Aladdin (Movie) Review

Aladdin is a 1992 Fantasy/Comedy Musical produced by Walt Disney Pictures based on Aladdin and the Magic Lamp from Thousand and One Nights.

The movie opened up on a short song which was nice and the graphics seemed surprisingly good for 1992 especially the way they did the sand. Despite having watched the movie many times when I was little I had totally forgotten that the story is set up as the Merchant retelling it to the viewer since otherwise its ignorable. It was also quite interesting to note that the villain Jafar, who I think looks cool, was introduced almost immediately at the beginning before Aladdin was. Although it could be seen as a teaser of sorts showing off the coolest location, mentioning what you assume would end up being Aladdin and how evil Jafar is (It looks like the random guy that was with Jafar actually dies).

Aladdins introduction was shortly afterwards though via another nice musical number, also interesting storywise to see that while he was considered a Street Rat by guards and stuff he was liked by the random people which also drop little bits of info (I swear the guards throw melons at him at one point which is awkward since he only stole a small loaf of bread). Really though all the introductions were well executed and when Aladdin and Princess Jasmine first meet the movie is close to picking up the pace.

Here’s Jafar being a complete asshole…

At this point things start to go a bit crazy for Aladdin and it knows when to get serious but as a family film it also drops a lot of small things which lighten the mood along the way, things which of been played up as devastating in other types of movies don’t still seem like they’d be bad despite this. What I also started to notice around this point was the the huge gap in quality between the drawn characters and the background, its common in practically all animated stuff but I sometimes felt said quality wasn’t consistent at times.

Gotta laugh about how all seriousness is thrown straight out the window for a bit as soon as the genie appeared though with that huge musical number, probably the first story I’d seen where the genie was such a strange but humorous thing (but thats helped by who voices him). There’s even references to other Disney movies thrown into his reactions which I thought was quite cool. It was also at this point where the movie loved to tell you what would happen later but I still felt it was good enough to carry on watching despite this. In fact there was another musical number almost immediately after, really nice how you get a really good idea of his akill in such a comedic way.

Dumb totally unimportant screenshots are the best kind of screenshots.

Not only is there a buildup in the more serious part with Jafar trying to be evil there is also a surprising amount of romance with Aladdin and Jasmine basically falling in love with each other (in just a few days as well). It was obvious at this point something bad was going to happen to them sort of like a rollercoaster especially since you’d totally be curious what someone so desperate to be sultan would so with the lamp and as you’d expect he took over and seemed to completely have his own way. It was interesting to note that while the Genie claimed to have rules it was also obvious that he couldn’t actually refuse them, if anything it was helpful advice.

As for the last part I personally like how Jafar was eventually defeated, despite being a family movie he actually seemed like he could be dangerous and merely had a twisted sense of humor. Quite a few messages you can make out of the movie when you think about it although I won’t go into any details.

Overall its sill quite an enjoyable movie and I do have to admit a certain voice actor did help improve it. I doubt anyone hasn’t watched it before but if you like these sorts of movies its worth looking at. I hope this doesn’t get remade.


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