Idiocracy (Movie) Review

Idiocracy is a 2007 comedy directed by Mike Judge for Twentieth Century Fox about a guy called Joe Bowers who after taking part in a government hibernation experiment finds himself in 2505 where everything’s been dumbed down so much he is now the smartest person on the planet.

That’s one boring logo.

The DVD menu gives an early look into the humor of the movie by being on a TV screen with a title of some program called “Ow My Balls” while it is surrounded by adverts, the fact that sounds really dumb just describing it means it did what it meant to do.

I do like how the movie started though, carrying itself seriously while throwing some weird things in there although they were mostly slightly amusing and not actually outright funny. In fact a lot of things seem dumb in a way that fits the movies mood like the music they used for example. There was even a narrator that was a nice addition which explained a few things to make them more interesting without making the scenes too long.

From quite early on I had a feeling that perhaps it had been wrongly placed as a comedy, or at least some of the stuff seemed like you’d have to be dumb yourself to find it funny. Instead I was hooked simply by the world building that they had and how much information they were managing to cram into a short amount of time. And after all we all know at least one person that is a complete idiot so some it is almost believable.

Nothing felt like it was unnecessary although when you think about it so many characters were temporary and that’s not even including the obvious ones like everyone except the main characters before the timeskip. It all banked on how much you wanted to follow along with what the main character was doing and since he was normal with nothing special whatsoever I actually felt he was good.

The two other main characters.

After watching the whole movie i can say there wasn’t really any characters that I loved or hated but they all played their roles just fine although I don’t really notice that sort of thing. The ending was a nice happy one with no sudden bullshit like making them all smarter or something and the fact the fix was such a simple one was also satisfying since it really just hammers in how everyone is stupid. The after credits scene was amusing too since it played on something that a certain character kept saying throughout the movie.

Since I had the DVD it came with a few deleted scenes and they weren’t really important at all although 2 titled Girlfriend suggested the main character Joe was meant to have a girlfriend who in the space of 2 scenes cheats on him with her boss which is pointless and very understandable why it isn’t in the full movie. Although in all honesty its not like the movie would be that much longer with them.

Overall its an ok movie, if you look at it as a comedy you’ll probably be disappointed although to be honest I’m not even sure how to look at it. Perhaps as a parody of something. I’d recommend giving it a try if you can get it cheap.

Amazon Links

Around £3.50 to £8.00 on Amazon UK

Around $4 to $9 on Amazon US (unless you’re dumb enough to buy the $30 DVD instead of the $5 one lol)


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