Mr Gimmick! (NES) Review

Mr Gimmick! (just Gimmick! in Japan) is a 1992 platformer for the NES developed and published by Sunsoft. You play as Yumetaro, a small green blob, on his journey to save the little girl that owns him from the toys that kidnapped her. Sadly because of the character designs not only do alot of people assume the game was for young children but Sunsoft of America completely refused to release it over there.

Loading up the game I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the music seemed from the very start and in the game, the graphics also looked quite nice too which included a olschool type of cutscene where you see the girl get the blob as a present from her parents and her kidnapping.

Being an old game there were no options but I did hear the game could get quite difficult, on top of that if you don’t find hidden objects in each of the stages you don’t go to the secret final stage and have to start again (sort of like the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic the Hedgehog games).

Getting into the game the controls were super easy to use but it was quick to show that it wouldn’t be that simple. Not only was the jump very adjustable but the star attack could also be jumped on top of if you time it correctly (you need to do that to reach the area where the first magic item is). What I found interesting was the attack lasts quite some time until it leaves the screen so it can really screw you over if you miss.

You could definitely tell that the game was going to be difficult considering the second screen was already throwing instant death spikes at you with instant death pits soon after among other things but since you felt you had plenty of controls over the character it was never that stressful that it would of been in another game. Each enemy was also quite interesting with how it moved and interacted with the player as well.

Bosses were just as interesting as the enemies although they did seem like they could just be spammed and the inclusion of carryable health potions sort of made them a bit of a joke, I did note however that its entirely possible to die just after you defeat a boss though with the 2nd bosses sword still damaging you if you walk into it for example.

What I found the weirdest though while playing this is while I found it quite difficult it felt that if I was to remember the layout of the short stages it would become so much easier, in fact I accidentally stumbled across the first 2 special items and its honestly quite clever how they’re hidden. Finding them grants you a lot of points so while you have to go out of the way to get them the first one nets you a few extra lives plus nothing can kill you in that area either. Note you can tell when you’ve gotten the item because the tiny flag on the world map on the beaten stage will be pink instead of white.

Overall this is a very enjoyable game and although I will probably cheat a little bit I’m determined to finish the game at some point. I recommend it to anyone that hasn’t played it and I thank the person that recommended it to me.


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