Lego Go Build (Android) Review

Lego Go Build is a currently unreleased app for Android by Lego Systems that lets you build small lego models. You unlock extra pieces by building set small models or guessing what they’re meant to be. It’s highly likely this is for children compared to the far more complicated and better Lego Digital Designer on PC.

First look cemented the idea that it was made for kids, there was no options at all and the main menu had 3 highly simplistic choices. The first took you to the builds where you could build a small model from an example or try yourself. The second was a minigame where a small model gets built and you have to guess what it is. Thirdly was a gallery of sorts which shows the animals, objects etc that you have built and your progress to unlock new lego pieces.

Before I even got into playing it I knew adults just can’t play this, there is no way to create big stuff and you seemingly can’t even choose your own pieces either so I’ll have to review it from a different perspective.

Graphics and music were ok with the controls seemingly decent at first. Picking up qnd dragging pieces was easy with rotating simply needing a second finger to press the buttons that appear. The real problem was the app sometimes found it difficult to decide where you are trying to put a piece causing it to quickly go between them but ultimately it wasn’t that hard if you put it together in a certain order.

Also an interesting thing to note is while you build stuff with pieces you don’t actually need to make what is shown, instead you could just use the pieces given to you to make whatever small thing you can. This is helped by the fact that the pieces that you are given are continuously restocked as you use them. Oddly the Lego pieces were given their own physics, I assume this was to make it more realistic.

The other game was essentially an extra and usually super easy to do (since this is a kids game). However since this is seemingly the main way of getting lego pieces you have to do this quite a few times. I was also convinved that some had multiple ways to build them.

There is one good use for this app for everybody (including older people), because it uses real lego pieces and designs you could decide to make one of them physically to put on your desk or something. Although you’d find designs infinitely better ifvyou just looked online.

Overall its an ok app for kids but not something an older person would enjoy, if you have a PC just get Lego Digital Designer. If your like me and don’t have a PC you’ll just have to hope we get our own lego app one day.


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