One Punch Man (Anime) Episode 1 Review and Manga Comparison

[A video version can be found on Vidme or YouTube]

One Punch man is an action/comedy anime produced by Madhouse based on the

original manga by Yusuke Murata (which is in turn a remake of a web comic

made by “ONE”). The plot follows an unimpressive looking Saitama who in an

effort to become a hero trained for 3 years losing all his hair in the

process but gaining insane strength to defeat anyone with a single punch.

He starts to get bored but it all changes when Genos arrives and they

eventually join the Hero Association (quite a lot in the synopsis there).

Like always watch it first before reading this since this is 100%



Wasn’t a big fan of the opening but something tells me that I’ll probably

start liking it after a while, it definitely fits the theme of the show to

be honest.



The anime starts off rather strong with an attack happening immediately

from what could be thought of as a ripoff of Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z (I

don’t really care but thats what people keep saying lol). It had everything

places getting destroyed, heroes already defeated and even the good old

unfortunate news reporter. You could tell it was done on purpose since it

made Saitama’s odd appearance stand out a lot and it was amusing how the

creature got angry about him just being a hero for fun. That was the whole

idea of the show to be honest, in a mere 3 minutes they had built up what

would of been an insanely huge battle in any other story but Saitama ended

it immediately. ‘Comedy’ or not its interesting to see a character that

doesn’t like being overpowered.


After the opening it goes into a flashback of just before Saitama started

his training and while he looks completely normal its when everything else

starts getting strange with the immediate appearance of Crablante, a

villain that (according to him) transformed into a half human half crab

form from eating tonnes of seafood (and he also wears what looks like a

giant diaper). Knowing how powerful Saitama will become its interesting to

note he only lived because of what seemed like hardcore depression from not

having a job. If the appearance of the kid with the huge double chin said

anything is that the story doesn’t want to be taken seriously and will go

out of its way to weird (in a slightly amusing way).



The second half introduced yet another enemy that Saitama would eventually

fight and with how this had been the third one in the first episode all

taking place at different times with the latter two being loosely connected

I couldn’t help but wonder how the original webcomic is like (since they

are usually shorter than manga chapters). Something else that started

becoming noticeable though is that most villains were given interesting

backstories despite not lasting very long at all, in fact you had to feel a

little bit sorry for the brother of the mad scientist for being turned into

that giant muscley thing (although he did kill a lot of people apparently).


In fact altogether there are 4 enemies with the last being very over the

top (in a good way). It was a bit too obvious that it was a dream before it

gets revealed though ,there wouldn’t be much left to save if 70% of the

earths population legitly died and the way they spoke hinted that no one

else could fight them which you could guess is untrue considering the

opening shows quite a few strong looking characters including an obviously

psychic one.


Overall a nice episode, I do have to wonder if the other episodes will be

broken up into segments as well. At least the plot is rather easy to follow

and you got a pretty good idea of what Saitama is like without the need for

loads of talking. There is also a small sequence after the credits that

gives a glimpse of Genos who is the cyborg mentioned in the shows synopsis,

very strange how they decided to have the announcement for the next episode

voiced by Crablante.


Exactly like I had guessed this episode covers 4 chapters of the manga,

aside from obviously being faster paced like most manga’s are compared to

anime it seems the anime version was quite well adapted as most of the

panels were instantly recognisable. In fact while the manga apparently

extends the original (and poorly drawn) webcomic the anime seems to extend

the anime. For example the manga didn’t hint at Crablante having killed

people and the ‘steroid’ solution was already finished and drunk without

question at the start of the 3rd chapter. In fact after reading all 4

chapters I can safely say that the anime far surpasses the original manga,

not even because of the obvious stuff like sound and color but its far more

fleshed out and fight’s seem much more like fights.


While both the manga and blu-ray can be found on both Amazon UK and Amazon US I personally think the blu-ray is super expensive (although I’ve never seen a movie via blu-ray so I don’t really know).


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