Getting Burnt | Megaman 1 (NES) LetsPlay Part 1

By writing these immediately after publishing each video I won’t forget again lol. Remember there’s nothing special about these, just a little extra writing to go alongside the video like an extended description of sorts.

Before I talk about the video itself I found an interesting way to do text on my old laptop as you can see above. What I did was:

  1. Write some basic text (I used Arial which is generic/default).
  2. Copy the pattern from part of the Megaman Logo (new layer).
  3. Stretch it so it covered the text before hiding it.
  4. Selected the text via the choose by color tool.
  5. Switch to pattern layer, copy and paste with Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V.
  6. Make sure what you paste is on a new layer and the above is the results.

I also made the shadow part of the megaman logo slightly transparent which isn’t very noticable.

As for the video itself I basically decided to play the original Megaman series because I really want to play the X games for videos (and don’t like doing them out of order). As well as not being crazy strict about the video I have also started learning Video editing but for now I only know text which is basically nothing but I still found it fun to do and can add stuff (e.g. making fun of myself).

So far though I still have a lot of problems to fix, one is constantly breathing into the microphone and the other is learning stuff you can do with the webcam (currently impossible until I get a better laptop).

Anyway that is about it, thanks for reading if you did. Remember that you can suggest retro games I should try to play.


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