Fun with Lua – Test Video (Sonic Advance)

You may remember the last post where I mentioned I made a my first working lua script for Sonic Advance, well this is essentially a test video where I recorded the rings equals Palette experiment I did.

Don’t think this is the only video for Sonic Advance though, not only will I try to do other interesting or plain dumb things but I’ll probably try to focus on a better way to change Sonic’s colors and then make it available for all 4 characters as well.

Since I really want this to become slightly successful (so I can hopefully get pennies every now and then) I’ve been pulling out all the stops that this old 10+ year old laptop can offer. Feel free to suggest what games I should mess around in and maybe what I should specifically try to do as well.

Hope you like this post and I’ll see you next time. P.s. I haven’t stopped doing retrogaming reviews but I’ll probably leave them at requests only for a while.


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