Are Dreams Actually Worse Than Nightmares?

To point the obvious thing out I think differently in some things than others do and while it may have a little to do with depression or the small bit of autism I have I thought it was worth writing a short article about. Afterall its not something anyone really puts that much thought in, a dream is seen as good because positive things happen to the person in it while a nightmare can go from slightly disturbing to scream inducing terror. However if you factor in when you wake up its not as simple as that. Lets start with Dreams.

Final Fantasy XV is relevant so I used this picture for the nice looking location.

Dreams can be small little things from seeing a friend to going to completely different worlds and while there is crazy variation there is one thing in common, the crushing disappointment when you realise everything you do didn’t happen. Truthfully this is far less likely to happen when the dream is something crazy like using magic and riding dragons but even in that case there’s probably been a few times you wish real life was the dream instead.

The worst dreams are the most realistic ones with nothing like magic or powers at all, especially lucid ones that make you feel like you were there. I can’t really explain it but sometimes you have dreams which feel like you’ve lived through an entire day and waking up to find out it never happened is terrible. Maybe it was something small like dreaming of a getting to work on time and actually oversleeping to heartbreaking things like a lost person returning alive only to realise they’re still gone once waking up.

Got this from a thread of a person saying they’re scared of minecraft spiders. The creepers are far scarier to me.

Now I’d like to say to make my points work dreams/nightmares can’t be affected by memories, a warped version of something bad that actually happened is bad no matter what and to be honest it’d be better to never have nightmares at all even if I think they’re a bit better than dreams and as you can guess its the opposite to said dreams aka they’re better because they (usually) didn’t happen.

A common nightmare is losing your teeth apparently or falling from the sky and I’ve had both of them a few times (including hitting the floor in said falling dream) although they can get much worse and of course can get unrealistic too like that time I dreamt our flat was hit by a plane or a meteor or the entire moon (no, it didn’t have a face on it). Once again though the worst kind of nightmare is the most realistic ones that you end up feeling might happen but when you realise they haven’t I assure you the relief you feel is far better than the disappointment you’d get after a dream even if you didn’t exactly wake up in a calm way.

In fact a nightmare has a possibility to have other postive effects depending on what happened within them or at least it does in my opinion. There’s a saying “You only realize the importance of something/someone when they are gone” and if a person was to see something bad happen to a family member or friend there’s a chance they’ll see the importance without anyone actually (or almost) dying. Maybe I’m just numb to nightmares though, I used to suffer the nightmare equivalent of day dreams so they don’t effect me much but thats a story not worth telling.

Overall thats why I sometimes wonder if dreams are actually the worse of the two. Feel free to put your own opinions in the comments even if i can probably guesss what you’ll say and perhaps share this so more than a few people read it. Thanks for reading it either way if you did.


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