Food Fight (Atari 7800) Review

Food Fight is a 1987 arcade game for the Atari 7800 developed by General Computer Corporation and published by Atari. The player controls a young boy called Charlie Chuck as he tries to eat an ice cream cone before it melts while 4 chefs try to stop him.

Being as old as it is the title screen didn’t have any music but at least the logo looked alright although the difficulty selection seemed a bit weird. To select between the four difficulties you had to press left or right and the location of the writing depended on what you had selected (e.g. Beginner on the left).

After that you are met with a secondary screen where you get to choose the amount of players and what level you start on although for review purposes I obviously started from the first level (out of 16).

The graphics had obviously aged and technically there was some music which was ok but the gameplay had survived even though from a plot standpoint it was super weird, at least the 4 chefs had been given different shaped hats to tell them apart. Although some of the animations seemed a bit creepy, first being that the kid opened his mouth to a crazy size to eat the icecream and if you’re caught by the chefs all the food in the level flys at you sticks on you. Controls were quite easy and while I honestly didn’t expect it walking in 8 directions is surprisingly easy.

You don’t have to dodge the chefs though, the food on the floor can be picked up and thrown at them which will defeat them and cause them to respawn. However what was interesting was not only could they pick up and throw the food themselves but its entirely possible to get another of the chefs hit with it too. In fact by holding down the throw button you can essentially rapid fire any food you walk over although since you get points depending on how much is left when you eat the icecream its only worth doing to win.

Overall its another simple game with aged graphics and almost non existent music that has survived thanks to its gameplay. If you like this sort of stuff I recommend giving it a try (even the slowest internet can download a Atari rom quite easily).


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