This Part Went By Fast | Golden Axe (Genesis) Part 2

Today I got the 2nd part of my Golden Axe letsplay complete and uploaded and as the title suggests I thought it’d last longer than it did. I guess that’s my fault for not doing a test run of the level beforehand.

As always you can watch the video at here.

This time I spent a little less worrying if it had recorded terribly and how bad I am at the game and more on what I discovered in the way of tips for anyone else that played as well as the fact I am writing a review for the game (although I can’t publish it until I win the game).

Hopefully as I get more relaxed while making content, as well as making it quicker I’ll be able to talk better in the videos. I also really need to shave the beard but I don’t really have the motivation knowing I could be making or planning content instead of doing it…

Hope you like this part anyway and I hope you like the next part (hopefully I’ll upload tomorrow).


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