I’ll be testing out Vodcasting on Twitch soon!

You probably thought I’d never mention Twitch considering my ancient laptop and almost non existent upload speed but then I heard about Vodcasting. It essentially lets you upload videos but almost like a TV channel have them played at certain times with the chat active where you can engage with an audience without having them distracting you from anything since it’ll already be done. While its not really interactive like normal streaming it definitely has its perks.

Biggest one being that I can use it and I will be uploading a Golden Axe LetsPlay to it as I write this, I haven’t come up with how often this LetsPlay will run and at what times but I’m sure I’ll sort that out and its nice knowing that an account that is at least slightly old will get some use.

That’s really it to be honest, the reason I am doing this is because Vidme on its own seems like its a bit too self restricting and I’ll also try to run the YouTube channel too. One day I’ll work out how to actually get content for this blog done on top of that but I’ll wait until I’ve got better equipment. Thanks for reading.


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