RE: Creators (Anime) Episode 4 Review

To quickly sum up the last episode it had quite a lot of talking as well as a brief intro to Alicetaria. First part focused on Mirokuji and the truth behind what characters were appearing and why they were chosen and the chance of revision. The 2nd part focused on said revision which failed while also having another look at Sota’s obvious drawing block. It also showed the military uniform princess at the last minute who name dropped Setsuna who is most obviously the girl that committed suicide at the start of the show. Remember while I call these ‘reviews’ its honestly more like impressions and are therefore 100% spoileriffic.


I know its 2 screenshots combined but it looks nice (I have it in 720p too btw).


This episode starts in such a strange way as you’d think it takes place around the same time as the 3rd did as it starts with Alicetaria still riding on her horse with Mamika (and only just introducing herself) but then it quickly switches to Meteora taking a trip to Titan Digitalsoft which makes you wonder what they were doing. As for Meteora’s trip it turns interesting as the person she was looking for was actually dead so in order to get his intentions she decided to play her own game as Marine explains to the viewer what happened. I feel they wouldn’t be able to do what they did if he was still alive, the music they used in the scenes was rather nice.

However anyone still holding on to the idea that this was an action focused anime would surely quit when they realize just how much talking she does this episode. I also found it a little sudden to go from talking about her thoughts about what her creator could be like to the destruction of the world (even if the military uniform princess had already hinted at it). I did like the idea that the world was trying to make itself make sense and was struggling to do so, after the characters in question shouldn’t even exist and their powers not only go against the rules of the world but they even conflict with the other story worlds as well.

After the perhaps dark conversation about the world being in danger we get an explanation of why she played her own game which was quite a strange concept of someone playing their own game they are in and seeing a version of themselves. I guess it was lucky that it was a genuinely good game (even if it makes sense since its popular), I can’t help but try to imagine her reaction if it was really glitchy or something though lol.



Its a good change of pace when they break up their seemingly sitting around with showing the characters get some food (like always lmao) and have genuinely real and amusing interactions with eachother while the conversations carry on, this time about the true intentions of the military uniform princess like the fact that she obviously isn’t crazy. Something that was immediately proven when she effectively tricks Alicetaria in to doing what she wants because of how Alicetaria’s description must be solely based on Justice making her seem rather idiotic (the fact she’s the blonde character out of all of them is surely a coincidence lol).

They even go out of the way to show that the people on the military uniform princess’ aren’t exactly evil with quite a cute interaction between Alicetaria and Mamika (who amusingly bought her own branded products). Plus at this point in time there is the older character with near to no information about them (other than the fact he likes wine and has a daughter).

Just like in the other episodes there is the sudden appearance of another character and almost as if on purpose due to the discussion throughout the episode it had to be the one with the huge robot (who amusingly was eating food in the creators home). It did make you question how powerful the military uniform princess was as she could of easily sent Selesia over in her robot if she felt like it instead of whatever she did to it.

Overall though it was quite a nice episode, its obvious by this point this anime definitely isn’t focusing on the action although I feel any fights should be completely worth waiting for.



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