Scribblenauts Unlimited (Steam) Review

Scribblenauts Unlimited is a 2013 2d sandbox puzzler created by 5th Cell Media and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment on Steam. The game features puzzle-like situations which are solved with the use of a magic notepad, you can spawn objects with it or even add adjectives to existing ones. It also boasts of HD graphics, seamless free roaming levels and even custom objects which are all new compared to previous versions (e.g. the original Nintendo DS game).

Loading up the game the graphics looked very nice and the music was alright. There really isn’t much reason to stay on the menu even for the options, unless you wanted Anti Aliasing since resolution is fine, full screen is recommended and the controls are already how I’d put them myself.

Also for those curious that haven’t played this game ‘Data’ on the main menu is merely a way to reset the level completion or delete all data so not really anything most people would want to check out. Note it says continue since I played the very short tutorial before starting to write this.

Zombies aren’t a good idea…

Graphics were quite nice even on my old laptop running at 1280×800 and music was nice and varied. Controls are easy to get used to, you can control it completely by the mouse (since you have to click on things a lot) or you can move with the wasd keys and open the notepad with n or enter. Other than the tutorial there is basically no real restrictions on what you can do other than the obvious ones.

For example in the above screenshot immediately after the tutorial it asks for something to make into a fountain so instead of a normal statue I added a bunch of adjectives like scary and electric, there was also an accident with ‘zombie’ which can also bring props to life (like having a living pet leash).

In fact I found with the addition of adjectives I could finish the things in really stupid ways like if you want a baby you can choose a baby dinosaur and it will still work. I also found it amusing that you could kill anyone other than the starite mission people including temporary people, whenever characters spawn in or are about to leave the screen I usually try to do something to them like making the plane they’re in dead. In other words I had a lot of fun messing around.

A mech made by a microscopic metal ant, a spoon and a knife.

The game does have its limitations though which I managed to find by acting like an idiot although not that important, namely I tried to put something in front of ‘gun’ to see if I could make one that fired that object but that didn’t work. Although there are plenty of incredibly stupid (and downright evil) ways you can solve things and I love it. For example if you need an object removed you can make it edible and to help make someone hungry and they’ll eat it no matter what (grass, furniture, people etc).

Getting into other things the custom  objects were really cool since they weren’t held back by copyright since they weren’t made by the developer so things like Mario and Luigi are easy to find. However the actual editor to make that sort of stuff yourself seemed a bit too much for me to understand so I never actually made something myself. It definitely makes an already interesting game more interesting though.

Overall I quite like this game, it definitely could be better but the game is still quite a fun experience and far better than the original DS game was.

Amazon Links

The game is £14.99 on Steam and also £14.99 to buy the Steam code from Amazon UK. I don’t recommend buying from Amazon US though as they only have a more expensive physical version.


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