ASCIIvania (Flash Game) Review

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ASCIIvania is a very small 2012 flash metroidvania created by gharding3 on Kongregate, while it could be assumed that its just a generic metroidvania with ASCII graphics you actually play as a letter (which you collect more to let you switch) in order to match up with other lets to make ‘words’ (all the 2 letter combo’s work) with the white ones seemingly being temporary while the grey ones aren’t.

Getting into the game was kinda awkward with the simplest graphics ever and kinda annoying music (or practically nothing if you mute it), you writ a name and the first letter was what you started with. Nothing difficult as matching was self explanatory but I’m really not a fan of moving with the keyboard dpad, sadly this was unchangeable as the game needed all the letters because of the fact you likely collect and switch between all of them. In fact it matching letters seemed a bit weird too, you couldn’t match them from below (without a gravity powerup) which sort of makes sense but still looks odd.

And about said gravity powerup I seriously did not like how you couldn’t use it in the air, it made it feel horrible to use and added possible minutes to the short playtime that didn’t need to be there. When I finally won the game I didn’t feel any satisfaction in doing so, probably because there was no feeling of exploration to counterbalance the backtracking (not even the slightly amusing sentences).

Overall even though this probably won’t take forever it is not worth recommending, the game was just made too simplistic with a gimmick that honestly didn’t work (or at least get used to its potential). If you want to play it anyway though the link is


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