Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links (Android) Review

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is a 2017 free to play card game for Android created by Konami based on the Manga/Anime Yu-Gi-Oh. On top of what you’d expect it boasts voice acting using the anime cast and 3d animations (unlike the previous Android game Duel Generation aka my 2nd most popular review). Played it asap so I could get the bonus stuff like a special Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon (ends February 28th 2017).

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Loading up the game went quite well and was quite nice with information on various duelists while the data inevitably downloads (faster than I expected too). Music was alright and so were the graphics although you’d be disappointed if you think absolutely everything got the 3D treatment, rare cards got little cutscene like things when summoned while the cards actual have 2d floating artwork. Honestly I liked it though, it still looked nice and it saved on data (although I do hear a lot of cards need to be added like legendaries).

Most odd thing about this game is instead of merely being you versus characters qnd other people you are actually given the choice of Yami Yugi or Seto Kaiba at the start where you essentially use their decks but can also level them up and play as other people later (in fact the bonus stuff is stuff revolving around those 2 duelists). I liked how the voice acting works although anyone that didn’t like the anime characters habits of telling the opponents everything they’re doing you might not like it.

Looking through the quite nicely done menu’s the free to play elements were quite obvious like limited amounts of duelisrs appearing, the usual premium currency and microtransactions. However at first glance it also seemed that it could be quite in depth, not only did you simply have duels but there were challenges, a school and character levels to keep things getting boring (said character levels motivating you to try other decks).

Everything was so easy with no real help needed and you can actually swipe through the sections if merely pressing the buttons is boring, after all every one of the 4 areas can have duelists in. Decks were easy to build and having different card backs and mats to choose from was something that is surprisingly rare in a YuGiOh game. Shop was quite easy to use and while I did wonder if I should save them up I spent them on decks. Interestingly its made it a way where there’s a set amount of cards so its entirely possible (if you were rich) to simply keep getting the same card packs until you get what you want.

Getting into actual duals I was impressed with how it looks and the music was great, I had to agree it was well optimized for phones unlike Duel Generation with cards being easy to see and use. I did fnd it a bit odd how the main deck was limited to what I believe was just 30 considering one of the GBA games let you build huge 60 card decks but it’s alright even if it cuts the strategy a tiny bit (although I used a cool trick a few times). However trying to use strategy or not seemed kinda pointless when you won against weaker enemies the second you got your stronger card (e.g. Blue Eyes White Dragon).

When you played against stronger opponents they sometimes absolutely destroy you but it is really satisfactory when you beat them compared to ai players, there was a time where a person lagged out the game and then waited so I’d quit and lose but luckily it only happened once. In fact I enjoyed almost all duels other than some of the near impossible vagabond challenges as I built a nice deck even with the small limit. It seemed it’d be well worth playing this every so often although it felt like there needed quite a few updates for other cards and the ideas of sets in the shop seemed both clever and a bit annoying if you wanted a very specific deck.

Overall its a very enjoyable game and probably the best on Android although I don’t know if it would be the best ever (are there any console versions being made anymore?).
Sadly couldn’t give this game as good as a review as I’d want since my Android Tablet actually stopped working not long before finishing this (over a month ago).so there’s a chance my blog is dead but I am going to try one thing. Hopefully it will work.


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