The far future of my blog

Every time I log into the dashboard I remind myself of how much of a mess my blog is, despite attempting to create some sort of page system it hasn’t been updated in quite some time and with slow internet plus an old laptop I haven’t gotten around to it either. I don’t think I’ll ever change the theme again since I’m currently happy with it but who knows.


Something I don’t really like is how seems WordPress takes one its most useful features hostage unless you can afford £20 a month aka Plugins. With how annoying and broken WordPress’ own comment section is (I can’t login with my account on other wordpress blogs for example) I’ve always been interested in Disqus since not only is it easier to log in and comment but I’ve noticed I get a lot more replies when commenting on sites that use it.


Most important thing though is to find a way to balance everything, not only do I need to balance the blog and my channel but I seem to be finding it difficult to balance the type of content as well. In fact I haven’t done any of those posts to go alongside my YouTube videos for a while either (the ones I did for most of my Golden Axe LetsPlay). Although as I mentioned before updating the menu system to make the old stuff easier to find would help.


If there was anything else then it’d probably be to find a better way to get people to visit my “Ways To Support Me” page (which needs a bit of updating) as it has a lot of different options which includes things like a Steam trading link in order to donate unwanted trading cards (I kinda want to get badges but they also get me around 3-4p each).


Anyway thats really it, just a kinda pointless post that I decided to write for seemingly no reason. Thanks to anyone that was bored enough to read it.


P.S. Vidme (that small video site) is definitely screwed so I’ll no longer be linking to videos there.

One Punch Man (Anime) Episode 2 Review and Manga Comparison

[Video version can be found on Vidme or YouTube]

Like always its best to watch the episode first as my reviews are more like 100% spoileriffic impressions. To quickly sum up the last episode it was obvious how many chapters were used due to being split up between 4 parts but they were all related to not only show why Saitama became a hero but also his thoughts and feelings like how he’s bored of being overpowered and wishes to have a real fight. It is also far better than the original manga adding in little things that give the temporary villains a little more personality than the original gave them (on top of the obvious thing of getting actual fights).



The episode starts both serious with the news broadcast but also comedic as it uses Saitams’s attempts to kill a single mosquito to break up the tension. As I mentioned before people would take the show too seriously if they didn’t. After all it doesn’t mind showing some freaky looking imagery like what happens to an idiotic burglar who didn’t listen to the warning.

As for the villain in this part it was a strange looking naked part insect woman that controlled the mosquitos in order to collect blood for herself. As cools as the idea is I couldn’t help but feel there was some sort of sexual innuendos e.g. when she tells her mosquitos what was translated to “Come here, little ones. Empty all your stored juices into me” accompanied by an unecessary closeup of her. It was obvious she’d seem strong (before the surprise powerup) because of how she acted.

As for the cyborg Genos if it wasn’t explained in the shows synopsis that he was important I would’ve been convinced that he was only used to make the villain seem stronger and that he’d be just as temporary as them.



The second part somehow manages to turn a quite tragic explanation of Genos’ past and why he became a Cyborg hilarious by Saitama’s reactions to it (as he’d said no). As for the villain it was quite the surprise how fast it went from a single rampaging one to a whole group (with the mosquito women apparently being one of them) although it was a little obvious that the leader wasn’t the one going to be fought.

As for the other people it really was just a show of how overpowered Saitama was, even though most villains kill loads of people you kinda wish his answer wasn’t to always make them pretty much blow up although having to fight a villain twice would bore people and it’d be strange for one to become good/ a supporting character.

Overall a good episode and it’ll be interesting to see who the No 1 member of the ‘House of Evolution’ is since they haven’t been killed yet.

MANGA (from chapter 5 to chapter 8)

Quite interestingly the manga goes quite differently than the anime does, it also made me realise that the speech from the beginning of the chapter had been sneaked into the previous episode. Instead of already having the TV on in the background as he waters his cactus he instead gives the speech and goes mental trying to kill that mosquito with the news broadcast afterwards. He also shows genuine surprise in the manga instead of merely acknowledging its coming to Z-ville and carrying on what he’s doing (which I feel fits his personality better). As for chapter 6 its almost the same except instead of blood splattering up a wall upon being hit she’s sent through the building and into the sky although sadly she still died.

As for the next 2 chapters you can really see how Genos’ speech annoyed Saitama when its stuffed into 2 large panels being multiple paragraphs long but other than that the only noticeable difference is the beast king (the humanoid lion guy) is made out to be more powerful actually attacking with Saitama retaliating using multiple really fast punches to make him explode.

Overall its once again obvious that the anime could do things that the manga couldn’t, by sneaking the speech into the last episode they could speed it up by getting to the news broadcast done faster and therefore had a bit more time for the action without taking anything away.

RE: Creators (Anime) Episode 4 Review

To quickly sum up the last episode it had quite a lot of talking as well as a brief intro to Alicetaria. First part focused on Mirokuji and the truth behind what characters were appearing and why they were chosen and the chance of revision. The 2nd part focused on said revision which failed while also having another look at Sota’s obvious drawing block. It also showed the military uniform princess at the last minute who name dropped Setsuna who is most obviously the girl that committed suicide at the start of the show. Remember while I call these ‘reviews’ its honestly more like impressions and are therefore 100% spoileriffic.


I know its 2 screenshots combined but it looks nice (I have it in 720p too btw).


This episode starts in such a strange way as you’d think it takes place around the same time as the 3rd did as it starts with Alicetaria still riding on her horse with Mamika (and only just introducing herself) but then it quickly switches to Meteora taking a trip to Titan Digitalsoft which makes you wonder what they were doing. As for Meteora’s trip it turns interesting as the person she was looking for was actually dead so in order to get his intentions she decided to play her own game as Marine explains to the viewer what happened. I feel they wouldn’t be able to do what they did if he was still alive, the music they used in the scenes was rather nice.

However anyone still holding on to the idea that this was an action focused anime would surely quit when they realize just how much talking she does this episode. I also found it a little sudden to go from talking about her thoughts about what her creator could be like to the destruction of the world (even if the military uniform princess had already hinted at it). I did like the idea that the world was trying to make itself make sense and was struggling to do so, after the characters in question shouldn’t even exist and their powers not only go against the rules of the world but they even conflict with the other story worlds as well.

After the perhaps dark conversation about the world being in danger we get an explanation of why she played her own game which was quite a strange concept of someone playing their own game they are in and seeing a version of themselves. I guess it was lucky that it was a genuinely good game (even if it makes sense since its popular), I can’t help but try to imagine her reaction if it was really glitchy or something though lol.



Its a good change of pace when they break up their seemingly sitting around with showing the characters get some food (like always lmao) and have genuinely real and amusing interactions with eachother while the conversations carry on, this time about the true intentions of the military uniform princess like the fact that she obviously isn’t crazy. Something that was immediately proven when she effectively tricks Alicetaria in to doing what she wants because of how Alicetaria’s description must be solely based on Justice making her seem rather idiotic (the fact she’s the blonde character out of all of them is surely a coincidence lol).

They even go out of the way to show that the people on the military uniform princess’ aren’t exactly evil with quite a cute interaction between Alicetaria and Mamika (who amusingly bought her own branded products). Plus at this point in time there is the older character with near to no information about them (other than the fact he likes wine and has a daughter).

Just like in the other episodes there is the sudden appearance of another character and almost as if on purpose due to the discussion throughout the episode it had to be the one with the huge robot (who amusingly was eating food in the creators home). It did make you question how powerful the military uniform princess was as she could of easily sent Selesia over in her robot if she felt like it instead of whatever she did to it.

Overall though it was quite a nice episode, its obvious by this point this anime definitely isn’t focusing on the action although I feel any fights should be completely worth waiting for.


One Punch Man (Anime) Episode 1 Review and Manga Comparison

[A video version can be found on Vidme or YouTube]

One Punch man is an action/comedy anime produced by Madhouse based on the

original manga by Yusuke Murata (which is in turn a remake of a web comic

made by “ONE”). The plot follows an unimpressive looking Saitama who in an

effort to become a hero trained for 3 years losing all his hair in the

process but gaining insane strength to defeat anyone with a single punch.

He starts to get bored but it all changes when Genos arrives and they

eventually join the Hero Association (quite a lot in the synopsis there).

Like always watch it first before reading this since this is 100%



Wasn’t a big fan of the opening but something tells me that I’ll probably

start liking it after a while, it definitely fits the theme of the show to

be honest.



The anime starts off rather strong with an attack happening immediately

from what could be thought of as a ripoff of Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z (I

don’t really care but thats what people keep saying lol). It had everything

places getting destroyed, heroes already defeated and even the good old

unfortunate news reporter. You could tell it was done on purpose since it

made Saitama’s odd appearance stand out a lot and it was amusing how the

creature got angry about him just being a hero for fun. That was the whole

idea of the show to be honest, in a mere 3 minutes they had built up what

would of been an insanely huge battle in any other story but Saitama ended

it immediately. ‘Comedy’ or not its interesting to see a character that

doesn’t like being overpowered.


After the opening it goes into a flashback of just before Saitama started

his training and while he looks completely normal its when everything else

starts getting strange with the immediate appearance of Crablante, a

villain that (according to him) transformed into a half human half crab

form from eating tonnes of seafood (and he also wears what looks like a

giant diaper). Knowing how powerful Saitama will become its interesting to

note he only lived because of what seemed like hardcore depression from not

having a job. If the appearance of the kid with the huge double chin said

anything is that the story doesn’t want to be taken seriously and will go

out of its way to weird (in a slightly amusing way).



The second half introduced yet another enemy that Saitama would eventually

fight and with how this had been the third one in the first episode all

taking place at different times with the latter two being loosely connected

I couldn’t help but wonder how the original webcomic is like (since they

are usually shorter than manga chapters). Something else that started

becoming noticeable though is that most villains were given interesting

backstories despite not lasting very long at all, in fact you had to feel a

little bit sorry for the brother of the mad scientist for being turned into

that giant muscley thing (although he did kill a lot of people apparently).


In fact altogether there are 4 enemies with the last being very over the

top (in a good way). It was a bit too obvious that it was a dream before it

gets revealed though ,there wouldn’t be much left to save if 70% of the

earths population legitly died and the way they spoke hinted that no one

else could fight them which you could guess is untrue considering the

opening shows quite a few strong looking characters including an obviously

psychic one.


Overall a nice episode, I do have to wonder if the other episodes will be

broken up into segments as well. At least the plot is rather easy to follow

and you got a pretty good idea of what Saitama is like without the need for

loads of talking. There is also a small sequence after the credits that

gives a glimpse of Genos who is the cyborg mentioned in the shows synopsis,

very strange how they decided to have the announcement for the next episode

voiced by Crablante.


Exactly like I had guessed this episode covers 4 chapters of the manga,

aside from obviously being faster paced like most manga’s are compared to

anime it seems the anime version was quite well adapted as most of the

panels were instantly recognisable. In fact while the manga apparently

extends the original (and poorly drawn) webcomic the anime seems to extend

the anime. For example the manga didn’t hint at Crablante having killed

people and the ‘steroid’ solution was already finished and drunk without

question at the start of the 3rd chapter. In fact after reading all 4

chapters I can safely say that the anime far surpasses the original manga,

not even because of the obvious stuff like sound and color but its far more

fleshed out and fight’s seem much more like fights.


While both the manga and blu-ray can be found on both Amazon UK and Amazon US I personally think the blu-ray is super expensive (although I’ve never seen a movie via blu-ray so I don’t really know).

RE Creators (Anime) Episode 3 Review

Although I advise watching the episode first I still summarise the last episode. Episode 2 had a lot of talking in it by Meteora which might of annoyed some people but it was part of her character and ignorable and they eventually go to see Selesia’s creators which turns into an introduction to Mamika with a short fight and a sudden appeared of Yuya (I mentioned some stuff about him in the last part).



The start of this episode was honestly quite a surprise, just as sudden as Mirokuji had appeared in the previous episodes a knight looking woman on a flying horse called Alicetaria suddenly swoops in and grabs Mamika. What I found rather amusing is just how much characters seem to eat in this show although Meteora did hint that info here is multilayered compared to the game she was from (since in games food items are all the same). There we got to learn about Mirokuji’s thoughts after finding out about the real world, the chance of revisions to characters and why they were chosen.

It was quite an interesting discussion that gave a clue into the truth behind characters that were appearing, it wasn’t just random ones but whatever was popular (which is why it showed some of the things you saw in the first episode again like the posters) and while it wasn’t mentioned by them it was only stuff popular in the fictional japan too.



With that part over it changes scenery only for more talking to happen and while it was interesting with them also meeting Selesia’s artist and trying out some revision which ultimately fails but we also get a hint at how you’d get it to work (which would obviously be used in a later episode. I noticed it also hinted at Sota having a drawing block but still being interested in it and he even gets a pep talk from Selesia (which doubles as lore as its apparently a quote from a character from the anime she’s from).

Before the final part I would’ve found it cool if Sota drew the military uniform princess but it was strongly hinted at that it was just Setsuna, the girl you see jump in front of a train in the first episode, that created her since Sota is merely referred to as “part of the world that banished you” (‘you’ referring to Setsuna). This did disappoint me a little bit but it didn’t damage my overall opinion on the show so far.

Overall its a decent episode with a lot of things explained or hinted at, however while I enjoyed it I can tell that some people won’t as many assumed it’d be an action oriented show. I personally am waiting to see if Sota turns out to have an interesting backstory (and not just Setsuna’s former friend).


Amazon UK and Amazon US both have them digitally for Prime members (US has some probably shitty t-shirts too)

RE: Creators (Anime) Episode 2 Review

[Video Version can be found on Vidme and YouTube]

Essentially in the first episode we are introduced to Sota who after somehow getting pulled into a fictional world for a bit meets both Selesia (the swordswoman and character from said world) and ‘Military Uniform Princess’ (the unknown character that has the power to make other fictional characters appear). There’s also that suicide to think about and the fact said military princess recognises Sota. P.S. I recommend watching the episode first to avoid spoilers.



It seems the main focus of the first part of the episode is to give a proper introduction to Meteora who appeared quite close to the end of the last episode. It reveals that she is an NPC from a video game who seemingly gives information to the player before the final part/boss which explains her habit of talking a lot. Her very cheating magic book that lets her learn stuff super easy was quite cool.

In fact she gives a huge speech about herself and hypotheses which would probably bore some people but at least the animators put in the effort to change the locations after a bit and have a fun little journey around the area Sota lives in. I’m honestly a bit too dumb to keep up with absolutely everything she was saying but from what I could tell is that once a story is created they become separate worlds but the military uniform princess managed to escape hers and cause the worlds to collide. I always like learning things when watching stuff and the vague hint at the military princess’ goal definitely helped pull me in.



After the talks of worlds and hypotheses it gets to finding Selesia’s creator (and a bit about Sota being an artist) and it was quite interesting how it was pulled off even if you could probably guess it. What surprised me though was the sudden but not out of place introduction of Mamika, the magical girl of the anime who acts like you’d expect but the reaction when the things that worked in her world backfired immensely was so interesting to watch and kinda satisfying too. After all that’s what interested me in the concept, characters from various different fictions clashing together with over the top (and very simple) personalities that you’d only seen in said stories.

It technically couldn’t be called much of a fight but it was still quite awesome and just like the previous episode another fictional character appeared quite near the end but just like earlier it made sense if you think about the context. They sure know how to interest you since said character (aka Mirokuji Yuya from Exclusive Underground) isn’t a 100% good guy like the other 3 but the main characters rival who has quite cool powers like a wooden sword I believe made from a sacred tree and some sort of spirit that fights along side him (some people it reminds them of Persona but I’ve never played those games).

Overall its quite a nice episode, its obvious that some people will be bored of it without getting to the cool part but this is obviously a build up to something more and there are still characters to introduce if you watch the opening (which I usually don’t do but I like the music in this anime).


Amazon UK and Amazon US both have them digitally for Prime members (US has some probably shitty t-shirts too)

RE: Creators (Anime) Episode 1 Review

[Video Review can be found on Vidme, YouTube and now DailyMotion]

Re: Creators is an 2017 action anime by studio Troyca and one not adapted from a manga (but instead having adaption starting only a few months before the debut of the anime counterpart. The plot consists of a world where various characters from fictional manga, anime and videogames are appearing in the real world and a normal high school student (Sota Mizushino) that gets caught up in it.

Like a lot of stories though you can tell the plot is trying to sound bigger than the limited cast would allow.

Not really sure what to think of the beginning, seeing all the ads and stuff for various characters that appear in the anime was quite cool although the part with the mystery girl sure was strange and almost like a cliffhanger did make you wonder if it’d be explained at some point. Although you can’t help but worry when the character that the story follows a lot thinks of themselves merely as a narrator almost as if the writers know its a character they shouldn’t really get that interested in or something although the anime was quite good at showing various things about him without having to narrate it (although there was a few points where they had characters do it).

In fact the next scene has Sota temporarily pulled into a story instead of the other way round because of ‘the military uniform princess’ (what characters call her) and as cool as the short ‘fight’ is with the graphics and music you did feel like perhaps it would be a one-off even if there would obviously be other fights too. I couldn’t help but feel that themilitary uniform princess was a character written by a newbie because of how overpowered and cool her powers seemed at first glance. They did well to ease the tension in the next scene though, whether that be so the first episodes not give off the wrong impressions is a mystery but it was quite nice.

The first episode was rather action packed but its the sort of thing where you know it wouldn’t actually be the main focus especially with all the mystery it was trying to build up like the suicidal girl and the military princess’ surprise to see Sota. It was quite surprising realizing while watching the episode that Sota’s claim to not be the main character seemed quite real with it obviously ignoring him while any action happened. I didn’t hate him but you could tell a lot of other people probably would. Its just something felt a bit dangerous if you put all your hope in the idea that the action would hold up like in this episode.

In fact the end where he has both Selesia and Meteora in his bedroom (both female characters) was enough to set off a red flag in my mind as there was still other female characters and it looked almost like what a harem would do. If you watch past the credits it even gives you a look into Meteora’s nature and from that alone you can tell people will probably find her annoying (even if she fits her character description).

Overall though it was an interesting episode and I personally enjoyed it, I probably looked way too far into it with the action sequences but that’s only from personal experience from other shows that have done this.


Amazon UK and Amazon US both have them digitally for Prime members (US has some probably shitty t-shirts too)

I’ll be testing out Vodcasting on Twitch soon!

You probably thought I’d never mention Twitch considering my ancient laptop and almost non existent upload speed but then I heard about Vodcasting. It essentially lets you upload videos but almost like a TV channel have them played at certain times with the chat active where you can engage with an audience without having them distracting you from anything since it’ll already be done. While its not really interactive like normal streaming it definitely has its perks.

Biggest one being that I can use it and I will be uploading a Golden Axe LetsPlay to it as I write this, I haven’t come up with how often this LetsPlay will run and at what times but I’m sure I’ll sort that out and its nice knowing that an account that is at least slightly old will get some use.

That’s really it to be honest, the reason I am doing this is because Vidme on its own seems like its a bit too self restricting and I’ll also try to run the YouTube channel too. One day I’ll work out how to actually get content for this blog done on top of that but I’ll wait until I’ve got better equipment. Thanks for reading.

A Silent Voice (Anime/Movie) Review

[I also have a Video review here.]

A Silent Voice is a 2017 anime drama written by Reiko Yoshida and directed by Naoko Yamada. The story revolves mainly around Shoya Ishida who after bullying Shoko Nishimiya, the new girl in class who is also deaf, until she leaves before being subjected to bullying himself which eventually results in Shoya deciding he must meet Shoko again and atone for his sins.
Note this review lightly explains what happens but in a way where the movie is still worth watching.
A Silent Voice Anime Movie Title
The movie starts off quite interesting, instead of going straight into the part of the movie where the two are younger it shows the older Shoya seemingly traveling around and what even seems like thoughts of suicide, it was a nice introduction to the artstyle as well plus the ambient sound (or music?) really fit into the mood despite not much happening.
The sudden switch to the old english music used in the intro credits was really odd though I did get used to it quickly as it was essentially to show you how him and his friends were like before the events of the movie which is seemingly a more powerful message if you’ve seen the trailer or even the description as you know in advance that he’ll screw it up.
I was surprised at how fast it introduced the characters and what happened, Shoya was already introduced in the intro credits while Shoko had an interesting scene with strange ‘music’ with barely any notes that just somehow worked. Despite the viewer only saw a few example’s of Shoya bullying Shoko (with it being over the course of 5 months story-wise) it didn’t feel rushed. It was also still enough that his inevitable betrayal and bullying was, at first, rather satisfying especially because of how innocent Shoko was and her failed attempts to become friends. Although the bigger surprise was yet to come.


A Silent Voice - Young Shoya and Shoko.
The way it skipped straight to an older Shoya meeting Shoko again made it seem like it’d just jump straight into the romance with them not even showing him learning sign language but simply (and honestly effectively) hinting at it at the start of the scene. As rushed as it felt at first it was nice seeing Shoya repeating the same sign language that Shoko herself had previously tried.
However it suddenly got much darker than expected and the results of Shoya’s bullying was revealed as he walks through the school hallway, the way it focused on him with the blurring and X’s on people’s coupled with the choice of music was amazing. The way the scene ends with him covering his ears is an incredibly powerful message seemingly enhanced by certain things about the plot and really needs to be seen to be appreciated. From then on you just can’t hate on him anymore and actively hope it gets better soon. That’s not even including a certain scene which mentions suicide and the rather depressing explanation of the ripped calendar shown at the very start of the movie.
It does start getting better for him as you’d expect and in quite a clever way too, after showing a few failed attempts to see Shoko there’s a seemingly unrelated scene of random kindness which pays off in a way I didn’t see coming, I can’t explain how emotional it was when Shoya realises that he made a friend and the X falls off and slowly floats to the ground like a plaster or something. This became a chain reaction and it seemed to be going up with him the emphasis being on meeting some of the characters from the old school.


A Silent Voice - Older Shoya and Shoko
I personally liked how it was done, none of it felt too coincidental or too happy and it knew when to tone it down a little. After all not all reunions are good ones and after certain events someone even gains an X on their face. Its to be expected that it’d start going downhill again but once again in quite a good way, you honestly can’t hate on Shoya for what he said which temporarily ruined most of his friendships (except with Shoko and her sister) because you can imagine its something that’d been on his mind for quite a while. Although after some semi happy moments something totally unexpected happened and honestly it could of gone anywhere from there and made it a bittersweet ending if they had wanted to.
Luckily the outcome of the event is far better than expected (it could of gone extremely dark) with a scene between the two and eventually meeting up with his friends. However if it ended just there, we also get to see him finally take away his hands from his ears (not literally but thats what it shows) and all of a sudden the X’s fall off everyones faces at once. The feels in that scene are so powerful even Shoya starts crying and I swear the music is more complex (and has been getting more complex throughout the movie).
Overall I can definitely recommend it to anyone that likes anime drama’s and if it does get a dub I’d recommend it to more people. If I were to say there’s a message to this movie it’d be to treat people nicely considering how much his life was screwed over for bullying someone compared to the events that unfolded due to the random act of kindness.
P.S. Do note I forgot to save this the first time and had to rewrite from memory so it may be a little worse than I’d want it to be.

Amazon UK Digital rent is £4.50, Digital buy is £10, DVD is £18 and Blu-ray is £20 (not including P&P):

Currently not available on Amazon US.

Castlevania (NES) Review and Multi-Comparison

The Main Review

Castlevania (or Akumajou Dracula aka Devil’s Castle Dracula in Japan) is a 1986 action platformer for the NES developed and published by Konami. The plot takes place back in 1691 where Simon must enter Dracula’s castle and eventually defeat him causing its collapse.


Title screen is quite nice with the huge logo and the animated bat including the grey parts which is meant to make the screen look like part of a old film strip. Not really a fan of the large Konami logo to be honest but I heard its actually part of anti-piracy which gets triggered if someone tries to change it. Quite strange just how often it shows demo play and what levels its willing to show (including a small bit of stage 12 which is 2/3 through the game).
Nice how it starts with a small cutscene that shows you Simon entering the castle yard with silhouette of said castle in the background.


Getting into the game the graphics are alright and the soundtrack is quite memorable but the action does keep you a little distracted from it. The controls were easy to get used to although some people may get put off by how weak your whip looks and especially how it only hits in one direction like most old games (something that got vastly improved throughout the series). Luckily the upgrades are easy to find inside candles which can also hold a variety of other things including subweapons like knives, axes, holy water, stopwatch’s and the awesome boomerang like cross as well as the hearts that power them. You can also find a pendant looking item that clears the screen of enemies (which to my amusement can be hacked to be used as a 5 heart subweapon) as well as the occasional money bags that give you points.
If there was something that people that played this game hated it’d be the knockback, there’s a lot of instant death pits and when you get hit you always seem to gravitate towards them although I personally didn’t find them as annoying as they are portrayed. There seems to be a trick to infinitely respawning enemies like medusa heads which go across the screen but I kinda just lucked out with them.


Something that I quite liked is the secrets, not only could you find things in candles but some of the blocks could actually be destroyed too which revealed things like cooked meat which gave you health and these odd numbered items that let you throw more than 1 of your current sub-weapon (up to 3). There’s even secret money bags which aren’t as simple to find, in the case of the 2nd screenshot you need to break the block and then seemingly whip to the left which spawns a 1000 point money bag.
Other than the money bags (which can be useful considering you earn 1up’s starting at 80,000 points) you definitely need health and the ability to throw more subweapons to beat the various bosses which all feel different despite being mostly simplistic, I really liked how said bosses did not have invincibility frames meaning its easy to combo the subweapon (especially the cross) with the whip in order to take them down quickly and feel like a badass. Except Dracula himself of course who like most bosses had a second form and kicked my ass quite a few times before I eventually won which was satisfying. The silly credits using made up names was quite an amusing reward.
Overall its still quite an enjoyable game despite controls, length and variety that pale in comparison to some of the later entries in the series. However the game does start over in a hard mode once you win the first time so hardcore gamers can still get a lot out of the game if they somehow beat Dracula really easily.


How do Ports compare?

Ignoring platforms that are literally the same thing (like the Nintendo Vs system) the original Castlevania wasn’t ported to much so I can only compare to Commodore 64 and DOS which were both done by different groups of the same company (USI aka Unlimited Software Inc).
Microsoft DOS


Loading up the game the graphics are kinda recognizable but the music was a really annoying rendition that I kinda wish they just didn’t have at all. Sadly it was even worse in the game itself with every thing that got hit completely drowning out the terrible music with an even more annoying and repetitive noise, some of the colors were quite odd as well. Despite seemingly being fully playable it was a chore just to get to and defeat the first boss despite difficulty-wise being quite simple.
The only saving factors of it was that you were so much faster going up steps and the fact that the developers did actually program the secret money bags in (so its not like it was a no effort conversion or anything). Perhaps with some (pointless) modding it’d be alright but it doesn’t stand up to the original.
Commodore 64


The Commodore 64 version seemed different in some areas compared to the above one since they’re converted by different people, title had no music but was amused by some random stuff like putting Alan on the gravestone on the black and white picture that pops up (the programmer for this version) and calling the leaderboards Dracula’s Hall of Blame (instead of Fame). As for gameplay it is a surprisingly good conversion in most places despite enemies looking a bit weird (and being seemingly faster while you seem a bit slower) plus the music was quite decent too although it had its obvious flaws.
The biggest flaws was the fact up was now jump as well as climbing stairs making it a bit awkward to start climbing and you also seem to go slower up them. There’s also the fact that the screen clearing pendant is a huge epilepsy risk since the black including the huge border around the game flashing white multiple times was horrible enough to even hurt my eyes. Also kinda sad that they seemingly didn’t program in the secret money bags. Overall a good conversion although not on par with the original, easily the best of the two USI conversions though.


Thanks for reading, remember that you can always suggest other games to play but do note stuff like this takes longer than you’d think (other than me being busy with other stuff).