Saving Up For GameMaker Bundle? | Extreme Burger Defense (PC Game)

If you haven’t already seen the below (terribly recorded) video I am thinking of saving up for the GameMaker Bundle on Humble Bundle. As someone that has followed and been followed by a decent amount of indie devs on Twitter I’ve always been curious about it even if I personally feel I will never get anything done. I’ll explain more below.

The bundle has 3 tiers, the first and cheapest offering GameMaker Studio with the 2nd ($10.90/£8.24 atm) offering the module to export to HTML and the 3rd Tier ($15/£11.34) to get the export modules for Windows 10 (PC only), Android and iOS. There are also a few games, source codes (to said games) and soundtracks to go along with them.

The reason I put together the video is because if I were to spend my PayPal money on this it’d be best to get the 3rd tier because of how Humble Bundle works however at this point in time I only have £8.57 (near $11 I believe) on my PayPal account.

I’m not trying to e-beg, while an older version of game maker seemed to run on my laptop (I tested it just in case) its not entirely certain this version would plus it does still have 12 days to go at the time of writing this as well. Plus you wouldn’t be getting anything out of it either as I probably won’t release any games.

However if you do want to throw me £1/$1 then my PayPal link is here.

Also said Humble Bundle is here if you want to look at it yourself.


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