Editing Newbie | Megaman 1 (NES) LetsPlay Part 2

I ended up writing this quite a while after uploading  the video which wasn’t intentional just I was still tired and I went back to bed. Nothing that special about this part, the title referencing the fact I couldn’t do what I planned to do while editing.

First things first as stated at the very beginning of the video, I recorded this at the same time as the other part so any slowdown will still be there (although only 1 person actually noticed so far). I also talk briefly about how a younger cousin came around uninvited and let themselves in ruining the previous recording attempt as the dogs started going mental.

Other than that though there wasn’t really a theme to this episode, just mentioning a few random things now and then as they became relevant like:

  • I don’t like using a turbo button as I feel as I press the button at an ok speed anyway.
  • For a robot it feels strange that Megaman can’t get off ladders in any way until he reaches the top.
  • You don’t need to shoot everything, feels odd saying that considering I’m a fan of going on huge killing sprees in games.
  • Enemies that are higher than you are easier to kill as you can usually do small jumps and get them in the feet, well timed shots also work for the things on the ceilings in levels too.

I also wasted my time and health getting a 1-up which I felt was idiotic watching myself back but since it showed something rather mysterious, aka the enemy reappearing on the side of the screen for a single frame it didn’t seem so bad.

The worst thing was how I wanted to make an enemy countdown of the last 8 enemies (excluding the boss) to counter the fact there wasn’t really many places to put text or many reasons to but couldn’t find a way to that wouldn’t be painfully complex.

At least Fireman’s power was unbelievably useful against Bombman thanks to the order I am playing the stages although my inability to show some emotions properly seemed to shine through, luckily most people understand I’m like that and don’t care but I still notice it either way. Thanks for reading if you did.


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