Blob – Escape From Lab-16B (Flash Game) Review

Blob – Escape From Lab-16B is a 2012 flash puzzle platformer on Kongregate by teamBlob where you must escape Lab-16B by splitting and merging the blob to solve puzzles.

The menu didn’t exactly look very good and the music was a bit repetitive which wasn’t a bad thing but I’m definitely used to better, what I really didn’t like though was the strange idea to not have clickable buttons (Space is new game, M is level select). The visuals weren’t very good in the levels either.


Can you work out how I failed?


The gameplay was very easy to get used to and in all honesty with 24 levels and not very many additions most levels really took time, in fact there is no locks on levels meaning you can go straight to the last level if you feel like it. This feels weird to me since it really defeats any grain of satisfaction you’d get from getting through the levels and “escaping”, it usually feels ok in most other puzzle games though.

There is also scoring system in the game although its not one that I feel motivated enough to get it, maybe because cycling between blobs seems to take long if you accidentally press the button again. I would’ve made some sort of visual indicator (other than a quick arrow) and then had each one assigned to a number but that’s just me.

Overall a game that like most flash games is rather disappointing, there is probably a better game with this concept out there somewhere. I always link to the games though so here you are


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