Why my YouTube channel is pretty much dead.

Due to mysterious circumstances my YouTube channel actually has 109 subscribers so I’m sure at least 1 person wants to know why I almost never upload anything. I could just go along the lines of ‘because I don’t have a PC, give me money’ but I’ve gone way past that and have been trying my hardest to create content solely using the Android Tablet. In fact I even managed to root it recently to make things a little easier.

At first I was merely put off by the many limitations that an Android Tablet had. The most notable to me was that the Emulators didn’t have an inapp cheat search or lua support immediately making the only unique series on my channel pretty much suspended until further notice. Then there was the fact I don’t own a compatible controller so games from PS1 and PSP were impossible from the start while the lack of a micro sd limits what I actually have room to download. 

As for Android apps ads made most of the free games seem far too awkward to record while the few paid games I got thanks to Google Opinion Rewards credit seem to crash the recorder which is probably lack of available ram or something. Also Google Play apparently doesn’t let you use PayPal (aka the rare donations I get) without a card or bank account unless you have £30 at one time which is just awkward (it tried to tell me I couldn’t pay for a free book the other day).

The only other problems were the lack of video quality compared to PC and the fact the sound (including the actual game audio) is captured by the physical speakers and is therefore quite a pain to get working well but still entirely possible and something that I did actually get working at some point. However my motivation pretty much shattered when I found out just how much using a physical keyboard was effecting the retro games. I tried playing Super Mario World and not only was there insane input lag but due to how keyboards are made it was completely impossible for me to do something that needed 3 of the action buttons at the same time (I needed to eat with yoshi while gliding and running which lets you destroy Tubular by the way). Its entirely possible that I could still play NES games or Game Gear but I just don’t feel like I can get my motivation back since I rarely ever get requests.

Thanks for reading, you may notice that my blog has been practically dead for the same reason but since I have put some stuff up I thought it wasn’t really worth mentioning (even though the 2 movie reviews literally have 0 views as of writing this).


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