The far future of my blog

Every time I log into the dashboard I remind myself of how much of a mess my blog is, despite attempting to create some sort of page system it hasn’t been updated in quite some time and with slow internet plus an old laptop I haven’t gotten around to it either. I don’t think I’ll ever change the theme again since I’m currently happy with it but who knows.


Something I don’t really like is how seems WordPress takes one its most useful features hostage unless you can afford £20 a month aka Plugins. With how annoying and broken WordPress’ own comment section is (I can’t login with my account on other wordpress blogs for example) I’ve always been interested in Disqus since not only is it easier to log in and comment but I’ve noticed I get a lot more replies when commenting on sites that use it.


Most important thing though is to find a way to balance everything, not only do I need to balance the blog and my channel but I seem to be finding it difficult to balance the type of content as well. In fact I haven’t done any of those posts to go alongside my YouTube videos for a while either (the ones I did for most of my Golden Axe LetsPlay). Although as I mentioned before updating the menu system to make the old stuff easier to find would help.


If there was anything else then it’d probably be to find a better way to get people to visit my “Ways To Support Me” page (which needs a bit of updating) as it has a lot of different options which includes things like a Steam trading link in order to donate unwanted trading cards (I kinda want to get badges but they also get me around 3-4p each).


Anyway thats really it, just a kinda pointless post that I decided to write for seemingly no reason. Thanks to anyone that was bored enough to read it.


P.S. Vidme (that small video site) is definitely screwed so I’ll no longer be linking to videos there.


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