Lightning Dwarf vs Big Bastards| Golden Axe LetsPlay Part 1

Don’t mind the dumb title lol, as you can see I’ve finally stopped doing test videos and am back doing actual ones. The reason I’m starting with this is because I asked what I should start with and this is what MogAnarchy (Twitter, Blog and YouTube) aka the only reply told me I should do.

You can also watch the above video on Vidme here.

I may not have an intro and an outro yet but I’ve put as much effort into the actual video as you possibly can on a 10 year old laptop (so no editing sadly) but I think its quite nicely scaled and it has a webcam again. Note I always make sure the thumbnail looks nice, its actually quite lazy since all the text can be found on the title screen although I’m happy with the screenshot (I’ll probably use it if I write a review).

I don’t know about scheduling yet though but instead of sharing the YouTube video directly to Twitter I’ve decided to do this and write a post, from now on it’ll be a little more about the actual video though. I’m still not sure what other sites I plan to use yet either. Thanks for watching/reading if you did and I’ll see you with part two.


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