Basketball Shoot (Android) Review

Basketball Shoot, like the name suggests, is a simplistic 2d Basketball shooting simulator for Android created by Sunfoer Mobile. The goal is to keep scoring baskets in order to get through as many rounds as possible. There are also different skins for the ball.

Getting to the menu you could tell that it was going to be one of the very simple games but at least the graphics seemed decent and they actually had music. There wasn’t really any options though other than the music and sound toggle. Balls let you change what the ball looks like once you’ve unlocked one, Score is the top 10 best scores you’ve gotten and not an actual leaderboard and More is a badly implemented list of other apps.

Getting into the game I could see the graphics were good and the music track used was quite fitting for what you were doing, the location also changed every round which was nice. As for controls you press somewhere onscreen and then pull in the opposite direction you want to fire it in to aim it in the goal. It was incredibly easy to get used to that you didn’t really need the tutorial. You are given 10 throws per round and start with however many balls you had in the last round with score based on things like accuracy.

At first I found the fact you had 10 balls kind of weird since every time you scored you’d get one back which made me think they should of just used a fouls system instead until I realised that do good enough and some goals give you 2 balls. Although that has its own problem since the game doesn’t actually let you go above 10 meaning stockpiling in the early rounds is totally impossible which honestly is disappointing. I can tell that its a nice time waster though, definitely wasn’t a fan of the frequent full page ads though.

Overall another tiny game that would be useful if you’re really bored and need something for a few minutes.


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