Constantine (Movie) Review

Constantine is a 2005 movie published by Warner Bros Studios based on a certain part on the DC/Vertigo Hellblazer comics. The story follows John Constanine, a suicide survivor and now demon hunter, as he tries to earn goodwill to get into heaven. While helping a police woman Angela Dodson investigate her twins supposed suicide he gete caught in a supernatural plot involving both angels and demons.

It starts off a bit weird immediately telling you what the angels and demons are after almost immediately which seemed a little dumb but then again the example of what it lets you do was ok. It was almost immediately after that where John Constantine was introduced and it seemed to make a huge deal out of the fact he was a chain smoker. He also has some younger guy called Chaz Kramer or something who seemed like they might be an annoying character on first impressions. In fact when Angela Dodson had her own separate introduction you felt that the movie was purposely holding back on a lot of info. What you got was enough to keep watching but not that good. There seemed to be plenty of interaction and you got an idea of the personalities but it’s hard to feel bad for someone that spent their whole life chain smoking.

At least the action was cool and there were some other cool abilities scattered in the movie too although it did bug me a little that practically all the characters other than Angela were people that John just conveniently knows already and there introductions got a bit awkward. Definitely beat the really dumb looking explanations like how he went to hell by putting his feet in a tin filled with water while having a staring contest with a cat.

On top of the side characters getting little to no introduction it feels like they’re literally thrown away too, I won’t say who dies and when but when they do they almost seem immediately forgotten. There just wasn’t that much info other than what was going on at the time. In fact the flashback which actually gave you an idea of what he saw was done in such a way that you almost forget it happened and Angela doesn’t get one since she merely tells John about her past at one point.

The action and effects were nice but it still felt a bit off since there didn’t seem to actually be anyone worth rooting for and some characters literally just appeared (like near the end). In fact the end was a bit weird although I do admit it was interesting even if it didn’t make you care about John at all.

Overall the movie is watchable but I understand why it got relatively low scores, the characters weren’t that likable and a lot of the other stuff like effects and explanations seemed a bit dumb. I can’t recommend it to anyone that hasn’t seen it.


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