Using Other People’s Screenshots For Xbox 360 Reviews?

Both my blog and my channel have been a little bit dead lately due to circumstances (I partially blame all the drilling from the shower being installed) so I’ve decided to look into extending my content in a way that’ll actually make me happy aka games that aren’t really old. I may love retrogaming but I do own some games on the Xbox 360 (in fact snagged the Tomb Raider reboot yesterday) but never reviewed any for 1 reason: I can’t take my own screenshots.

Don’t have images so have a random screenshot (thats mine btw).

That’s when I thought to myself perhaps I could use one of the many screenshots dotted around the internet, after all the pictures are only really used to break the text up and look nice and it doesn’t make a difference who took them (although I prefer doing it myself). Obviously I’m not going to just take stuff, I’ll probably link the image back and give credit to whatever site it is from via the captions which I personally feel would be good enough.

I do wonder what other people’s thoughts on it are though, feel free to put down in the comments. Just in case it will make you think a little differently this does mean that I could review good games such as Darksiders 2, Dark Souls, Lost Odyssey among a few others (I really don’t own that many… I technically don’t own two of those examples either lol). Anyway thanks for reading.


One thought on “Using Other People’s Screenshots For Xbox 360 Reviews?

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