Fast Food (Atari 2600) Review

Fast Food is a 1982 arcade style game for the Atari 2600 developed by Don Ruffcorn and published by Telesys. The aim of the game is to move a pair of disembodied lips eating as much food that flies across the screen from the left except the purple pickles.

It’s obvious that a game of its age wouldn’t look good but at least you could tell what everything was meant to be without being told. The sound had also aged too and there didn’t seem to be a title screen of any kind.

As for gameplay though it was very simplistic but actually fun, dodging and getting food was simple enough to do although  was sure going forward was really fast while going backwards was slower which was weird. Another thing I found weird was the fact you had to start each round yourself, I legitly sat staring at the screen thinking it was loading before realising that’d be impossible considering the game is a tiny 4kb. One of my favorite things about the game was probably the message “You are getting fatter” every time you complete a round, makes me wonder what a remake would look like.

Overall despite its age the gameplay still holds up thanks to its simplicity, too bad I’m not very good at it. My highscore is a small 904. To watch some gameplay of mine go here.


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