Might have an old PC now.

From the few tweets that I posted earlier you may have noticed that I’m not using the half broken windows phone in order to tweet them but a PC. The PC belongs to an aunt and originally run vista but the person forgot the password causing an insane amount of mayhem like not being able to install or uninstall anything including 7zip which it didn’t have so extracting things was difficult too.

After a while I decided to live boot Ubuntu from a USB that I had actually prepared to try and fix the older desktop tower that was sadly unsavable so I was quite surprised when it loaded almost immediately with internet capabilities as well (since AVG had been installed on Vista).

The problem is while I do have it running and will definitely use it while it is here (especially since I personally paid for a replacement charger) I have not yet asked the aunt if I can take it off their hands although I know they don’t really care about it. The idea is since she owes me £20 I plan on ‘buying’ the laptop for £20 (not including the £8 for the charger) effectively wiping that away and helping myself out in the process.

I highly doubt that I can bring my YouTube channel with this thing so don’t expect anything awesome but at least my blog should be back from the dead as soon as I work out what content I can do. Thats about it, perhaps give me an idea of what I should do and also I do wonder is it even possible to be a retrogaming youtuber using Ubuntu or do you 100% need Windows?


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