Spike the Hedgehog (PC) Review


Spike the Hedgehog is a 2002 PC game by Megaware and published by Musicbank Ltd where you play as the suspiciously colored blue hedgehog called Spike on his journey to get to Dark Earth from his farm and save Angelina from the evil Lord Javah. In all honesty I bought this simply because it looked shit from the case alone (which has no screenshots) and the fact it has a blue hedgehog seems like an obvious attempt to cash in off of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog.

What? You don’t play as the blue ugly thing on the box.

If the box with the generic writing and the ugliest blue hedgehog I’ve ever seen didn’t give me an idea of the quality it was immediately apparent the second I loaded the game. The menu was weird, the default difficulty was hard and it felt like there wasn’t any point trying to increase the resolution since the graphics didn’t exactly seem very good (is it old age or just shit?). It was also incredibly easy to crash the game including merely switching tabs which I do when writing reviews usually.


It was apparently made by 4 people (1 coder and 3 graphical designers) using some generic sounding game building software so you almost felt sorry for it but then it made you wonder even more why it had a disc copy made in the first place. Did downloadable games not exist back in 2002?

Far worse than it looks.

As soon as you start the game you immediately realize that its essentially Frogger with Spike who is meant to me a hedgehog having to collect stars too. This wouldn’t be as boring if there was any music at all, the only sound I heard alot of the ‘Uh Oh’ you’re surprisingly young sounding hedgehog says every time he gets hit (just like frogger its one hit kill with multiple lives).

On top of that though the controls are absolutely garbage you’d think you could just hold it down but you have to do most of them separately but there is also an odd thing where you can hold one direction which will stop him from moving and then press loads of other directions you’ll only move once the the direction you were holding down. In fact it moves in a very 2d way which just feels terrible on  a 3D game (although I’m sure there’s plenty of games that do it right). I wondered if I’d be able to win the game or would glitches/a sudden difficulty stop me getting anywhere.

This level is practically impossible with the shitty hitboxes.

It didn’t get at all better when I beat 2 of the not so many levels that were there, in fact I got stuck on the 3rd level and couldn’t get anywhere. You’d think that you could get past it but on top on the already mentioned shitty controls the hitboxes aren’t very good either and I’m pretty sure the cows/bulls are completely random too. It felt like everything was lazily done or at least that one person should studied more before he tried to sell it (I imagine this would’ve went up on Steam Greenlight if it were made more recently).

With everything about the game feeling shit collecting the stars felt tiring, I’ve played and enjoyed plenty of collectathons (like Jak and Daxter) but this felt like they were there only to slightly increase the otherwise incredibly short gameplay. That is if you ignore the fact that you need to start again whenever you get a gameover (which happens a lot) or the game crashes (also happens a lot).

Overall the game is absolutely terrible and they were too lazy to even put a blue hedgehog in the game so the front cover was merely done so that very dumb people would buy it for their kids (which I doubt would of ever happened). I obviously can’t recommend it but you might as well look it up, the disc is apparently only 71mb.


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