Pac Mann (Commodore 64) Review

Pac Mann is a Pacman clone created for the Commodore 64 by Rainer Bohme in 1997 seemingly made with something called ‘game workshop’, being one of many C64 titles I can’t find any more info about this game.

The title screen had a chiptune and to try and be a bit cool the logo and the other text kinda bounced towards the screen but it honestly got annoying (especially when trying to pause to get the best screenshot), you have to wait for the game to mention who it was made by, some person that supported them and what might be a site they’re affiliated with or something (not much information at all)

The graphics and music were alright for its time but sometimes the music got a bit annoying and instead of the dots its replaced with 4 dots that turn into weird squares (is unnecessary animations a thing?). Gameplay was exactly as expected with the joystick being used to move around and the fire button being unused. Enemies were surprisingly easy to dodge and the lack of anything special like the power pellet was a little sad to be honest.

Another bad thing is the game is insanely short and this is even considering that whenever you die you have to start the entire level again. But I swear there was only a really tiny amount of levels anyway (around 6 or 7 at most). Not like there was any reason to carry on if there had been more with how easy it was. The only level I found hard was simply because one of the enemies essentially got trapped in a small section if you took too long (which was fixable by just getting those dots first).

Overall I could of said that despite being quite generic its so short you might as well give it a try but with how obscure it is I’d imagine you’d only get it via a full rom pack and that thing is 500mb (despite this game in particular being 21kb) and that’s not worth your time.

P.s. Sorry for being so inactive on this blog, Feel free to suggest other really old games.


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