may be better than the anime other than the music because of all the interesting info but there are some things that seem incredibly wrong (like how she was drawn strung up naked).


Swizzels Drumstick Squashies (Sweets) Review

[Video Review is on YouTube here]

Swizzels Drumstick Squashies is a £1 bag of chewy sweets that have recently gotten my attention. Unlike the normal drumsticks, hard chews on a lolly stick, this seeks to give the same flavour in a much softer way. I could’ve gotten a different flavor but I felt it best to stick to the original Raspberry and Milk (especially since I guessed they’d have the same texture to milk bottles anyway).


A bad pic but can’t do any better


The packet is rather interesting, as you can see above the packet has what you’d expect from a Swizzels sweet (stripes, logo’s etc) but also has a window to see the sweets with the Squashies on the packet actually having shadows (they’re meant to look like they are jumping out of the window). The back of the packet reveals there is a refreshers variety of them and also different kind of squashies entirely for Love Hearts (although I’ve never seen them in shops).

Because of their name I decided to see just how squashy they were and they were very similar to the giant milk bottle sweets you can get (which was also a factor in why I chose the flavor I did). I found it amusing that they did try to retain their shape as long as you don’t put too much pressure on them of course.

Opening the packet floods you with the smell of them which took me by surprise, as someone that remembers the original being rather weak it was quite nice. However I thought it was just because it was a bunch of sweets in the bag that caused the smell, I had an even bigger (and better) surprise when I actually tasted one. While the milk side was exactly as I remembered the Raspberry side had some strength to it that lasts at least a good few seconds when chewing. That and the obvious fact they are easier to chew and won’t jam your teeth shut I immediately proclaimed these better than the original.

In other words if you like Swizzels sweets like Drumsticks or chewy stuff in general give this one a try. I actually bought this to cheer me up since I’m stuck with a bad ear infection and I’m glad I did.

You can find them on Amazon UK via the Amazon Prime Pantry but good luck finding a good price. Here is the link.

Blob – Escape From Lab-16B (Flash Game) Review

Blob – Escape From Lab-16B is a 2012 flash puzzle platformer on Kongregate by teamBlob where you must escape Lab-16B by splitting and merging the blob to solve puzzles.

The menu didn’t exactly look very good and the music was a bit repetitive which wasn’t a bad thing but I’m definitely used to better, what I really didn’t like though was the strange idea to not have clickable buttons (Space is new game, M is level select). The visuals weren’t very good in the levels either.


Can you work out how I failed?


The gameplay was very easy to get used to and in all honesty with 24 levels and not very many additions most levels really took time, in fact there is no locks on levels meaning you can go straight to the last level if you feel like it. This feels weird to me since it really defeats any grain of satisfaction you’d get from getting through the levels and “escaping”, it usually feels ok in most other puzzle games though.

There is also scoring system in the game although its not one that I feel motivated enough to get it, maybe because cycling between blobs seems to take long if you accidentally press the button again. I would’ve made some sort of visual indicator (other than a quick arrow) and then had each one assigned to a number but that’s just me.

Overall a game that like most flash games is rather disappointing, there is probably a better game with this concept out there somewhere. I always link to the games though so here you are

A Game About Game Literacy (Flash Game) Review

[Currently saving up for GameMaker bundle, only £2 to reach tier 3 (and get all the modules). If you’d like to help Donate £1/$1 via PayPal]

A Game About Game Literacy is a 2011 flash game on Kongregate by Damian Sommer which was made to “teach the player a couple simple to learn mechanics and then throw them into some extremely distilled metroidvanias”. In other words I can’t exactly review this as a game.



Most notable thing was probably how simplistic the graphics were at first and the repetitive (but ok) music although when it gets to the few ultra tiny metroidvanias like the above Tinytroid remixes of songs from popular a few popular metroidvanias are played (starting with the most obvious choice) but graphics stay the same. As for controls you only need WASD or the dpad with up being jump and down being a self destruct/restart level. The levels needed you to collect the powerups each time with things like run speed, jumping as well as keys under a time limit. The level pictured above is when the game starts to show off some puzzle elements by needing things to be collected in a certain order in order to be fast enough to win.

Despite how tiny the overall game is it does introduce a few other things before it ends, not a big fan of the rave level (and the end screen) although the dev was good enough to give a warning to anyone epileptic (I’m not but dislike bright lights) but it was quite good. Just a heads up for those that play it, you can jump after walking off a platform and its made like that on purpose.

Overall a very short review for a very short game but one you might as well have a look at. You can play it here. 

ASCIIvania (Flash Game) Review

[Currently saving up for GameMaker bundle, only £2 more to afford tier 3 (and get all the modules). If you’d like to help Donate £1/$1 via PayPal]

ASCIIvania is a very small 2012 flash metroidvania created by gharding3 on Kongregate, while it could be assumed that its just a generic metroidvania with ASCII graphics you actually play as a letter (which you collect more to let you switch) in order to match up with other lets to make ‘words’ (all the 2 letter combo’s work) with the white ones seemingly being temporary while the grey ones aren’t.

Getting into the game was kinda awkward with the simplest graphics ever and kinda annoying music (or practically nothing if you mute it), you writ a name and the first letter was what you started with. Nothing difficult as matching was self explanatory but I’m really not a fan of moving with the keyboard dpad, sadly this was unchangeable as the game needed all the letters because of the fact you likely collect and switch between all of them. In fact it matching letters seemed a bit weird too, you couldn’t match them from below (without a gravity powerup) which sort of makes sense but still looks odd.

And about said gravity powerup I seriously did not like how you couldn’t use it in the air, it made it feel horrible to use and added possible minutes to the short playtime that didn’t need to be there. When I finally won the game I didn’t feel any satisfaction in doing so, probably because there was no feeling of exploration to counterbalance the backtracking (not even the slightly amusing sentences).

Overall even though this probably won’t take forever it is not worth recommending, the game was just made too simplistic with a gimmick that honestly didn’t work (or at least get used to its potential). If you want to play it anyway though the link is

Amea (Flash Game) Review

Amea is a 2011 flash metroidvania horror on Kongregate by godlimations about a young girl with no memory awakening in the absence of reality on the path leading to the answers of her past (the description was weird).



The game didn’t actually have a menu screen and simply had the character wake up into a tutorial/opening credits combination. Graphics didn’t look that good and perhaps a little lazy to be honest, music was ok but not amazing as like most of them it looped a lot. Props for the game actually having some voice acting though even if its a little bad (the other flash metroidvania games I’ve played have been very simplistic and/or have no need for it). The game sure went dark fast, sure explains why the girl ‘lost’ her memory immediately.

Controls were easy to set up to a controllre with things like attack and block being interchangeable between A,S and D (kind of like the items that could be equipped in the N64 Legend of Zelda games) but seemed quite hard to use. Running seemed to hard to control, rolling seemed useless and quite a few times I found myself facing the opposite direction to one of the zombie things when trying to block them. There is also a menu with things like a map, inventory and equipment screens as well as a button to show your current objective. Another problem with controls is how difficult pulling off the jumping sword attack where you stab downwards because not only does it need precision but jump and attack is the shortcuts for what seems like some sort of grab attack.



Playing through some of it (I don’t know how long it is) it felt more like an annoying maze than a metroidvania because of the fact you never saw the full screen even in places where it seemed it should of been brighter. In fact it was incredibly disappointing that the fire spell couldn’t be used to negate some of the darkness (being the first one you get), even crazier though is while spells damage you without gloves its super easy to get level ups which lets you upgrade your 2nd (and passive) spell regen to max (Lv 10) letting you spam fireballs without bothering about your health.

I also think there is a glitch with the leveling system where not using skill points makes getting levels (and therefore more skill points) overly easy, I can’t confirm it but I did gain a level every time I beat a certain 3 enemies for around 10 levels and didn’t gain a level after I used the points up. That’s not even mentioning what seems like a big glitch where using the summon spell (which isn’t worth using by the way) in the most evil looking dungeon somehow makes you end up in the big bosses room without needing to be the sub boss to open the door. Also the plot twists are a little dumb.

At the end I defeated the last boss although the fact that it consisted of spamming the Lv 10 Fireball and healing my health once with some the potions I’d never need to use it wasn’t very satisfying. Not really sure I liked the ending either to be honest but I won’t spoil it.

Overall I cannot recommend the game, the graphics aren’t that good and the controls can be finicky. It seems hard because of bad reasons and is actually surprisingly easy and seemingly exploitable. But if you still want to try it