A Game About Game Literacy (Flash Game) Review

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A Game About Game Literacy is a 2011 flash game on Kongregate by Damian Sommer which was made to “teach the player a couple simple to learn mechanics and then throw them into some extremely distilled metroidvanias”. In other words I can’t exactly review this as a game.



Most notable thing was probably how simplistic the graphics were at first and the repetitive (but ok) music although when it gets to the few ultra tiny metroidvanias like the above Tinytroid remixes of songs from popular a few popular metroidvanias are played (starting with the most obvious choice) but graphics stay the same. As for controls you only need WASD or the dpad with up being jump and down being a self destruct/restart level. The levels needed you to collect the powerups each time with things like run speed, jumping as well as keys under a time limit. The level pictured above is when the game starts to show off some puzzle elements by needing things to be collected in a certain order in order to be fast enough to win.

Despite how tiny the overall game is it does introduce a few other things before it ends, not a big fan of the rave level (and the end screen) although the dev was good enough to give a warning to anyone epileptic (I’m not but dislike bright lights) but it was quite good. Just a heads up for those that play it, you can jump after walking off a platform and its made like that on purpose.

Overall a very short review for a very short game but one you might as well have a look at. You can play it here. 


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