RE: Creators (Anime) Episode 1 Review

[Video Review can be found on Vidme, YouTube and now DailyMotion]

Re: Creators is an 2017 action anime by studio Troyca and one not adapted from a manga (but instead having adaption starting only a few months before the debut of the anime counterpart. The plot consists of a world where various characters from fictional manga, anime and videogames are appearing in the real world and a normal high school student (Sota Mizushino) that gets caught up in it.

Like a lot of stories though you can tell the plot is trying to sound bigger than the limited cast would allow.

Not really sure what to think of the beginning, seeing all the ads and stuff for various characters that appear in the anime was quite cool although the part with the mystery girl sure was strange and almost like a cliffhanger did make you wonder if it’d be explained at some point. Although you can’t help but worry when the character that the story follows a lot thinks of themselves merely as a narrator almost as if the writers know its a character they shouldn’t really get that interested in or something although the anime was quite good at showing various things about him without having to narrate it (although there was a few points where they had characters do it).

In fact the next scene has Sota temporarily pulled into a story instead of the other way round because of ‘the military uniform princess’ (what characters call her) and as cool as the short ‘fight’ is with the graphics and music you did feel like perhaps it would be a one-off even if there would obviously be other fights too. I couldn’t help but feel that themilitary uniform princess was a character written by a newbie because of how overpowered and cool her powers seemed at first glance. They did well to ease the tension in the next scene though, whether that be so the first episodes not give off the wrong impressions is a mystery but it was quite nice.

The first episode was rather action packed but its the sort of thing where you know it wouldn’t actually be the main focus especially with all the mystery it was trying to build up like the suicidal girl and the military princess’ surprise to see Sota. It was quite surprising realizing while watching the episode that Sota’s claim to not be the main character seemed quite real with it obviously ignoring him while any action happened. I didn’t hate him but you could tell a lot of other people probably would. Its just something felt a bit dangerous if you put all your hope in the idea that the action would hold up like in this episode.

In fact the end where he has both Selesia and Meteora in his bedroom (both female characters) was enough to set off a red flag in my mind as there was still other female characters and it looked almost like what a harem would do. If you watch past the credits it even gives you a look into Meteora’s nature and from that alone you can tell people will probably find her annoying (even if she fits her character description).

Overall though it was an interesting episode and I personally enjoyed it, I probably looked way too far into it with the action sequences but that’s only from personal experience from other shows that have done this.


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