Snuggle Truck (Steam) Review

Snuggle Truck is a 2012 2d indie driving game by Owlchemy Labs where you drive through levels in a truck as fast as possible making sure to keep the animals safe. It boasts of art hand-painted by LucasArts artist Bill Tiller, known for his work on Curse of Monkey Island, as well as a large amount of levels in part thanks to an editor to make your own and a portal to play other peoples.

Not many options on the title screen but it did look nice and colorful. The music gave a good indication of what the theme of the game was but its not something that I’d download and keep. Level select was easy to use so I went straight into trying the actual game itself.

Note that the servers for the custom levels seemed to be down (perhaps permenantly) as it told me I needed an internet connection despite it being obvious that I had one.

This is what inevitable failure looks like.

Getting into the gameplay I found it rather easy to get used to with up and down being forwards and back while left and right rotates, I was also happy that while the tutorial mentions the directional keys the wasd keys work as well. Graphics seem alright, not anything amazing but definitely better than some of the games of this type with plenty of different varieties of the truck which even included a Brony Mode (which I obviously didn’t use). Music was alright and there was more than one tune although not that memorable.

The simple medal system was probably quite a good addition to the game, either you could save them all or go all out for speed unless you manage to get both (which is possible). In fact there are fuzzies which the truck has to catch which are a +1 to your passengers so its not impossible to get gold if you lose one.

Sadly the game did seem surprisingly easy to glitch in menus and similar especially if you clicked on a web link ingame but most of the time it was easy to fix although it froze completely in the level editor once after I came back from watching the tutorial video.

FUZZY! Messing with the editor.

After playing a bunch of levels I decided to check out the level editor to see what you could do and while there was only 3 background types there was plenty of customisation decorative items that you can drive past and obstacles that you can either use as ramps or just to crash into (like TNT). There is also a ground editor where you add chunks of land which you can also lengthen and shrink which would make a hill less or more steep.

As you can guess by the screenshot I had fun not taking it seriously and putting a load of fuzzie spawners in a row and constantly using duplicate, its too bad you couldn’t select multiple objects at once but it was obvious you shouldn’t really do this but surprisingly there wasn’t much slowdown despite my laptop being quite old.

Overall this is a pretty decent game that can be quite fun although maybe that’s because I got it for free quite some time ago, without the ability to play other people’s levels it doesn’t really seem worth £4 unless you are a fan of the genre.


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