Battlefield 3 Glitches I found

Note that this wasn’t originally written to be published and was actually something on my Google Drive I did when i was really bored but perhaps if it gets some interest and feedback I’ll try finding glitches in other games (but I can’t use proper screenshots sadly).

In the 2nd mission when you meet the guy looking at the map you can throw a grenade and destroy the crate it’s on causing the map (and the cup of tea) to float. You can still climb on as well if you want to pretend you’re on a magic carpet.

In Operation Swordbreaker, get up to the top of the building and kill the sniper as well as protect the men on the ground (otherwise you’ll fail while you’re trying it). Once done climb onto the small square with the 2 satellite dishes near the water tank. From there climb onto the satellite and then onto the building. Nothing special since falling is instant death but you can climb to places you can’t usually get to like a random electrical pylon in the street or the water tank. Although you can also jump to the fence (or climb around) before jumping to the small building instead of walking across the board causing the AI character to get left behind which is slightly amusing (this causes the death floor to stay).

If you use the above glitch to skip the board and then run over it the wrong way it’ll trigger the event removing the death floor so you can get to a few places you couldn’t before although yet again there’s nothing special. Although you can soon get in there and strangely you can find a soldier in the garage. I assume you go here later which you do in (kind of) in the second mission although that person isn’t there and the door to an empty room is closed.

Climbing on the wall by the car park lets you crawl into a window where you’ll end up in an empty room with no way to escape. It’s even got an invisible barrier so you can’t walk around it either. You can also jump over the small wall which leads to a much larger area which you probably shouldn’t be in. I found loads of buses quite close by which seemed a bit weird.

In operation guillotine you can climb up some rocks although it doesn’t get you anywhere useful. You can also sneak around the fence by the apartment building but yet again nothing special other than an empty room with a weird door shaped shadow.

Later when you get to the street with the army vehicles on it you can escape the map. Instead of entering the door go right and climb on top of the van, from here you can get on the fence but don’t fall on to the other side since there’s a 5 second boundary stopping you. Instead walk left towards the door and jump to the other wall, if you get to the end and fall into the wall you’ve successfully gotten out of bounds.

Oddly enough you can find a petrol station that actually explodes yet when you enter the vehicle like you’re meant to you bypass it altogether so it’s sort of cool even if it was probably easy to program.

Later in that mission when the gas truck gets shot by the rpg it’s possible to shoot the person before they shoot but not only are they immortal it even gives you the friendly fire warning despite it obviously being an enemy.

Also in Operation Guillotine, when you exit the house and the tank gets blown up look to the left and you’ll see a wall with a explosive barrel by it. Throw a grenade through the fence to the left corner so the wall to the right doesn’t get destroyed, this should cause the top of the wall in front to break. From here climb where the plants are before carefully climbing onto the wall (merely climbing causes you to fall in and have to reload although thankfully the checkpoint is mere seconds ago). If you get on the wall all you need to do is jump through the gap you created.

A funny thing you can do in Operation Guillotine is if you don’t go up the stairs when the tank explodes and run straight towards the bank (big building) you can get into the tank with the enemy and start killing the (temporarily infinite) enemies as much as you want. The reason for this is because the enemy inside is probably temporarily set as an ally so you don’t kill them before they’re meant to die, this is why you can enter the tank but sadly can’t drive it. I’ve heard the co op missions are different from single player sadly as it’d be great to see what would happen if two people tried to enter.

And thats all I found, if you liked it despite how terrible it looks perhaps share this post so more people see it or maybe even throw me a £1 or something towards a PC so I can get far better screenshots (and get access to the collection of oldish PC games I own).


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