Box Life (Unity Web Game) Review

Box Life is a 2012 3D first person flash metroidvania on Kongregate by tequibo. The goal is to collect abilities and 4 things (?) to escape from the box, also trying to find the 6 secrets along the way. Interestingly the developer does offer a downloadable version as well with customizable controls (but I’m fine with default). Note I skipped the very boring looking title screen as there’s not much to talk about.

Graphics were simplistic but nice (they’d have to be for a Unity game to run on my laptop lol) however there was no music. Controls were easy and the menu had both mouse sensitivity and invert options as well as sound and even fullscreen.


Yep took a screenshot of the most pointless thing there.


Controls were simple enough, I played with the keyboard for a little bit but thanks to the fact the game locked the mouse to it (and hid it) I could still use a PS3 controller via Xpadder. Looking around it seemed the game would be very tiny with the most time spent looking for the secrets (without looking at the inevitable guide likely in the top comments of Kongregate).

I was surprised at what abilities were on offer and I did most of it rather quickly, mostly because I thought the lack of music would make it boring but it was still rather relaxing either way after playing some of the other games and I’m a big fan of finding secrets and stuff.They were quite easy to find once you realised something though.

Overall a very tiny game but its something to play if you’re bored. Here is the link


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