Hitman Agent 47 (Movie) Review

Hitman Agent 47 is a 2015 Action movie made by 20th Century Fox loosely based on the videogame series. As someone that already knows that this is a letdown to anyone that likes the videogames I did try to distance it a little. However it seemed immediately impossible.

It actually starts off giving a little bit of hope calmly giving some explanation on how the Agents came around and what the bad guys want to do but sadly that was just to get it over with so they could throw you into the action and as soon as that happened it just wasn’t hitman. Not that accurate appearance asside the action in the very part part seemed alright but was ruined by one thing, the fact this was meant to be Hitman.

From a complete outsiders perspective you’d imagine a genetically modified hitman to do loads of crazy stuff and you can in the games but even then thats not the real Hitman when you think about it even though I’ve only played one game. You see the games have a scoring system and killing people or having alarms go off gives you a huge penalty which could very easily go into the negatives so I imagine seeing the supposed Agent 47 doing this almost immediately could cause at least a few fans of the series to immediately stop watching it but as I was reviewing it I was hoping it’d get better.

I love dumb out of context screenshots.

Which sadly it doesn’t as more problems seem to pop up, while the action was on hold for a bit you couldn’t help but feel like some of the angles they shot scenes with were really poorly done and a few things seemed really pointless as if they were trying to be cool or unique and ultimately failing. In fact it seemed even more dumb during the 2nd action sequence where the above screenshot was taken as the constant camera changes made the fast pace almost unbearable when it really didn’t need to be. I may be wrong but wasn’t Agent 47 meant to at least have some personality, a cardboard cutout probably could of done just as good. In fact the small part where you notice he’s switched outfits is made completely underwhelming by the fact he isn’t actually trying at all to be stealthy.

One thing they did surprisingly well was make you question if the Hitman was even the good guy for part of the film, I legitly believed his job was to merely kill the girl so her father would never be found but it turned out more complicated than that although some things did seem a bit too much to believe. I do have to admit when this does happen the action improves as it isn’t merely him going on a simple killing spree but making use of their abilities and surroundings even if its still murdering everyone (which as I mentioned would get you a terrible score). They even have some stealth at some point but its not 47 that does it (although the movie likes to imply he’s much better than people think).

A proper look at both main characters. P.s. Wilhelm scream at 45:25.

Most of the action was enjoyable and there was even a very small car chase although it seemed a bit too conveniently placed. Also the camera angles were still unnecessary and stupid a lot of the time which ruined sequences that had the chance to be amazing. Especially when the other character starts getting serious even if that one bit of stealth mentioned earlier was the only bit in the movie.

By the end of the movie I found myself rather enjoying it, the agent himself didn’t really improve as a character much but the other one was quite alright and you actually did feel bad for what they went through. I quite liked how the main villains defeat seemed like it would be obvious due to the location but actually took me by surprise. However no matter how much I enjoyed this it still didn’t really feel right.

Overall its an ok movie that probably would have done the opposite to what it did if it had kept the plot without the loose connection to Hitman and the badly done camera angles. A bit sad considering the blatant sequel bait for something that will never happen now.

If you want to buy the DVD (and help my blog) its £6 via Amazon UK and $7.50 via Amazon US.


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