Deadpool (Movie) Review

Deadpool is a 2016 action movie from Marvel based on the comic series of the same name. For those like me who don’t read the comics, the movie focuses on a former special forces operative turned mercenary called Wade Wilson who ends up being tortured and disfigured in an experiment by an evil scientist known as Ajax which in turn granted him accelerated healing and a warped sense of humor. As Deadpool he then seeks to get revenge on Ajax with the help of mutant allies Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

This is pretty much the movie logo.

Definitely a strange way to open the movie using fake opening credits insulting literally everyone thats in the movie especially the music they chose because from which seemed to be a theme of its own (whats the weirdest thing that could fit) although it sort of makes sense when you consider what Deadpool himself is supposed to be like. Part of me is unsure if the 4th wall breaking was necessary but considering there’s an older game starring him that also likes to use it. Either way you can’t deny that the action sequence immediately afterwards was really cool (and Deadpool’s totally not serious attitude made it better). You even get a glimpse of the other 2 characters in between said action sequence and even someone that doesn’t read comics can tell Colossus is meant to be the opposite personality to Deadpool pretty much. Its not until after it that you get the flashback and find out his origin so perhaps the sequence was strategically placed.

I say this because it spends some time showing you how Wade was before being turned into Deadpool and it turns out that while he wasn’t crazy he was quite an asshole although he did warn the watchers himself that he’s not a hero so anyone expecting that just shouldn’t watch this at all. In fact they show off his relationship with a woman by showing what seems to be a montage of sex scenes which sort of made you feel less bad for what ended up happening to Wade since you already knew it was going to go bad  but it was interesting to see the reasoning for why there’d actually need to be an experiment in the first place.

Wade, when his life started to go downhill.

What was probably a smart move said origin story was actually cut into pieces cutting back into the action unfolding in the present in order to keep people’s attention spans because in all honesty even I’d be bored to death if they put it all into one section considering the movie is 1 hour 48 minutes long (including credits). Although it really started to get tense once he finally went t the place where the experiments happened, I personally found it interesting how there was multiple other people there as well and what they were doing.

It was also what seemed would be not that long before you see more action as he becomes Deadpool not long after said experiment, it was amusing to see that he didn’t immediately end up with the costume he wears although it was still surprising how he ended up with it. At the hour mark the flashbacks end and the rest of the movie seems to be all action, even though its an origin movie I was still surprised that not much time seemed to have actually passed since he started trying to track down Ajax.

The camera angle makes it look like a selfie.

While there was plenty of action and interesting stuff you kind of did wonder if the 2 side characters would actually do anything, there was a point where Colossus attacked Deadpool once but even if he didn’t you could assume what he could do while Negasonic Teenage Warhead was literally just someone that happened to be there for quite a lot of it even though as you could of guessed her power is quite strong even if a little bit unwieldy.

The final part was really good when the 3 finally start fighting alongside each other (kind of) and even with all the action there was still some comedy injected into it and some surprises too. I didn’t see Ajax dying the way he did although considering that he didn’t really have any strong powers like a lot of villains would have this ended up feeling like a prologue of sorts. I do wonder how Deadpool seems to get away with the large amounts of property damage though.

Overall I quite enjoyed the movie and am totally looking forward to Deadpool 2 which while has a long time before its even going to start being filmed will apparently have more characters and more action too (considering there shouldn’t be any flashback needed).


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