Making of – Godmode Episode 1: Castlevania IV

Since I have recently got my hands on an old Vista laptop and only just proven that Godmode videos can be made again I decided I’d post the existing ones on my blog giving an explanation of what I did (even though I already did in the old videos).

As always GodMode is the name of a series I thought up where I create cheats via an emulator for retro games and see what stuff I can do. This is the original, do note I’m trying to make use of Lua for newer videos.

First things first would be to start with the boring cheats, I obviously put on infinite health so you don’t die, infinite hearts for using side weapons as well as making sure said side weapon was always Level 3 which is essentially the amount you can throw at once. I could’ve easily cheated for time or boss health but I felt that making the enemies weak instead of the player strong didn’t really give of a feeling of being godlike.

Quality is bad…

What I had originally planned was to find the position values for the cross (boomerang-like) side weapon and see if I could force them to stay in front, behind and above me but that didn’t work (although its probably possible with Lua scripting). However while finding a way to change what weapon you had I found something even better.

What I realised that not only did they have values for if they’re thrown or not making them auto thrown immediately but each of the 3 throwables had an value telling the game what side weapon it was being thrown despite this being impossible. Not only did this mean that each of the 3 side weapons could be different from one another but since they were being force thrown instead of actually equipped or used by the player they could still use the whip and have the stopclock equipped and usable as the side weapon too (since it isn’t thrown). In my opinion it was far better than I thought I’d be able to do and spawned the idea of a series.

However looking back at this video its obvious it was a product of having an insanely old PC (far older than the 10+ year old vista laptop I use now) and therefore I’ve got to wonder if it needs to be deleted and redone again. Although I only plan to do that if I get any obvious interest in it and I work out how to use lua scripting properly.

Thanks to anyone that read this, if this gets a comment I’ll probably write something like this for the other episodes too. Feel free to give suggestions of what retro game I should try and cheat on and what kind of cheats I should attempt to make.


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