Level Up (Flash Game) Review

Level Up is a 2009 Flash Platformer on Kongregate (originally newgrounds)

by Duncan Saunders (programming?), Keith Evans (script?), TripleFox (music)

and Michael M (video?). According to the description it is a sandbox

platformer/rpg (inspired by another game known as Upgrade Complete) where

literally everything gives you exp including talking, taking damage and

doing absolutely nothing.


However it does boast some difficulty as every ingame night has the chance

to reset you back to Lv 1.



The game starts of rather strange, the art isn’t that good but being a

flash game made by a small group I can look past that, the music was quite

nice though. It was amusing how they used levels as part of a story that

started immediately with a npc with memory loss stating that his jump

ability got reset to Lv 0. In fact it really interested me how it worked,

leveling up by doing nothing sounds dumb but in fact it actually gets you

some extra idle animations although the fact you have to purposely get hit

by enemies to add them to the codex was rather strange.


Other than that it worked rather well and it was an interesting idea with

getting a higher jump merely meaning jumping a load of times. It definitely

seemed like something that could be rather relaxing as you gain levels and

get better which even included a relationship level with the boy npc.

Although the game actually had ingame days and something made to stop it

being too short/easy.



Every time the ingame hit 6pm (which was faster as you lose time whenever

you die) you are pitted against a shadowy figure with a sword with loads of

text in the background, the idea being you have to survive against them to

keep your levels but it gains levels quickly for stupidly dangerous stuff

like slashing and magic making the first day purposely impossible. Also

every day your Sleep level gets upgraded giving you a little longer to get

levels. The trick to beating them is to get them to hit themselves with

their boulder attack which makes shadow gems fall out which you collect to

make the health bar go down, its quite easy very quickly and thats not even

exploiting dashing into the wall to purposely stun yourself giving yourself

invincibility frames.


The game is incredibly short but satisfactory with each thing capping out

at a mere level 5 with maxing them out being the main objective but there

are also NPC’s dotted around the map you can talk to. While some were

useless there were a few that gave skills which are based on the 5 basic

ones like a double jump and regeneration, on top of that the game had

ingame ‘medals’ if you felt like a completionist which included getting all

the gems, being hit by everything (including lava which you can eventually

‘evade’) and talking to all the NPC’s.



Sadly the end wasn’t all that great, its not like the reveal was terrible

or anything Basically (and major spoilers ahead) you were after a deities

power who happens to be the amnesiac guy and the shadow person in your

dreams is essentially part of you angry that you failed to get it and had

your memory wiped with it ending with both her and the guy clashing swords.

That doesn’t seem bad by itself but the admittedly bad cutscene art doesn’t

fit the serious tone at all and really ruins it.


Although I guess the worst thing was that it was a cliffhanger and promised

a game that never happened even going so far to give a small demo of it

(name ‘Gather Up’) to those that got 100%. Not that I wanted that game,

they tried to automate too much like jumping and aiming with the gun that

it didn’t feel very fun at all and dodging by doing a backflip with up just

seemed idiotic.


Overall its a nice short game that is somewhat downgraded a little bit by

its ending, if you like tiny free platformers though then check it out. It

can be found here http://www.kongregate.com/games/Titch/level-up


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