RE: Creators (Anime) Episode 2 Review

[Video Version can be found on Vidme and YouTube]

Essentially in the first episode we are introduced to Sota who after somehow getting pulled into a fictional world for a bit meets both Selesia (the swordswoman and character from said world) and ‘Military Uniform Princess’ (the unknown character that has the power to make other fictional characters appear). There’s also that suicide to think about and the fact said military princess recognises Sota. P.S. I recommend watching the episode first to avoid spoilers.



It seems the main focus of the first part of the episode is to give a proper introduction to Meteora who appeared quite close to the end of the last episode. It reveals that she is an NPC from a video game who seemingly gives information to the player before the final part/boss which explains her habit of talking a lot. Her very cheating magic book that lets her learn stuff super easy was quite cool.

In fact she gives a huge speech about herself and hypotheses which would probably bore some people but at least the animators put in the effort to change the locations after a bit and have a fun little journey around the area Sota lives in. I’m honestly a bit too dumb to keep up with absolutely everything she was saying but from what I could tell is that once a story is created they become separate worlds but the military uniform princess managed to escape hers and cause the worlds to collide. I always like learning things when watching stuff and the vague hint at the military princess’ goal definitely helped pull me in.



After the talks of worlds and hypotheses it gets to finding Selesia’s creator (and a bit about Sota being an artist) and it was quite interesting how it was pulled off even if you could probably guess it. What surprised me though was the sudden but not out of place introduction of Mamika, the magical girl of the anime who acts like you’d expect but the reaction when the things that worked in her world backfired immensely was so interesting to watch and kinda satisfying too. After all that’s what interested me in the concept, characters from various different fictions clashing together with over the top (and very simple) personalities that you’d only seen in said stories.

It technically couldn’t be called much of a fight but it was still quite awesome and just like the previous episode another fictional character appeared quite near the end but just like earlier it made sense if you think about the context. They sure know how to interest you since said character (aka Mirokuji Yuya from Exclusive Underground) isn’t a 100% good guy like the other 3 but the main characters rival who has quite cool powers like a wooden sword I believe made from a sacred tree and some sort of spirit that fights along side him (some people it reminds them of Persona but I’ve never played those games).

Overall its quite a nice episode, its obvious that some people will be bored of it without getting to the cool part but this is obviously a build up to something more and there are still characters to introduce if you watch the opening (which I usually don’t do but I like the music in this anime).


Amazon UK and Amazon US both have them digitally for Prime members (US has some probably shitty t-shirts too)


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