One Punch Man (Anime) Episode 2 Review and Manga Comparison

[Video version can be found on Vidme or YouTube]

Like always its best to watch the episode first as my reviews are more like 100% spoileriffic impressions. To quickly sum up the last episode it was obvious how many chapters were used due to being split up between 4 parts but they were all related to not only show why Saitama became a hero but also his thoughts and feelings like how he’s bored of being overpowered and wishes to have a real fight. It is also far better than the original manga adding in little things that give the temporary villains a little more personality than the original gave them (on top of the obvious thing of getting actual fights).



The episode starts both serious with the news broadcast but also comedic as it uses Saitams’s attempts to kill a single mosquito to break up the tension. As I mentioned before people would take the show too seriously if they didn’t. After all it doesn’t mind showing some freaky looking imagery like what happens to an idiotic burglar who didn’t listen to the warning.

As for the villain in this part it was a strange looking naked part insect woman that controlled the mosquitos in order to collect blood for herself. As cools as the idea is I couldn’t help but feel there was some sort of sexual innuendos e.g. when she tells her mosquitos what was translated to “Come here, little ones. Empty all your stored juices into me” accompanied by an unecessary closeup of her. It was obvious she’d seem strong (before the surprise powerup) because of how she acted.

As for the cyborg Genos if it wasn’t explained in the shows synopsis that he was important I would’ve been convinced that he was only used to make the villain seem stronger and that he’d be just as temporary as them.



The second part somehow manages to turn a quite tragic explanation of Genos’ past and why he became a Cyborg hilarious by Saitama’s reactions to it (as he’d said no). As for the villain it was quite the surprise how fast it went from a single rampaging one to a whole group (with the mosquito women apparently being one of them) although it was a little obvious that the leader wasn’t the one going to be fought.

As for the other people it really was just a show of how overpowered Saitama was, even though most villains kill loads of people you kinda wish his answer wasn’t to always make them pretty much blow up although having to fight a villain twice would bore people and it’d be strange for one to become good/ a supporting character.

Overall a good episode and it’ll be interesting to see who the No 1 member of the ‘House of Evolution’ is since they haven’t been killed yet.

MANGA (from chapter 5 to chapter 8)

Quite interestingly the manga goes quite differently than the anime does, it also made me realise that the speech from the beginning of the chapter had been sneaked into the previous episode. Instead of already having the TV on in the background as he waters his cactus he instead gives the speech and goes mental trying to kill that mosquito with the news broadcast afterwards. He also shows genuine surprise in the manga instead of merely acknowledging its coming to Z-ville and carrying on what he’s doing (which I feel fits his personality better). As for chapter 6 its almost the same except instead of blood splattering up a wall upon being hit she’s sent through the building and into the sky although sadly she still died.

As for the next 2 chapters you can really see how Genos’ speech annoyed Saitama when its stuffed into 2 large panels being multiple paragraphs long but other than that the only noticeable difference is the beast king (the humanoid lion guy) is made out to be more powerful actually attacking with Saitama retaliating using multiple really fast punches to make him explode.

Overall its once again obvious that the anime could do things that the manga couldn’t, by sneaking the speech into the last episode they could speed it up by getting to the news broadcast done faster and therefore had a bit more time for the action without taking anything away.


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