RE Creators (Anime) Episode 3 Review

Although I advise watching the episode first I still summarise the last episode. Episode 2 had a lot of talking in it by Meteora which might of annoyed some people but it was part of her character and ignorable and they eventually go to see Selesia’s creators which turns into an introduction to Mamika with a short fight and a sudden appeared of Yuya (I mentioned some stuff about him in the last part).



The start of this episode was honestly quite a surprise, just as sudden as Mirokuji had appeared in the previous episodes a knight looking woman on a flying horse called Alicetaria suddenly swoops in and grabs Mamika. What I found rather amusing is just how much characters seem to eat in this show although Meteora did hint that info here is multilayered compared to the game she was from (since in games food items are all the same). There we got to learn about Mirokuji’s thoughts after finding out about the real world, the chance of revisions to characters and why they were chosen.

It was quite an interesting discussion that gave a clue into the truth behind characters that were appearing, it wasn’t just random ones but whatever was popular (which is why it showed some of the things you saw in the first episode again like the posters) and while it wasn’t mentioned by them it was only stuff popular in the fictional japan too.



With that part over it changes scenery only for more talking to happen and while it was interesting with them also meeting Selesia’s artist and trying out some revision which ultimately fails but we also get a hint at how you’d get it to work (which would obviously be used in a later episode. I noticed it also hinted at Sota having a drawing block but still being interested in it and he even gets a pep talk from Selesia (which doubles as lore as its apparently a quote from a character from the anime she’s from).

Before the final part I would’ve found it cool if Sota drew the military uniform princess but it was strongly hinted at that it was just Setsuna, the girl you see jump in front of a train in the first episode, that created her since Sota is merely referred to as “part of the world that banished you” (‘you’ referring to Setsuna). This did disappoint me a little bit but it didn’t damage my overall opinion on the show so far.

Overall its a decent episode with a lot of things explained or hinted at, however while I enjoyed it I can tell that some people won’t as many assumed it’d be an action oriented show. I personally am waiting to see if Sota turns out to have an interesting backstory (and not just Setsuna’s former friend).


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